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‘Thieves Guild’ DLC For ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Dated For March Release, Price Point Confirmed

Sulking in the shadows, heisting valuable items, and pickpocketing all the townsfolk make up a pretty average day in the life of a thief in The Elder Scrolls Online. Since the Justice System was added last year, players have been able to satisfy their inner outlaw with a vast criminal feature in the MMORPG. However, the iconic Thieves Guild was noticeably absent from the game. That will change in March, though, with the release of the Thieves Guild DLC.

Developers of The Elder Scrolls Online revealed today that the Thieves Guild downloadable content is expected to release in March. Players on PC can join the ranks of the guild on March 7 while console players will have to wait a few more weeks for its release. Xbox One players can pick up the new DLC on March 22 while PlayStation 4 players will have access to the content on March 23 according to the official site.

The Elder Scrolls Online
A Khajiit on a camel in The Elder Scrolls Online [Image via ZeniMax Media]
Two versions of the Thieves Guild DLC will be purchasable when available according to the official site. The base DLC with access to the Thieves Guild content is 2,000 Crowns while the Thieves Guild Collector’s Bundle is 4,000 Crowns. The latter includes the DLC, five Crown Experience Scrolls, the Hammerfell Camel mount, and the Kindlespit Dragon Frog.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, subscribers to The Elder Scrolls Online will receive the upcoming Thieves Guild DLC for free. All downloadable content game packs are included with the subscription to the game in addition to bonus experience, extra gold, and the generous stipend. The monthly subscription to The Elder Scrolls Online costs $15 and subscribing rewards players with $15 worth of Crowns to spend in the in-game store. Buying multiple months at a time at the discounted price makes the stipend of Crowns even better since 1,500 Crowns is given for each month regardless of the month bundle purchased. Only PC players can purchase multiple months of ESO Plus in a bundled discount.

If a subscription lapses, players will need to purchase the Thieves Guild DLC if they wish to have access to what it offers. Otherwise only the base game patch features will persist. Like other pieces of DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, a base game patch will also accompany the upcoming the paid content. The base game patch includes a 64-bit client for PC, improvements to the grouping system, scrolling combat text, new crafting styles, and more. Changes and balance fixes to classes, combat, and campaigns are also part of this patch available to all players. Most notably, players will be able to experience any Alliance’s content upon reaching Veteran Rank 1.

The Thieves Guild DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online will take players to a new region in Hammerfell. Players of all levels can visit Hew’s Bane and the port city of Abah’s Landin, the Thieves Guild headquarters. Players will finally be able to join the Thieves Guild and progress their way through a new passive skill line rewarded by the guild.

The Elder Scrolls Online
A screenshot of the new region in the Thieves Guild DLC [Image via ZeniMax Media]
Of course, no Thieves Guild content would be complete without new incentives to steal anything that is not nailed down. The new Larceny System lets players repeat things like heists, pickpocketing, and general theft for new bonuses. These new quests will take players all over Tamriel utilizing their lockpicking skills. Additionally, heist quests will give players a chance to beat the clock in sneaking-oriented time-restricted missions. Of course, players looking to knock a few head around are in luck, too. Reacquisitions quests let players defeat group bosses and complete delves.

Two new delves, two new world bosses, a new 12-player trial, and several hours of story content are also part of the upcoming Thieves Guild DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online. Not to mention, the new Outlaw crafting style and the new Assistant feature are sure to please as well. The latter is a new non-combat follower system that lets NPCs aid the player in particular services.

[Image via Bethesda]