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‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Talks Cocaine, Cocktails And A Car Accident That Still Haunts Him

Bachelor Ben Higgins is well-loved by the ladies who are competing for his final rose this season, but many fans have noticed that he hasn’t opened up about his personal life during his one-on-one and group dates.

However, what viewers see on camera may not be the whole story, so Ben decided to make up for the lack of information by sharing 25 rather interesting facts about his life.

Ben comes across as a clean cut, smart and caring, so a few of the “25 Things” he revealed to Us Weekly may surprise fans, including his cocktail of choice and an interesting story that involves cocaine and a tropical destination.

Suddenly, Ben just got a whole lot more interesting!

Here are some of the fun — and not so fun — facts that Ben revealed about himself. Hopefully he’s shared some of these with the girl he gave the final rose to. Chances are, she has some quirky things that happened in her past (spoiler head) — the young lady that Ben is rumored to have picked spent the night in jail!

Out of the 25 things that Ben shared about himself, the most surprising is about the time he found $1 million of cocaine in Miami. Imagine? Higgins didn’t say when he discovered the illegal loot, but he did make sure fans knew that he turned it in to the local police. After all, he has a squeaky clean image to uphold as the Bachelor.

Another surprising reveal is Ben’s favorite alcoholic beverage — whiskey on the rocks. He has something in common with former Bachelor Chris Soules who revealed to E! during his season that he favors Templeton Rye whiskey.

Aside from finding cocaine and revealing his drink of choice, Ben shared 23 other favorite things and personal details with Us. Unfortunately one of them sounds like it was a painful experience.

Higgins states that he was hit by a car while walking down the sidewalk back when he attended Indiana State University. Although he is fine now, he revealed that he still has a problem walking with his “back turned to traffic.”

Other notable facts about Ben include something fans may already know — he’s an only child and grew up in Warsaw, Indiana — a town where he used to be a “nobody” according to the Indy Star.

Higgins filmed one episode of the Bachelor in his hometown so fans will get to see where he lived before he moved to Denver. The episode will air on February 15, just week before the all-important dates in the hometowns of his final four girls.

Ready for some more need-to-know facts about Ben Higgins? Here’s the rest of list from Us Weekly — is anyone surprised that Ben spends his spare time volunteering? ABC really struck gold when they gave him the gig and it appears that the future Mrs. Higgins is a lucky girl — as long as she doesn’t touch Ben’s face.

“I cannot stand someone touching my face,” Ben revealed. Now we’ll all be paying attention to the remaining episodes to see if anyone is able to get past that rule.

Can’t get enough Ben-facts? Here’s the rest of Ben’s “25 Things” list that he revealed to Us Weekly.

  • I played three sports when I was a kid: basketball, football and golf.
  • Cooking is my favorite hobby.
  • Growing up, my family owned a fish-fry business. So I know how to fry some fish.
  • I’m allergic to shellfish.
  • Baked barbecue chips are my go-to snack.
  • Morning is my favorite time of the day.
  • I volunteered in Peru with one of my best friends for a few months after college.
  • I actually got a job as a zookeeper while I lived in Cusco, Peru.
  • I have a tattoo that says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed — Proverbs 16:3.”
  • When I was younger — well, who am I kidding? — even today, Winnie the Pooh is my favorite!
  • I hate horror films.
  • When I’m stressed, a massage is the best way to calm me down.
  • I’m a die-hard Chicago Cubs baseball fan.
  • I have seen every episode of Saved by the Bell.

  • I’ve torn my ACL twice.
  • I spend most of my free time helping out Humanity and Hope United.
  • My favorite genre of music is red-dirty country.

Does anything on Ben’s list surprise you and do you think he’s one of the best guys ABC has cast as the Bachelor?

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