Controversial Tweets: Ann Coulter Rants About Jews During GOP Debate

Ann Coulter is no stranger to stirring up drama, but controversial tweets she posted this week may have taken it too far. During Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate, Coulter apparently began to lose patience with who she perceived to be the candidates’ target audience. It was then the controversial tweets began flying from her Twitter account.

Really, Ann?

The Jerusalem Post reports that immediately prior to the controversial tweets, four of the Republican presidential hopefuls (Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie) had chosen to include their unflagging support for Israel in their closing speeches, with Cruz even pledging to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem if he’s elected.

Coulter’s followers wasted no time in calling her out for her controversial remarks, with some even calling her tweets anti-Semitic.

While tweeted responses to Coulter’s controversial comments were mostly outraged, there were some followers who never wavered in their support of the conservative pundit.

It didn’t take Coulter long to realize she’d incited a very negative firestorm with her controversial question (the answer is, roughly 9 million Jews, by religious practice and/or ancestry, live in the U.S.), and she was quick to throw out some pseudo-contrite follow-up tweets.

Despite her backhanded “sort of apology,” Coulter kept the controversial tweets flowing. The barrage of tweets primarily had to do with the “pandering” Republican candidates, illegal immigration, abortion, and Israel’s own border fences.

Indeed, the inexplicable nature of Coulter’s initial controversial tweets, followed by dozens more that seemed constructed to strike up a dialogue, is an interesting study in juxtaposition. The narrative that can be followed by reading her stream of tweets makes one wonder: Could she have posted the first of her controversial tweets with an agenda? Perhaps to generate some attention and buzz for herself?

Some of her followers found this to be the case. No one can argue that she certainly guaranteed a captive audience for her subsequent controversial diatribe.

Ring of Fire Radio certainly thinks that the controversial Coulter might be feeling ignored. They broke the story on September 15, the day before the GOP debate and her string of offensive, controversial tweets. The article states that the abrasive conservative personality hasn’t only felt overlooked by her fans, but by her right-wing media bread-and-butter bosses, too.

“They’re ignoring me, now!”

Regardless of the “why,” there was clear ugliness behind Ann Coulter’s debate night tweets. The Telegraph reports that her controversial comments triggered the offensive social media movement #IStandWithAnn, too. Most of the tweets associated with the #IStandWithAnn hashtag have been in support of Coulter’s controversial sentiments. Many of the tweets have also been offensive, racist, religiously intolerant, and/or anti-Semitic in nature.

The hashtag is reportedly a mockery of #IStandWithAhmed, which was created to generate tweets to support a 14-year-old Irving, Texas, student. He was arrested for bringing a controversial homemade clock to school, which teachers mistook for a bomb.

With Ann Coulter once again dominating social media today, one thing’s for certain: we haven’t seen the last of her controversial tweets.

[Image Courtesy: T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images]