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Al Malnik claims he fathered Michael Jackson’s child


Al Malnik, a Florida restaurant owner with ties to the mafia has claimed that he fathered Michael Jackson’s youngest son Prince Michaell II.

Malnik also claimed that Jackson had told him that he would be executor of his will due to the money Malnik had lent him. “I’m the one who saved Michael from bankruptcy and, in return, he said he would name me executor of his will” Malnik said.

On the child: “I was a father figure to Michael and now I intend to be a father figure to the son who is rightfully mine.”

According to further reports in the UK Press, there is also speculation that Al Malnik may be the biological father of all of Jackson’s children, especially since Jackson’s ex-Debbie Rowe has claimed that Jackson did not father her two children.

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3 Responses to “Al Malnik claims he fathered Michael Jackson’s child”

  1. Jonas

    First of all Alvin Malnik does not own The Forge, his son Shareef owns it. This claim is so bogus and makes no sense at all… What's up with the slander??? From what I've read online Alvin Malnik cut all ties with Michael Jackson after the second sexual abuse allocation (which he was cleared of) and got all the money back he lent him during there short relationship. Father figure NOT!!!! Father of his child — NOT!!!

  2. janefromoklahoma

    The secret son of the late Pope John Paul II has said he is the biological father of Michael Jackson's first child. Micahel Jackson chose him to be the sperm donor because he could keep a secret, having successfully kept the secret that he's the son of the catholic pontiff.
    In another twist, Grace Rwaramba says she is the mother of Michael Jackson's son fathered by Al Malnik.

    How about that?!

    Sto this madness!!! Stop making up stories and quotes!!! You media bloodsuckers should get a heart.

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