Mass Shooting At Aurora, Colorado Midnight Showing Of ‘Batman Dark Knight Rises’ – 14 Estimated Deaths, Including A Baby Shot At Point Blank Range [video]

3:09 p.m. UPDATE – Fox News reports James Holmes did purchase a ticket to see “Batman Dark Knight Rises” for theater 9. Holmes allegedly entered the theater with the crowd and sat in the front row until he “pretended” to get a phone call and casually walked out the side exit. James Holmes allegedly stored his weapons outside and upon re-entering the Century 16 theater Holmes allegedly opened fire on the crowd. Holmes has “merit based” scholarship while attending college in San Diego and remained an honor student while completing his undergraduate work. The reason he was in the process of withdrawing from the University of Colorado remains unknown. Fox News also broadcast video of James Holmes’ father landing at the Denver airport. He had no comment but was shown slightly shaking his head when posed questions about the Aurora shooting.

2:40 p.m. UPDATE- The father of the 6-year-old daughter who died earlier today from the gunshot wound she sutained during the attack by alleged shooter James Holmes, spoke with KDVR about his daughter. The man is also worried about his wife who was shot in the chest at the Aurora movie theater shooting. The man was shown only from the back during the interview and struggled through his grief to speak with the local journalist. The man was naturally extremely upset after learning his wife and daughter had been shot. His inital agitation caused concern for hospital security officers who have not yet allowed him back inside to check on his wife’s condition. The grieving father is also angry an anxous for justice for his daughter and the other mass shooting victims.

2:30 p.m. UPDATE – Although the Aurora police department is still not commenting about an alleged connection between James Holmes and “The Joker,” a federal source now confirms Holmes had painted his hair red in an attempt believed to resemble “The Joker” character in the “Batman Dark Knight Rises” series, according to Fox News.

1:49 UPDATE – The Aurora police chief reported 71 people were shot inside the movie theater. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper just held a press conference to address the mass shooting tragedy at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora. The governor shared his remorse of the tragic loss of life and vowed to do everything within his power to keep the state safe and make sure the victim’s receive justice. Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner followed the governor to the podium, shared his sympathies on the “senseless tragedy” and encouraged parents to talk to their children and teens and to reassure them the mass shooting at the movie theater was an isolated incidence.

12:35 p.m. UPDATE – Theater shooting suspect James Holmes is tentatively scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

11:23 UPDATE – San Diego Police Lt. Andrea Brown hosted a brief press conference in front of the home of the parents of the alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes. Lt. Brown stated Holmes’ parents offered their deepest sympathy to the theater shooting victims and their families and asked the media to respect their privacy during this time. Lt. Brown also stated the Holmes’ are cooperating with law enforcement officers both in San Diego and Aurora.

10:53 a.m. UPDATE – A police press conference which just concluded reports the apartment of theater shooting suspect James Holmes is “booby-trapped” in an apparently sophisticated manner. The immediate area has been evacuated. Law enforcement officers predict it may take hours to days to completely dismantle or detonate the explosive devices inside.

10:40 a.m. UPDATE – The alleged Aurora theater shooter James Holmes did not have a permit for any of the weapons he used when randomly shooting dozens of people inside “Theater 9,” KDVR Denver reports. Holmes’ parents are en route from San Diego, where the alleged shooter also lived until recently. Holmes does not have any connection to the military or law enforcement as earlier speculated. Fox News also notes Holmes did not resist when encountered by police officers after leaving the Century 16 theater.

10:09 a.m. UPDATE – Fox News reports a 6-year-old girl injured in the Aurora theater shooting has died, noting updates given to a local affiliate by the girl’s father. The alleged mass shooting suspect James Holmes does not have any criminal record, other than a speeding ticket several years ago. Police officers searching the suspect’s apartment reportedly found “buckets of ammunition.” No motive is yet known in the Aurora mass shooting, Holmes is not said to be cooperating with law enforcement officers.