queen elizabeth panties 18k

Queen Elizabeth II’s Panties Bought For $18,000

A pair of Queen Elizabeth II’s old, used panties have sold on eBay for a trifling $18k.

The undies were placed on the auction site by the estate of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, who said he had discovered the royal undergarments after they were left on a private plane the Queen used to visit Chile in 1968.

Bidding started at $4,000, but quickly shot up to end on $18,101. The auction’s impressively detailed description, which you can read in full here, describes the panties as being in “good condition” but “with a few stains”:

“Richly embroidered silk undergarment with a monogram of the royal crown with the initial script ‘E’ underneath on the top left, with a designed stitched going across the garment above it. On each side there are two flowers on a stem with leaves and beside it a stem with two leaves.

“The garment is lined with a beautiful and delicate crocheted lace hem. There are four small pearl-like buttons on the left side. […] This vintage garment is in good condition with a few stains and yellowing due to its age. Inspection and appraisal by a qualified professional is highly recommended.”

18 total bids were made for the hefty-looking knickers, but the winning bidder’s identity has remained (and probably shall remain) a secret.