WWE Rumors: Ric Flair Inducting Sting Into Hall Of Fame

WWE rumors are suggesting that Ric Flair will be the one selected by management to induct Sting into the hall of fame during Wrestlemania 32 weekend, according to Wrestling Inc.

While the announcement was something that many had expected the moment he signed with WWE, wrestling fans were excited to hear that Sting was finally going to be inducted.

Whenever WWE announces a performer that is going to be inducted into their hall of fame, it sparks online discussions about whether or not the performer is worthy of the honor.

With Sting, there is absolutely no debate given his resume is one of the most impressive ones that fans will ever see from the world of professional wrestling. Sting has done enough.

Sting is one of the most popular franchise players that WCW/NWA has ever seen. Fans genuinely wanted to see him built up as a world heavyweight champion, and it worked out great.

The man who played a huge role, both on screen and behind the scenes, in helping Sting elevate from a newcomer into a legitimate main event performer was none other than Ric Flair.

July 7, 1990 will be a day that will forever be remembered by wrestling fans, as that was the night when Sting finally captured the coveted NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Ric Flair
Ric Flair [Photo by WWE]
Ric Flair takes a lot of pride in the fact that he helped convince management that Sting was the right guy for the job, and the Great American Bash was the right place to make it happen.

At Wrestlemania 32, Ric Flair might get another opportunity to elevate Sting again. This time, he’s going to elevate him from being a great performer to being a hall of fame performer.

The Internet wrestling community can be critical whenever WWE announces the person that will induct the performer into the hall of fame, but few will complain about Ric Flair.

There’s more than enough amazing history between Ric Flair and Sting that WWE could easily put together a three disc DVD set of their rivalry and have it sell extraordinarily well.

During the times where the internet wrestling community has complained about the choice is usually whenever WWE makes a business decision and chooses someone that will draw.

A good example of this was back when WWE signed William Shatner to induct Jerry Lawler into the hall of fame. Lawler had plenty of rivals over the years that would have made sense.

Lex Luger
Lex Luger [Photo by WWE]
However, WWE opted to go with William Shatner because Vince McMahon and company appears to be hoping that the mainstream media would pick up on the story because of Shatner.

If, for whatever reason, Ric Flair is not available for Wrestlemania 32 and then WWE will not have to panic because there are several other people who would make sense for that role.

Lex Luger and Sting have a long history, both as on screen rivals and friends. While WWE might be afraid of putting the spotlight on Luger, it would be interesting to see Lex again.

Rick Steiner is another person that would make a lot of sense, as he and Sting were former tag team partners. WWE might be hesitant, though, because Steiner isn’t a big name now.

Hulk Hogan is in the WWE doghouse right now, but it would generate a lot of media attention for the company. Hogan and Sting were also engaged in a legendary feud with the nWo.

Mick Foley and Sting had an underrated and entertaining feud when the two of them worked in WCW together. Foley might not be able to generate as much media attention, though.

Regardless of who inducts Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame, it’s going to be a great night for wrestling.

[Photo via WWE]