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Gretchen Rossi Denies Forming Alliance With Meghan Edmonds To Go Against Vicki Gunvalson, Continues To Slam Tamra Judge

Has Gretchen Rossi really formed an alliance with Meghan King Edmonds to get back at Vicki Gunvalson? During her Watch What Happens Live appearance last week with Shannon Beador, Gretchen pointed out that during her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki heavily criticized her for filming the show while her fiancé, Jeff Beitzel, battled cancer. During Gretchen’s time with Jeff, who died in 2008 from leukemia, Vicki, along with Tamra, also routinely implied that Gretchen was just with Jeff for money and loved fame more than her fiancé.

Gretchen said that she found it ironic that Vicki is now facing intense criticism over Brooks Ayers’ cancer claim and her relationship with him, considering how she treated her during Jeff’s cancer and subsequent relationship with Slade Smiley.

“She had so much to say about Slade and my relationship, she had so much to say about Jeff’s and my relationship, she had so much to say about whether or not I should be on a TV show when someone I loved had cancer, and now she’s going through all of the exact same things I went through.”

Gretchen pointedly said that karma, in the form of Meghan, has come back to haunt Vicki.

“Karma showed up and her name is Meghan.”


Meghan is the housewife who has really questioned Vicki and Brooks’ claim that he has cancer. Meghan has gone so far as calling doctor’s offices and Brooks’ ex in order to get dirt on him and substantiate his cancer claims. Her findings have caused the other housewives, including Shannon Beador, who previously stood behind Vicki, to wonder if Vicki and Brooks has been lying to them all along.

After Gretchen’s Watch What Happens Live appearance, she did an interview with Radar Online in which she talked about Meghan. She is quoted as saying that Meghan is a lot like her, and that Meghan called her for advice on how to deal with being on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gretchen said that she told Meghan to just stay true to herself.

After the interview was posted on Monday, there was speculation that Gretchen had formed an alliance with Meghan in order to get back at Vicki. Did Gretchen give Meghan some dirt on Vicki for her to use?

Gretchen Rossi quickly denied the allegation. On Monday, Gretchen told The Real Mr. Housewife that she didn’t form an alliance with Meghan.

“There is no ‘secret alliance’ between Meghan and I.”

Gretchen clarified that Meghan texted her. Gretchen added that nothing more was said other than innocent advice.

“I did not say she (Meghan) ‘called me.’ I said she reached out to me, because she did by text. Meghan and I texted about a few things and I told her she reminded me of myself, and to stay true to herself. There’s nothing more to this.”

Gretchen also denied that she ever called Tamra a “monster mom,” as Radar Online quoted her as saying in an article that was posted last week. Gretchen explained that she herself did not describe Tamra as a “monster mom,” but that other people have.

Yet, Gretchen isn’t letting up on Tamra. On Monday, Gretchen thanked her fans for remembering the wrongs that was said and done to her and seeing the truth rather than being fooled “by the shenanigans of a few.”

Besides Vicki Gunvalson, it’s likely that one of the housewives Gretchen doesn’t want viewers to be fooled by is Tamra Judge. Last Wednesday, Gretchen agreed with a fan who found it funny that Tamra is now agreeing with Vicki that Meghan went too far by calling around to confirm Brooks Ayers’ cancer claims when Tamra herself called Slade Smiley’s ex to get dirt on him several times. Gretchen called Tamra’s behavior “ridiculous.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gretchen Rossi clashed with Shannon Beador during their joint Watch What Happens Live appearance after Gretchen called Tamra Judge “the biggest pot-stirrer” and Shannon maintained that Tamra is a changed woman. Tamra’s ex-BFF, Ricky, later tweeted that he actually showed Shannon a mean text that Tamra sent about her.


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