Aleeah and Ali, Leah Messer's girls

Leah Messer Celebrates Twins’ Birthday With Facebook Post, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Twins Turn 6-Years-Old

Leah Messer has had a rough couple of years. She began her journey in reality television during Teen Mom 2 and has remained on the show for the duration of filming. Since joining, she has welcomed twins and a singleton. While Messer had been on and off with the twins’ dad Corey Simms, she ended up married to Jeremy Calvert and welcoming a third daughter with him. There have been several ups and downs with Messer since the beginning of the show.

Earlier today, Leah Messer penned a Facebook post in honor of her twin daughters’ sixth birthday. Ali and Aleeah have been a challenge for Messer, but she wouldn’t want it any other way. Through all of the trials and tribulations she has gone through with the girls, Messer is prouder of them each and every day. When the girls were born, Leah Messer was just a teenager, and she had a lot to learn. According to MTV News, Leah Messer’s Facebook post talked highly of the girls, praising them for being her strength to get through it all. While there have been some nasty comments on the actual post, much of the commentary has been positive when it comes to Ali and Aleeah.

Since last season of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer has been spiraling downhill. She lost custody of Ali and Aleeah to Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda. They had been in a custody battle for quite some time, and after filming wrapped last season, Messer was ordered to hand them over to their father and take visitation. Also at this time, she was going through a divorce. Jeremy Calvert filed for divorce and the two settled amicably, with their daughter remaining in the full-time care of Messer. Since then, Calvert has been able to co-parent with his ex-wife, and there has not been too much drama.

Recently, Leah Messer was schooled by Farrah Abraham. When the Teen Mom 2 star decided to call out Abraham for her violent altercation with a Teen Mom employee, she didn’t expect a comment back. While it is clear that what happened during Teen Mom OG filming was out of line, Messer shouldn’t be judging anyone else. According to OK! Magazine, Leah Messer’s comments about Farrah Abraham were underhanded and didn’t include her name. Abraham isn’t one to keep her mouth shut and mentioned that Messer should “worry about the kid she lost.” Well, she lost two kids, but Abraham did make a point. Judge not lest ye be judged is typically the motto, however, Messer must have missed that one.

It is expected that Leah Messer will continue with Teen Mom 2 for the duration of its run. There are many questions that need to be answered, especially regarding what happened with Ali and Aleeah. Rumors have been circulating that there may be a reunion on the horizon with Jeremy Calvert. The two were spotted out together and attended a Christmas program for the girls together. Since then, though, the rumors were squashed, and the two said they are remaining friendly for the best interests of their daughter. It looks like Messer let go of a good guy.

Other indications suggest that Leah Messer has a live-in boyfriend. While it hasn’t been confirmed, there have been indications that she is indeed involved with someone else again. The Teen Mom 2 star has to get her life in order now more than ever. Today she is celebrating the twins’ sixth birthday but also remembering the loss of not having them with her every day. If losing your children doesn’t propel you to change, nothing else will. Leah Messer is working on her, and fans hope she can pull it together.

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