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Girl falls Asleep at Tattoo Parlor, wakes up with 56 Stars on her Face [PHOTO]

girl 56 stars tattoed on face

A Belgian teen girl went to a tattoo parlour to have 3 little stars tattooed near her left eye. She fell asleep and woke up with 56 stars tattooed on her face.

Kimberley Vlaminck, 18, is suing tattoo artist Rouslan Tourmaniantz to have him pay to have 53 star tattoos removed from her face after an unfortunate mis-communication. Vlaminck went to a local tattoo artist to have 3 little black stars tattooed on her face near her left eye. For some reason, she fell asleep during the inking process and woke up sometime afterwards with 56 stars in total nearly covering one side of her face.

It’s not clear how or why Vlaminck fell asleep and remained sleeping for so long and there are allegations that drugs or some other means were a factor.

“I think he didn’t understand what I wanted,” the teenager complained to the UK Sun. “He spoke only fractured English and French, but I explicitly said in my native tongue, French, that I wanted three little stars only near my left eye.” (The French words for three (“trois”) and 56 (“cinqueante et six”) sound nothing alike. Maybe go with hand gestures next time.)

Tourmaniantz insists the teen asked for 56 tats and that allegations that he “doped” or “hypnotized” her are untrue.”

Although I can understand why the girl is upset and she has every right to sue, I think the tats look kinda cool.

[Photo & Source: Sun, Via The Frisky]

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68 Responses to “Girl falls Asleep at Tattoo Parlor, wakes up with 56 Stars on her Face [PHOTO]”

  1. benayoun

    french isnt her native tongue, dutch is.. northern part of belgium speaks dutch.

  2. james knight

    Other sites say this was a present from her father! What sort of father encourages his daughter to have any kind of tattoo on her face? Let's hope he is rich. I can't see anyone wanting to employ her.

  3. Pablo

    how do you explain that she fell asleep? She also states that she said to stop when he was putting the tattoo on her nose. I think that her father was'nt too happy about the 56 stars so she made the story up.

  4. johhny goh

    if she fell asleep, it would have to have been within the first 3 stars, or she would have stopped him for any more!

  5. teenager's mum

    this falls into the “my parents fell off a turnip truck yesterday” school of teenage thought. she really expects people to *believe* she “fell asleep” while having her*face* tattooed? as the parent of a teenager myself, i'm guessing this one came about from a girl asking for what she thought was a really cool tattoo, only to get home to have mom and dad (quite rightly) flip out.

  6. Dani

    i have a tattoo of 3 small stars (not on my face, but my foot) and it took all of 4 minutes to complete. I sincerely dissagree that this is a long enough time to fall asleep, especially with the added excitment of getting a tatto in the first place. For this to have 'accidentally' happened there must have been some form of drugs or alcohol consumed, or perhaps this girl was just not happy with the tattoo she initially thought would be a good adea.

  7. piercer

    She signed up for it fools, you don't sleep whilst having your face tattooed.
    The artist should not be held responsible.

  8. ace

    I think the girl is a liar. I find it hard to believe that a tattooist would do something like that against a person's will. How can someone even fall asleep and not feel the tattoo being performed? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

  9. Gwen

    i have three small stars like her's on my neck and it took 5 minutes to tattoo. there's no way she sat down for a 5 minute tattoo and fell asleep. sounds like she changed her mind about what she wanted – didn't anyone tell her tattoos are permanent?

  10. babson

    I very much agree with ace…there is no way a person can fall asleep and not feel what's going on on your face. This girl was definitely on some kind of drug(s)…especially the most sensitive parts of the face…surely she had to feel it was all 56 stars going on. Serves her right for ruining what God intended to be pure.

  11. Anon

    There is no way you could sleep through that.
    I've got a few tattoos, not on my face, but they were not the kind of thing you'd just sleep through.
    Her parents didn't like the tats, so she lied, I wouldve done the same thing “oh yes dad, I went in for a star on my shoulder but came out with an entire sleeve after I fell asleep”

  12. Tsuchan

    I don't think the girl's explanation stands up. An artist wouldn't start tattooing without making a transfer of the intended stars on her face; and if he did, the stars wouldn't look anything like as accurate as they do.

    Even setting aside the strange question of whether she was drugged, how come her explanation doesn't involve any description of a transfer (of three stars or otherwise) being applied to her face at the start?

  13. dan

    Anyone who has ever been tattooed would know that you wouldn't fall asleep while getting one done on your face. I think the girl's parents flipped out when she came home with half her face done and now she is trying to pass the responsibility on to the artist.

  14. DddJames

    I notice there are three points to the array of many stars…Maybe something else was lost in their communication? Maybe she wanted to look a little like Mike Tyson as a little white girl with stars instead of stripes? Anyway, no way she sleep through the process unless she has some kind of weird disorder or was taking/given a drug. It's possible she was afraid to protest until the entire thing was over?
    Lesson: Be very clear on what you want if you have something like this done and bring somone with!!

  15. Symon

    Having had tattoo's myself, although not too painfull, you still could NOT fall asleep NATURALLY whilst having 56 stars tattooed on your face………………She is looking for a scape goat I think! (Unlucky Stars)atleast she got her face in the news.

  16. SDE

    her native language is Dutch, not French.
    A big part of the belgians are speaking Dutch.

  17. ash

    'oh hang on! let me just doze off whilst you're injecting ink into my face!' … psh! like many people have already said, falling asleep whilst you're being tattooed just doesn't happen, especially when you're having your own face tattooed which i imagine must be quite painful as i have my feet, wrists and my right hip tattooed and they hurt enough on their own, but think of all the nerve endings in your face! being a teenager myself i can understand how you can get carried away with what you think would look cool and end up with something completely different to what you intially imagined, but i agree with the people saying that this is probably close to what she asked for in the first place but then decided that she didn't like the result and is now trying to make money out of her own stupidity. either way, it just doesn't add up.

  18. Dingledoodie

    How on earth anyone could fall asleep whilst being tattooed is beyond me. It's not a relaxing process. It bloody hurts!!! And… I imagine it'd be particularly painful on the face!!!

  19. Austin B

    Its people like you, that give the tattoed community a bad rap. Why in the world would a small tattoo on ones face inhibit them from being able to function at a job more so than one without? In what manner does having a tattoo make you a “bad person” or a person who unemployable? Look past the cover, whether a teenager or not, the person you are so quick to judge could be your next best friend.

  20. Panama Jack

    okay Austin, Sure thing buddy. Majority of business require their employees to wear appropriate attire and sometimes a uniform all of which to help represent the comapny. I highly doubt that you can get a good job with a tat on your face. Unless you consider working at McD's or pizza delivery a good job, more power to you.

  21. Groo

    I'm with you. How the hell could you possibly fall asleep during a tattoo?

  22. MOLE

    haircuts are wrong.
    they are totally unnatural.
    you close-minded “living inside your box” prick!

  23. MOLE

    Like this is the “true” story.
    You believe “everything” you hear and read, don't you?

  24. Turdbrewer

    I've done it, was reading a magazine while having chest tattooed, and was laying on a table, and next thing I knew my magazine hit me in the face and woke me up. Being tattooed is extremely relaxing to me.

  25. Austin B

    A-MEN MOLE! Try thinking outside the box. Who are you to say that things you choose to do are “natural”? What is “natural”? Read a book, tattoos date back way before you, and we used with crude istruments and natural ink. How is that unnatural? The only difference between then and now, is the prevention of infection, and diseases with steral equipment and ink. Open your mind a little and you might find yourself happier and more interesting to other people.

  26. Austin B

    Once again, another person to judge based on nothing but presumptions. Actually, im 22, i have a college degree and im a sales account manager for a market leading company in the aftermarket automotive parts industry. Im probably younger than you, have a better paying job, and yet, tattoos have yet to hold me from keeping this job. I wear a dress shirt and slacks to work everyday. When i was 16 i worked at McDonald's, which again, you are now stereo typing people with tattoos to people who work at fast food. You should also try reading a book. Tattooed society is becoming more widely accepted than ever before. Try opening your mind, the guy you pass walking down the street with tattoos could be your next boss. Thanks!

  27. lbutlr

    Well, evidently most people are not as freaked out by tattoos as James Knight.

  28. She's a Liar

    I've come close to nodding off during my back tattoo….but it was also my fifth tattoo. I remember my first tattoo when i was eighteen, and it hurt like no pain I had ever felt before (at the time). There was no way I was falling asleep during my first tattoo. She regretted the fallout from her father's reaction, plain and simple. Any self respecting father would not have encouraged his eighteen year old daughter to get a tattoo on her face. She should sue her moron dad.

  29. nicole friedman

    You aknowledged that you wear dress shirts and slacks; both of which I am sure cover your tattoos. And why do you do that? Because you know that showing up to work in short shorts and tank tops is unprofessional.How is having huge, visible tats- especially on their face any different?
    It is true that “normal” is constantly changing. However, there is a reason that all societies have some definition of what normal is; because it keeps society together. It doesn't mean that people who stray far from the norm are bad people- but they should be aware that there will naturally be a reaction- and consequences. They are sending a loud and clear message that they do not care to stay within the “norm”- THAT is the message they are sending. Which is why it is perfectly understandable why it would be difficult for them to be hired.

  30. Austin B

    Thank you for you response Nicole. I do appreciate your point of view and do understand it. And for the most part, yes, my dress shirts cover more of them. I wear them because of the dress code in place at my place of work. Fridays i am alowed to wear casual clothes at which point i do every chance i get. But nonetheless, i also work for a company whos benefits recognize “domestic partnership” so my live-in girlfriend is covered under my medical, as is one of our gay employee's partner is covered as well. People who are breaking the stereotypes of the norm, do usually understand the consequences of their actions. It is simply my opinion and belief that this viewpoint should be looked passed. These people, who have been stereotyped, (by people including my own family), have been some of the most passionate, caring, and smart people that i have met. It is these things i hope for everyone to understand and see some day. And until that day, i work towards looking beyond the skin, and to a day where people accept people for who they are, and not what they look like.

  31. Alicia Harms

    Shes wrong, because one you always have a consultation discussing what you want, you always have a stencil when doing tattoos…you wouldn't fall asleep unless you have a medical problem…she probably thought it would look good, she didn't like it and lied. I think shes stupid. Plus if she did fall asleep (like said below) she would of had to fall asleep within the first 3 stars, and lets be honest they would of taken what? 15 minutes? which is highly unlikely that she did.

  32. Noëlle Cobben

    besides..''she fell asleep''…during tatting her face…yeah right! She probably changed her mind when she saw the result and tried to blame the tattoo artist for her own stupid mistake.

  33. James William Steven Parker

    No, you're wrong. Not all places offer a consultation. When I had my tattoo done I walked right in and left about 30 minutes later. It's clearly the instance of misunderstanding from both parts, but because feels she is at bigger loss she wants to resolve the problem by getting money.

  34. Fix Marquand

    It does not change the meaning but 56 is said "cinquante six" in French, not "cinqueante et six".

  35. Nez Sanchez

    Shea stupid bitch how the fuck she going to fall asleep during a tattoo….she had to be high ass shit……oh and yea the guy that did her stars hes an ass for doing that.

  36. Katherine Galvez

    How can you fall asleep for a process of 3 stars that does not even take that much time.

  37. Justin Tucker

    If she is just denying wanting this due to her father and boyfriend, she should dump the loser prick of a boyfriend and stand up to her dad. I think she is already a pretty girl and well I think the tattoos add to that. Maybe it's just because I have many tattoos.

  38. Justin Tucker

    That's not true. 1). Any artist worth his/her weight in ink wouldn't rush a tattoo no matter how easy it was and 2). Almost all of my right arm was done without a stencil. The artist did it free hand and I get many compliments on the quality of work and wide eyes when I say it was done free hand.

  39. Camilla Newman

    I bet she really asked for alot but then someone told her it was too much and she decided she didn't like it anymore so she knew the only way to pay for removing them was lying and suing the tattoo artist.

  40. Camilla Newman

    forreal theres no way. other articles mention she left the shop happy and changed her mind when her bf and dad threw a fit seeing it.

  41. Vannah Summers

    WHy on your face?!?!? Why not your arm or something? I hope they knocked the crap out of her!!!

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