Marie Holmes won't bail out fiance

Marie Holmes: Lottery Winner Makes ‘Terroristic Threats & Phone Calls’ Against Woman

Powerball winner Marie Holmes has done a good job shocking everyone over how she’s chosen to spend her millions. The 27-year-old North Carolina lottery winner is infamous for bailing her druggie boyfriend — Lamarr McDow — out of jail multiple times. She’s paid over $21 million in bond for McDow and still refuses to let him go. Despite the 31-year-old being arrested on drug and weapons-related charges, Holmes sees nothing wrong with sticking by this man while raising four young children.

Marie Holmes took home $88 million in February 2015 after winning her share of the $127 million Powerball lottery.

The Chicago Defender reports that Holmes is being accused of harassing a woman Lamarr McDow supposedly spent money on to have sex with. Any financial help Marie has given Lamarr has reportedly gone towards cheating with all kinds of women in town. Instead of targeting her anger at her boyfriend, Holmes has unleashed fury on a woman by the name of Lorna Marlowe. Marie’s jealousy and insecurity has resulted in her making “terroristic threats and phone calls” against Marlowe. According to the report, Holmes threatened bodily harm on the Marlowe on January 10, 2016.

A Facebook video was posted of an unidentified woman spewing vitriolic and profane statements about Holmes — insisting that Lamarr McDow “Hot Sauce” spends the money Marie Holmes hands him to buy sex from neighborhood women. The woman alleged that Holmes is insecure and has actually called some of the women to see if McDow was cheating on her.

The Powerball lottery winner is ordered to appear in court on February 12 to answer the criminal complaint or she could face contempt charges.

As Eur Web reports, McDow finally spoke out about why Marie would pay so much to bail him out of jail time and time again.

The lottery winner and McDow share a 1-year-old daughter together — Ebony. He explained that this is a huge reason why his girlfriend keeps bailing him out.

“We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child,” he said. “This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it.”

The convicted criminal went on to say that he thinks people are just jealous of Holmes.

“People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked up in jail,” McDow added.

Lamarr has three children from previous relationships.

Soon after Holmes’ Powerball winnings last year, she spent $3 million to bail McDow out of jail for heroin possession. In August 2015, she bailed him out for violating his parole and curfew… that incident cost $6 million. She came to his rescue a third time when he was caught violating his parole by arranging an illegal street race. It cost her $12 million to get him out at that time. In all, she’s spent upwards of $21 million to bail her man out of legal trouble. Many argue it doesn’t change anything and that all it does is prove how stupid Holmes is.

If she continues down this path, Marie Holmes may lose everything. Prior to winning the Powerball lottery, Holmes was working two jobs to support her four children — one has Cerebral Palsy. Will she wind up in that position again?

On a good note, Marie Holmes did donate almost $700k to her childhood church in Shallotte. Pleasant Hill Missionary Church was given the money to cover remodeling costs.

[Photo by North Carolina Education Lottery/AP Images]