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[Rumor] Couple Alert: James Franco and Amanda Seyfried


Are James Franco and Amanda Seyfried more than just costars? That’s what it looks like! On Saturday, Franco, 34, was photographed picking a ticket from the windshield of his car while outside of Seyfried’s house in LA.

Back in January it was reported that James Franco was flirting on the set of Lovelace with Amanda Seyfried, 26, during his three-day stint as Hugh Hefner. In the film Seyfried plays Linda Lovelace, a porn star who was famously captured for the world to see in the 70s.

Nothing serious came out of the three-day shoot for the actors because at the time Amanda was seeing Josh Hartnett. However, now that she’s single Franco is said to be “pursuing” the Mean Girls actress. Although according to a source close to Franco the new relationship is “not serious.”

This isn’t the first time James Franco has been said to be involved with past costars. In April of 2011 according to In Touch Weekly, Franco was said to be hooking up with Date Night, and now Oz costar Mila Kunis. Before that, Franco had a brief romance with his Camille costar Sienna Miller.

When Amanda Seyfried was asked about the onset flirting between her and Franco in February, Seyfried acted coy, saying, “Was he [flirting]? I guess so. Were we flirting up a storm? I guess so. What’s your definition of flirting? I think Franco was a little bit in character but I… respect that. Whatever it takes!”

In the past Seyfried has been linked to Josh Hartnett, Ryan Philippe and longtime love Dominic Cooper, who she starred alongside with in Mama Mia. Franco’s longtime loves include actress Marla Sokoloff, and The Help’s Ahna O’Reilly.

Do you think this will stick for Amanda Seyfried and James Franco?

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2 Responses to “[Rumor] Couple Alert: James Franco and Amanda Seyfried”

  1. Julie Turner

    Nope, it won't last. He is too busy and int his different career activities and she is just looking for the publicity he can give her as are all of his "friends" and past women in his life. He seems to be into his blonde co stars and then movies on-Marla Sokoloff (though not blonde), Ahna O'Reilly who is really only known for dating him and Agyness

  2. Julie Turner

    Dehn or however he spells it-that he did a photo shoot with. I think after a 5 yr relationship with Ahna he is having fun playing the field

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