Snooki booed at Mets game while trying to lead cheer.

Snooki Booed At Mets Game While Trying To Lead Cheer

Snooki appeared at a Mets game on Monday, but fans of the fast-sinking team wanted no part of it.

The real-life Mets fan, whose real-life name is Nicole Polizzi, appeared at Citi Field at a game between the Mets and the Washington Nationals. Along with her fiance Jionni LaValle, a pregnant Snooki appeared at the Mets game in a promotion planned by the team.

Snooki posed for pictures on the field and met with third baseman David Wright, WFAN reported. But when it came time for the “Jersey Shore” star to lead a “Let’s Go Mets” cheer on the stadium’s scoreboard, the boos poured in so loudly that it completely drowned her out.

To be fair, Mets fans were probably already grumpy even before Snooki appeared. The team has lost 10 of its last 11 games, dropping out of contention in one of the league’s most competitive divisions. At the Snooki game the Mets lost 8-2 in 10 innings. And to make matters worse, the Mets have now gone more than three games without having so much as a lead.

Snooki’s appearance wasn’t the only thing strange about the Mets game. The team also hosted “Star Wars Night,’ inviting a colorful mix of attendants, NBC Washington noted. Between Snooki and the assorted costumed Star Wars characters it made for a very weird atmosphere, the report said.

Snooki had a sense of humor about her Mets game incident. After the bashing continued on Twitter, Snooki responded to several of her detractors in stride.

She also expressed optimism for the team itself.

“I always think they have a chance,” Snooki told WFAN. “I feel like that’s the thing about the Mets fans: they always believe that they’re going to turn it around and do good, and sometimes they don’t, but I’ll still be a Mets fan no matter what.”