Viewers Want UK's 'The Jump' Cancelled

UK Viewers Want ‘The Jump’ Pulled From Air After Too Many Injuries

UK viewers have called for Channel 4 to pull The Jump from the air this year. They claim there have been too many injuries, with three celebrities seriously injured so far.

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle was the latest celebrity to suffer a serious injury while filming the program. Her family has taken to her social media accounts to explain she has been through surgery in Austria to heal her broken spine from a jump accident. Although she is in a lot of pain, the bronze medallist can move her hands and feet, and her family is positive of a full recovery. During the surgery, she needed to have two vertebrae fused together

'The Jump' Should Be Pulled, Claims Channel 4 Viewers
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She is just the latest celebrity in the news for injuries sustained during The Jump. While some have been minor bruises and scrapes, numerous celebrities have had to leave the show because of the seriousness. Another Olympian, swimmer Rebecca Adlington, had to leave the show due to a dislocated shoulder, according to the Independent. She was the first contestant to leave, but Tina Hobley followed soon after because of a dislocated elbow.

After Tweddle, runner Linford Christie was also forced to pull out of the show. He suffered a pulled hamstring before Sunday night’s show. During the live programming, soap star Sid Owen suffered an injury after he fell. While being checked over by the physio, Davina McCall told viewers that he would be fine, according to the Huffington Post. He later confirmed that he would return next week and that the injury was not as serious as some of the others sustained. Other celebrities have returned after suffering injuries, including Louisa Lytton and James Argent.

TV viewers from the United Kingdom have said that the show needs to be cancelled before something more serious happens. They want to see Channel 4 act responsibly, and the only way to do that is to not show The Jump and to cancel any future renditions of the program. The idea of the program is to take part in Olympic skiing events, which athletes train for years to perfect. The audience believes it is irresponsible to send athletes and celebrities out on the snow with less than average-length training.

According to Channel 4, the training and events do meet “health and safety procedures” to ensure all competitors are safe throughout. However, a spokesperson for the network does admit that there are risks with the winter sports, and rigorous training is in place to help reduce the risks. The trainers have the final say over whether a competitor is allowed to take part in an event. However, the network has now said that it will launch an investigation due to the number of injuries this year.

Cancel 'The Jump' Say UK Viewers
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Because of this, it appears that The Jump is here to stay. Right now, the contestants have remained on the show. The quickest way for the show to be cancelled would be for all the celebrities to walk away due to the number of serious injuries that have occurred. Another issue is that people continue to watch, despite being angry that the program is still on. Others do not have a problem with it when they know that the celebrities have chosen to put themselves through the training and events knowing the risks.

While many have called for Channel 4 to axe The Jump, others have said that the celebrities should know better. They claim that the contestants should know the events are extremely dangerous and should consider something else if they really want the money that the show pays. There are plenty of other programs celebrities can take part in the UK, including Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Come Dine with Me. They argue there is no need for such a dangerous and pointless program like The Jump.

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