Chris Harrison of 'The Bachelor'

Chris Harrison Ready To Start Dating: Could He Be Next Guy Cast As ‘The Bachelor?’

Chris Harrison got divorced a while back, and if this Bachelor host has been dating then he hasn’t shared the news with anyone. Now, it turns out Chris Harrison is reportedly ready to get back in the dating game. Reality TV World shared the news that Chris Harrison is talking now and he is ready to start dating again. He also shared that his kids are ready for it, too. Harrison has been living his life and now he is ready to have someone by his side.

Chris Harrison has been single since 2012, when he divorced his wife Gwen. Chris and Gwen were married for 18 years. Chris Harrison has an idea of how he can find the perfect girl and he is hoping that his friends will set him up with someone. Chris has some well-known high profile friends and he is hopeful one of them will help him find the perfect date. This may take him some time, but Chris is saying he has some friends who will help him out. Here is what Chris had to say about it.

“I wait for people like you to say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have the greatest person.’ I need to quit working a little bit and maybe work on my own life a little bit.”

There is actually a show that does this for you, though. Chris Harrison is the host of The Bachelor and the show is all about finding the perfect match. Chris would be the perfect candidate for the show. He is a single father, who is ready to find love. Chris already has a huge fan base and many fans would love to see him in this position on the show. If Chris Harrison was to join The Bachelor, fans who gave up on the show in the past just might return to see what happens.

Chris has shared that he wants to find love, but at this time he isn’t mentioning the idea of being the one handing out roses.

“I would love to find love now. Look, as you can tell by the book and by the show, I’m a hopeless, helpless romantic just like everybody else, so hopefully I’ll follow my own advice one day. I probably became more understanding and empathetic about The Bachelor, and why people are on it, than I was the first 10 years of the show when I was married, because I really do understand how hard it is out there, how hard it is to meet somebody that you really have a connection with. I probably get it more now than ever.”

Bustle shares that there have been some rumors flying that Chris Harrison is dating Andi Dorfman. Obviously, these two met on the show and things didn’t work out for Andi and the man she chose in the end. Andi picked Josh Murray and these two just didn’t work out in the end. Andi actually posted a picture of them together on her Instagram page and along with it she shared the caption, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the wine flow stronger when it comes to @chrisbharrison ❤️???? #NYC #lurefishbar #nomnomnom.” Andi never said she was dating Chris and the two have always been good friends. The rumors started flying, nonetheless.

Do you think that Chris Harrison would be perfect for The Bachelor and could find love on the show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss watching Chris and Ben Higgins on Monday nights as Ben tries to find love on The Bachelor.

[Image via Chris Harrison/Instagram]