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‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ Fools Viewers Again

mermaids the body found

“Mermaids: The Body Found,” a “documentary” about the possible existence of the mythical beings, is stirring up trouble again. On Sunday night, Discovery Channel re-aired the two hour special, which originally aired on Animal Planet, and the Internet exploded with theories with rumors and theories about whether the sea creatures are real or not.

But it was all just a well-crafted hoax on Discovery’s part. When the special first aired in May, Discovery admitted that they used an actor to “discover” the mermaid body on a Washington state beach.

Even the description should have tipped viewers off that something wasn’t quite right. Discovery’s description of “Mermaids: The Body Found” reads,

“What if there’s a kernel of truth behind the legend of this mythic creature? Is the idea of mermaids really so far-fetched? Maybe so, maybe not. The show itself, though science fiction, is based on some real events and scientific theory.”

Not only that, but the press release for the show clearly states that it isn’t a true documentary. It reads,

MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND makes a strong case for the existence of the mermaid, a creature with a surprisingly human evolutionary history, whose ancestral branch splits off from a shared human root. The film is science fiction, using science as a springboard into imagination and centering the story on the following real-world events.”

Apparently that wasn’t enough to stop people from believing that a mermaid body had actually been found, and the U.S. government felt the need to step in and put the rumors to rest. NOAA released a statement earlier this month debunking the theory, saying,

“The belief in mermaids may have arisen at the very dawn of our species. Magical female figures first appear in cave paintings in the late Paleolithic (Stone Age) period some 30,000 years ago, when modern humans gained dominion over the land and, presumably, began to sail the seas… But are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

And that’s that, because NOAA said so.

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89 Responses to “‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ Fools Viewers Again”

  1. Cynthia Michelle Kinser

    First of all, Mermaids, The Body Found is not a well-crafted hoax. The computer generated scenes showing these unusual marine species or what we call "mermaids" was simply to demonstrate how mermaids may live and survive. The remnants found proved to be primate and marine-related DNA not really proving or disproving the existence of this species. The image of the beach "mermaid" caught by the boy with his camera phone is actual documentation and very real! There is thousands of documentation of this type of species via cave drawings, photos, art sketches, hand-made weapons, reports from past explorers dating back thousands of years so its either a clever conspiracy that has been past down through the centuries which is highly unlikely or something like a Mermaid creature does exist but they are probably not actually called "Mermaids". As far as the US government's need to step in and debunk rumors and that the US government has nothing to hide, well, that in my opinion is the fairytale. Get real, I wouldn't believe 99% of what the US government has to say even if you paid me. :/

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Easton Granger

    This was the dumbest show ever. The only thing it was meant to do was to attack the United States Navy because they were testing some sort of sonic weapon that was endangering whales. Animal rights activists wanted people to show sympathy for some made up creature hoping that the brainless masses would think that by helping the Mermaids and by saying bad things about the Navy it would in some way help whales. NONE of the footage was real it was all poorly done CGI and very shoddy camera work.

    As for the whole "many different societies had some sort of myth about Mermaids so that must make it real" argument you need to take into account… people hundred's and thousands of years ago… were very stupid. They confused dinosaur bones for dragon bones, sea lions for mermaids, and thought drilling a whole in your skull and draining your blood was good for you.
    People take everything at face value and jump to some sort of fanciful idea because they don't want to look for the hard truth.

  4. J.r. Richard

    What made the video seem the most real was the fact that the government was shown in such a true light. I could totally feel that they would have totally done that. I didn't know it was all BS that was till the end and I saw the camera phone video and knew that had to be CGI. Would be nice if we lived in a world where we could actually trust our own government actually had our best interest at heart. Kindve really crappy that they couldn't do a real documentary about Mermaids rather than resorting to a Blair Witch like fake one.

  5. Cynthia Michelle Kinser

    they never said it was a Mermaid documentary-it was an exploration documentary about shedding light on possible evidence (both past and current) on whether or not these type of marine life creatures do or have existed.

  6. Lewerin Boles

    Well, I called BS when Beaufort SC was pronounced BOWfort. Anyone with any knowledge at all of the area knows the town is pronounced BEAU (as in beauty) fort. To make such a glaring mistake told me that this was fantasy…interesting and entertaining fantasy. The guy yakking away about the "BOWfort" footage was yakking in ignorance.

  7. Dragos SolidPitch Stancu

    I would say that the flip phone video is fake. They did such a good zoom with a piece of crap device.

  8. N Genevieve Tiernan

    I'm watching it right now. I thought it was a fake late night documentary movie. Too funny.

  9. Dragos SolidPitch Stancu

    Stopped watching, it's moving towards cheesy CGI.

  10. Melissa Lynn DeLeon

    Obviously they're going to say it's a hoax, the government doesn't want us to know about it. The government is going to try and cover it up like they do with everything. All the scientific facts are there and it's defiantly possible.

  11. Ju'liene Love

    Ummm, one little detail here. NOAA said "…No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”.
    No one claimed they were "humanoids". They made this statement thinking that most people wouldn't catch that little bit of information. I clearly heard that they were being considered as aquatic life related in some way to humans, such as the aquatic ape theory. I think there's way more there than we know about yet. I don't trust anything the government or military says about this sort of thing, ever. And I am no conspiracy theorist, either.

  12. Eric Sanders

    The "video phone" footage is not real, several times the camra m zooms at least 50x to get better views… How many phones from 2005 ect are known to have that kind of technology. This movie is a bad hoax, the acting from the people in it is horrible, just watch it a couple of times and you will laugh at yourself.

  13. Eric Sanders

    …. A mermaid would be considered a humanoid type creature, they are not trying to trick you with word play…

  14. Ju'liene Love

    Okay, yes, it would be humanoid. But I still don't trust the government! 😉 And I probably really don't believe in mermaids, either…LOL.

  15. Jasmine Melanie

    I knew the cell phone video was totally fake. But, the way they pointed out the cave paintings and the way they demonstrated the government/Navy and that sonar blast had me really convinced. Fuck you, America. Never again will I watch anything on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

  16. Katie Thompson

    The camera phone video is NOT real! How many people do you know of that can take that steady of a video with a camera phone and zoom in. Also, take into consideration the fact that that camera phone video was supposedly taken a few years ago… This video aired in Australia a year ago and got totally debunked. Another thing to mention, the kids didn't say a word during the whole video and there were like dramatic pauses… think about it. I'm not saying there isn't some species we haven't discover yet… but I am saying this documentary was a joke.

  17. Cynthia Michelle Kinser

    there is a true story of a boy who's camera vid-phone that did get footage of something unusual that washed up on shore with the beach whales. the re-inactment of that was to show what happened. the segment itself is mainly a report on the scarce evidence of this unusual marine life and yes, there are thousands of fisherman from all over that have caught weird carved weapons in their nets. Mermaids, eeeeEThe Body found is not a documentary about "Mermaids"-its an awareness documentary about various materials and evidence found down through the centuries that indicate somekind of unusual and intelligent marine life that is undiscovered. do I believe that there is half fish half human marine animal out there? No dumbasses, that is not what I said. No one knows what exactly it is.

  18. Ju'liene Love

    Well said, Cynthia. That's a great point re: Seahorses. I agree with you that there is absolutely something out there. Mariners over time have reported seeing this same creature, as you point out above. And there have been wash-ups on shorelines around the world so whatever is out there, is all over the place out there. Not long back, I was watching something on either Discovery or Science Channel. The story was about how we've only discovered just a small number of species that exist. I remember a lecture in college, in one of my biology-type classes that was about this very thing. I believe we have a lot of discovery left out there in this big, wide, world. And we should not be so quick to give up on what we might find because it *seems too* unlikely. The facts speak for themselves, actually…after all, the giant squid was a mariners tale for centuries. Then they discovered them. Thanks for your great comments!

  19. Janna Dela Cruz

    Yes!,your right….mermaids has sharp teeth like vampires….

  20. Ryann Voss Dunning

    I don't understand why the existence of a 'mermaid' type creature would be a bad thing. I find it very interesting. Can you believe everything you see on TV? Of course not. BUT, can you believe everything the government tells you? OF COURSE NOT! I don't understand what the point of denying their existence is, but people all over the world have reported seeing these creatures for thousands(!) of years. FYI, if those young ladies on TLC (Brittany and Abby Hensel) who are conjoined twins (whom pretty much look like one body with two heads) can exist, why are people so ignorant to the possibility that "aquatic humanoids" maybe, just maybe, exist? I can't imagine being so small minded. People believe with every ounce of their being that God exists, without ever seeing him or seeing any evidence of his existence, they simply have a strong faith. But people have seen these creatures- and I definitely believe without a doubt those scientists on this show found that body- and people are so quick to say they're liars or crazy, or it's all for entertainment purposes only. Chalk me up as a believer, sorry folks, I can think for myself and don't think the government is always the best source to get factual information, they tell you what they want you to believe. I have a strong respect for our armed forces, but I absolutely believe there are higher ups that know the truth about a lot of things and have to lie and keep their mouths shut. It's sad really, they live everyday covered in lies. But again, WHY lie, what is the point, what does it matter, I just don't get it.

  21. Ryann Voss Dunning

    I can agree that cell phone footage was a bit sketchy. I kept thinking, 'How many phones back then even had video capability?' Plus the creature on the video didn't truely look all that real to me. BUT, having said that, I totally believe in the existence of some marine-humanish type creature. Why not? There are no limits to the creatures/animals this planet can contain, and the capabilities of those creatures. For goodness sake, people were once CONVINCED the world was flat- that was it, the hard line in the sand, if you believed otherwise you were crazy. I'm willing to acknowledge the possibility of being not so different from humans who are acquatic creatures. Humans and chimps have 98% same DNA, 98%! I think it's an amazing thing and people really should want to know the truth- not just lies told to us by our government. No disrespect to them- they do what they think is best for us, just like a parent does for their children, but sometimes they make mistakes. Lying to us about something so inconsiquential is ridiculous. They really should just come clean.

  22. Ryann Voss Dunning

    That's a really sad way to think. I'm not saying everyone should believe without any doubt, but I think everyone should atleast acknowledge the possibility. Of course the government is going to say they don't exist, same with aliens. I don't mean to sound like a crazy because I'm definitely not, but I have an open mind to the infinite possibilities this universe holds. If someone can believe in a God they have NEVER seen, and have no evidence of, why can't people believe in possible undiscovered species? Hopefully everyone can try to open their minds to 'what if'?

  23. Tim Kogucki

    Who ever wrote this article does not know much! This is well developed theory that is based on witnesses. The military has hid many things and they will continue to do so for ever. That's how governments work and it's said. Finally I agree with what the man say if they will ever be found then we will probably dissect them to extiction. I will not force opinions though! Analyze the data and answer the question YOURSELF!

  24. Brittany Barrette

    I think that the fact the domain is now owned by the government and doesn't exist anymore because they don't want us to know!!!!!

  25. Brittany Barrette

    I think that the fact the domain is now owned by the government and doesn't exist anymore because they don't want us to know!!!!!

  26. Maryann Fläsch

    WOW… Did any of you actually READ THE ARTICLE? The whole kit n kaboodle (Other than the "Bloop") is utter bullshit and the makers of the "Documentary" say so themselves… And if you look at the "Cell Phone" being used by the kids, you'll see it's an old skool phone that has no video capability.

    ALL of the "Doctors" are actors. All of the footage is obvious nonsense and I could have done FAR better with my laptop, a high school course in graphic design, and a couple of hours…

    As for the "DNA Results", given the amount of time stated in the film, MILLIONS OF YEARS, how would a marine mammal have DNA identical to human? Humans and Chimpanzees diverged to the point of no longer being capable of interbreeding 5.7 million years ago… For a common ancestor to have evolved to the point of being fully aquatic, it would have taken far longer than a paltry 6 million years.

    And then you get into the fact that they are claiming that these "Mermaids" are, like dolphins, dependant upon air from the surface… Like a species that hunts with tools, has dolphins as pets, etc. that have a large breeding population yet remain pretty close to the surface and migrates with whales to warm southern waters to give birth and you're saying that there's no evidence of any of this? Humans have been following whale migrations for many years now and the whales have no problem with us spying on them, so why would these friends of whales freak out and "Hide" from researchers?

    The whole thing about "Spears Found in Fish" is bullshit… The Cave of the Swimmers in Egypt doesn't show "Mermaids", it shows people with legs so the images on the show are doctored bullshit. And lastly, they show mermaids as thin, semi-attractive, semi-human forms when it would require a large blubber layer to be able to survive for any amount of time in the water, let alone have a whole aquatic species.

    The whole thing is not only self admitted fraud, it is utterly scientifically inaccurate.

  27. Maryann Fläsch

    Why doesn't Facebook have a "Thumbs Down" button, for Christ's sake!

  28. Danielle Gelinas

    my friends were just talking about this a couple weeks ago!!!!

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  30. Matthew R. Smith

    "The film is science fiction, using science as a springboard into imagination…"

    That's from the producers. They admit it's SCIENCE FICTION. I bet you think there is really a Hogwarts too, you bloody idiot.

  31. Cynthia Michelle Kinser

    what the fuck are u talking about? first of all, its not a film, its a tv segment, second of all, the segment is simply demonstrating what it "might" be like if a marine life similar to this was confirmed or discovered at some point. as we stated, we know this is NOT a documentary but its not a hoax either. a hoax would indicate that the producers were trying to deceive viewers on purpose. they did discover a unidentified marine life body, there really are countless numbers of cave drawings depicting this type of marine life and sailors since the 11th century have repetively reported fancy-crafted spears and sharp hand daggers impedded deep sea fish and there is an entry in Christopher Columbus' diary about these ocean creatures looking like half fish and half humanoid. you can find all of this in the national library and other major library archives as well as one of the largest library's in Egypt. So, Matthew, your the bloody idiot. Pay attention and actually read the information before talking out of your ass. By the way, gigantic squids were SCIENCE FICTION once upon a time. But as Ju'liene pointed, they actually exist and were discovered not too long ago.

  32. Jasmine Galloti

    "And that’s that, because NOAA said so."…..Because I/they said so – very childish thing to say, we also used to kill people if they disagreed that the earth was not flat, so because "they said so" is not a very strong argument. The world that we live in, is forever going to surprise us. Your article was slightly aggressive and very 'he said, she said'. Most science is theory, much of it has not been proven but the majority of people believe it's true. For example: The flu shot causes more issues than solves issues but we take it anyway because – 'they' -the Government 'says so'. It actually makes humans weaker, because we aren't developing our own anti bodies to fight off the flu…and entail we get more sick and more often. It is a money maker. So is it so harmful to believe that there is another species that has a high intelligence and is similar to a human? No. Reason for the Government to hide them? They could probably use and abuse this species, if it does exist. The movie is not a hoax, it is a theory mixed with a story. It is pretty ignorant to say such a thing, considering we have unimaginable marine life living in Marianas trench without any sort of sunlight and many of them glow….they do not look real at all but they are. We are still discovering new species, almost daily ( JUST A SIDE NOTE: Matthew R. Smith, it is very rude too call someone an idiot and does not make your point any stronger. It actually makes your argument weak, you also had nothing to offer either. You just repeated one point the article gave.

  33. Lee James

    Just seen this documentary – fascinating and possibly one of the best TV programmes I have seen for some time! However, reading the comments here, I think some are missing point. Fact: An underwater sound WAS detected by the NOAA and as yet is something that has never been unidentified. Fact: whatever you think about the video from the camera, over 50 whales and other creatures were washed up on a beach in Washington State and you have testimony from these former NOAA Scientists that they were there and so was the US NAVY (read, the Government). FACT: if you believe the testimony of the scientists speaking in the film – and I have no reason not to – then the use of Low frequency sonar as a potential weapon by the NAVY "IS" being evaluated and is already known about. Autopsys carried out on the whales by the4se scientists show voilent disruption of the animals inner organs. And lastly, whether you believe in "Mermaids" or not, leaving aside the very excellent animation part of the film that tries to show what such creatures might look like and how they might live, the simple fact is that the scientists carried out a long investigation and seemed to be watched the whole time by Government sources in both the USA and South Africa – right up to the point where all collected specimens and data was confiscated! For me, the film is an excellent way to view what such creatures might look like, but it also tries to tell the story of what happened when a group of respected scientists investigated something that was possibly bringing them into direct conflict with Government Sources – that's a recipe for trouble in anyone's book! I don't see the film or its contents as a hoax – I do however reserve judgement on what conclusions I draw from the film – which I enjoyed immensely. What I do know is that certainly in the US, when there is a conspiracy to cover something up, there is always at least one who is intent on bringing it out into the open. Lets wait and see what happens. Lee James – West Sussex UK.

  34. Neil Warman

    That's so weird. I went all the way to Washington, Virginia 3 years ago with a small piece of evidence that had been handed to me by a person who's name shall remain a secret. When I took this material to the research facility in Chesterbrook, they ran tests on it. And, after 3 hours of waiting and being questioned by security personnel, I was approached by the scientist, and some man with a look of intimidating authority. And, the answer I received shook me to my core. "Sir, we can say with absolute certainty, Father Christmas, does not exist!"

  35. Claire Stone

    Lee, there's been a long running campaign against this testing by the US navy. I have signed the petition and I hope those that need to listen do so.

  36. Scott Ernest

    While I certainly have no trouble believing Mermaids exist, I have strong doubts about this documentary:

    1. Why did the NAVY run at least 3 ads during this broadcast? Is this a program FOR the Navy, to entice the gullible into thinking they'll have a life of secret adventure if they join the Navy? Join the Navy and you’ll get to learn the secrets and push your weight around on civilians.

    2. All the scientists/doctors really feel like actors to me. They tried too hard to make their stories believable by being over-dramatic. They didn't seem like real doctors or scientists. They seemed like mediocre actors.

    3. Why would the Navy go to such extremes to cover this up? New species are found all the time. What's the big deal about this new species? 3 doctors go to sea to look for Mermaids (sounds like a joke, I know) and are intercepted by the Navy and have recordings and equipment confiscated by said Navy. Yet, the Government allows this 2 hour documentary to be produced over a 5 year period, and never steps in? I mean, the Roswell incident was uncovered 40 years after the event, but this was uncovered only 3 years after the event?

    4. The “former Navy” guy who is no longer in the Navy and gives an interview-in-shadow could, I’m sure, be easily identified by his former co-workers and superiors. He wasn’t one of thousands of privates, he was someone who was higher up in the ranks of the Navy, of which there are fewer members. He wasn’t disguised that well, so I’m sure would be easily identified.

    Again, Mermaids are probably real, but this documentary seemed like an extremely well-done con-job with a questionable motive.

  37. Naren Jamatia

    Yes Mr. Matthew R. Smith , but you believe that, or have at least read Human History, written by historians and sometimes about whole human civilizations, based on Broken clay pottery.

    This is more real than those. When you believe that Dolphins were once Land Dwelling Mammals, its not hard to imagine this instant.

  38. Naren Jamatia

    I do agree here, People are to easily dismissive about things they cant explain. I heard about the Mayans who couldn't see the spanish fleet arriving at the cost.

    This documentary shows actual footage of Gov. Personnel raiding the Scientific Lab. That alone is worth the speculations.

    For all I know. The US government could be using the HUBBLE TELESCOPE to click closeups of the world. Its a Definite Possibility.

  39. Eric Sanders

    No it really isn't a "definite possibility", do you have any idea how expensive it is to operate the Hubble Telescope??? The government cannot just "use the Hubble telescope to click closeups of the world". Scientists all over the world wait MONTHS to use it for research, and even then you have to bid for your time perhaps a year in advance. This documentary does not show actual government personnel raiding the scientific lab, it is a fake lab with actors, it even says so in the credits. Stop getting your education from YouTube, and keep your illogical conspiracy theorys to yourself. The "government" has way better means for tracking you if they did that sort of thing.

    I have no doubt that perhaps once upon a time there was a humanoid species that lived in the water, but the probability of them still existing now is close to zero.. unless they are amazing at hiding in the most extreme earthly conditions. We have amazing sonar technology, along with other ways to map the oceans floors, yet we still have not found much in the way of factual evidence. The old petroglyphs even portray that land humans killed them off.

  40. Mandeep Kaur Dhillon

    well i can only say that the program got me hooked for 2 hours, even while i was feeling sleepy in between. in the end they wrote its fiction, well now i had to look up in the net. watever, the case ,while watching it, i really believed a new species had been discovered. it cud be true, so many of them are unknown to us as yet. gud job done, but the faces were slightly ugly made, of the mermaids that is.

  41. Kaze Tdr

    what do u mean by "and that's that, bcos NOAA said so". who is NOAA to say so! I hv a strong belief that mermaids , if not, than mermaids like creature may really exist! we all hv heard several stories of mermaids! So do u think that someone (actually thousands) just came up with such stories. I don't think that a human mind can ever create or imagine something completely new, all by itlself. Those creators of the fairytales most-probably must hv sometym seen the mermaids! otherwise they could not hv such power of imagination! If so, then why not we hv stories about 'half man-half cow' or 'half man-half dragon fly'? its bcos no one saw such thing nd could not imagine such a story.Without seeing, you can't even know that you hv a mother lol! And another thing – Christopher columbus in his records had written that he did saw such creatures. so do u really think that the old man who discovered America was playing; playing a joke to fool the people of 21st century! If u cant believe or even try 2 believe in the existence of mermaid like creatures then u must not believe in the existence of humans too. Can u prove me that you exist if I keep insisting that u don't! u cant see something unless u try to! I am not saying that mermaids do exist! wat I m saying is they may exist! atleast its not a complete hoax!

  42. Kaze Tdr

    I hv some adds to urs –
    1. srry i didnt saw the ads, so i really hv some strong doubts about them!
    2. U r correct. i too think so!! one of the lady scientist was too cute to be a scientist!
    3. Big deal is that mermaids r related to humans nd those species r not which according 2 u r discovered all the tyms. nd i still dont understand why '3 doctors looking for mermaids in the sea' seems a joke to u!!
    4. If u really think that all the scientists/doctors were actually actors then what makes u think that the former 'not properly disguised' navy man was not an actor but real!!
    -Sorry I do not actually hv any problems wid ur cmmnts nd forgive if my reply hurt u!! ITS just my way of expressing dat mermaids might exist nd the documentary was cool!!

  43. Kaze Tdr

    YESS Mr. Matthew!! u r correct. "thats from the producers"! let dem say so!! u comment what is from u , not something dats from d producers!!
    The way u capitalised 'SCIENCE FICTION' nd gave example of Hogwarts nd strongly emphasis ur words by admitting believers as idiots, I hv a strong doubt dat u r a mermaid trying to cover up nd save ur species lol!!!! if we cant prove mermaids exist then do you hv any proof that they don't?? atleast we hv hoax proofs, do u even hv such??!!

  44. Courtenay Schembri Gray

    It's fiction. It's just a poorly made fake documentary. The footage the boy filmed was fake. It's all fake

  45. Courtenay Schembri Gray

    I don't know how you people who think it is real get through a day without falling over or forgetting to breathe. Didn't you see that boys footage, the mermaid coming alive was so computer generated. It was all computer generated. It's all a load of rubbish. I do believe that mermaids exist but that documentary wasn't real.

  46. Christopher Cox

    real or not what IS REAL AND WHAT DOES MATTER is that the test the navy does KILLS WHALES and other sea life and that is Unacceptable STOP IT humans have no right to just KILL other life that does not harm us.

  47. Courtney Wright Olson

    Why the hell would the government cover up what is technically a fish that's just a ridiculous theory like saying area 51 hold alien secrets hahaha people don't think logically anymore ill say ok maybe there r mermaids and if so Awesome but I doubt Ariel will come walking and singing on shore any time soon so honestly whether its a hoax or not obviously discovery channel/ animal planet know how to draw in viewers and make money its business

  48. Anonymous

    I like how people dismiss what they don't understand. How many of you have ever seen Jesus? and yet you believe in him.

  49. Steve Dandy

    You know its a mockumentary, the scientist is an actor and it was all just as a make u think how cool it would be if it were real, but its not but it would be cool

  50. Allyson Cain

    I agree. And there is a possibility that big brother is doing its own research just like the aliens or area 51

  51. Jessica Faith


  52. James W. Hawks

    Even if the documentary was a well planned "hoax", that does not refute the thousands of years of accounts of "mermaids" from every single culture on the face of the planet. I for one believe there is some kind of creature in the sea that exists, that we are unaware of. All legend and myth is based on some fact.

  53. James W. Hawks

    Oh, weird, I didn't realize that if I comment on a post from another website it apparently puts it on my page!

  54. Bryce David Lyle

    Kaze, your writing style at least proves something. Cavemen still exist. ooga booga dat der hv u blah blah mermaid. Here's your darwin award

  55. Sway Vides

    Lmfao the producers just said the boy on the beach was staged, so no Cynthia that is not considered real documentation. Aquatic Ape Theory is just a theory. A very interesting and somewhat plausible theory but that's where it ends because we have no evidence.

  56. Josh Keane

    I also agree with the "acting" scientist at the end of the doco, if such a creature exsists I pray it remains hidden from us humans. I in no way trust in the human species with lives, and yes, we will most definitely force them into extinction.

  57. Lemonia Makridou

    the phone is a motorolla and i have one like that. it s one of the first 3g s phones, and i bought it on 2005. i still got it and it can take a 3 minute video.

  58. Lemonia Makridou

    Dragos WebFix Stancu
    oh! it can zoom!! i have this phone!!!!!! motorolla

  59. Kong ListBlog

    I've been HOOD-WINKED! I truly thought the APES from PLANET OF THE APES, E.T., HOGWARTS & KING KONG were "REAL!" [P.S. I know TED is FAKE…I did my research, my cousin is a professor and owns a lab too.] Don't be fooled by BIG BROTHER…WORLD TRADE CENTER, OKLAHOMA & BOSTON BOMBING were all re-enacted using the most modern "hi-tech" C.G.I. effects.

  60. Jonathon Rios

    If you don't believe anything the government says then why are you still living in a country that you obviously have no faith in? fascist.

  61. Katie Christopher

    And that's that because NOAA say so??? Wow…I can't believe how many zombies are out there…keep believing the propaganda you're being fed. This is a prime example of media control…the only reason we still have freedom of speech and freedom of the press is because of writers like this who discredit anything controversial. All you sheep need to open your eyes…it's pathetic

  62. Katie Christopher

    To add to this, I'm not saying this is limited to the theory presented in this article. How many people are ok with because we said so? And where is the limit? How much will be controlled because they say so??? Anyone who agrees with that statement has no brain…keep being controlled by them, an jeep slowly losing freedom while you're at it…

  63. Hondo Guerilla Rodriguez

    the icelandic government is denying that mermaid are real yet footage from their waters has suggested that mermaids could exists. when the government saw this video they claimed it was fake yet they closed all oil rig opporatio s. if something isnt real, then ahy take real measures?

  64. Nick Olmstead

    The writer here is a total moron. The special clearly states its all recreated via cgi since they lost most of their stuff. Pay attention, because your ignorance makes you look like a jackass

  65. Jay Encina

    So did the writer ever considered that Discovery Channel put out that press release so that the Navy wouldn't go after them? I would too if I'm about to show a film that exposes a branch of government's activity.

  66. Anthony Amore

    Gnomes. Fairies. Unicorns. Dragons. Leprauchans. Sphinx. Pegasus. Valkyrie. Lizard-men. Greys/Visitors. Mermaids. Orcs. Centaur. Santa. Angels Satan. God.
    None of these exist.

    Get the Fuck over it.
    Or at least go start a cult somewhere so I can ridicule you all more efficiently.

  67. Hanks Otool

    Eric Sanders I would really like to see u do some acting some day dude…then we could truly determine what horrible acting is about!!!

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