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‘Young And Restless’ Recap: Adam Juggled, Sharon Lied, And Ian Schemed

Viewers have been very anxious to see what exactly comes next for Adam, Ian, and the Paragon Project on Young and Restless. Spoilers tease that there’s a lot ahead this week on that front, and fans got a bit more insight during Monday’s show. Just what went down in the September 14 episode?

She Knows Soaps shares that Adam and Ian met up in the woods to talk about how things are moving along on the Paragon Project. Ian wasn’t happy that Adam is aligning with Jack, but they talk about how Victor has help, too, and the sales figures escalating are a cover for the virus.

Kevin wondered why Victor wasn’t telling Jack everything he knows. However, Victor pointed out that Jack is leaning on Gabe, and isn’t sharing all of the details, either. Young and Restless scoop from Monday’s episode indicated that Jack and Phyllis discussed Victor keeping secrets, and she wondered if Jack is having a hard time staying away from the company.

Adam told Jack that Victor had help determining that there was a hacking attempt on their system. They talked about who is helping Victor, and later, Adam and Ian talked about all of their plans and deception. Ian came across Phyllis in the woods again, and they planned to have dinner together. He introduced himself as Fred.

Young and Restless viewers know that Sharon has decided that she’s pregnant again already, and Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Mariah and Sharon headed to the doctor’s office on Mondy’s show. While Dylan wanted to attend, Sharon worked her way around that one.

Dylan questioned Mariah about what was going on, as he could tell something was off. Mariah was stunned that Dylan thought that perhaps Mariah was pregnant, but she put that one to rest quickly. At the hospital, Sharon learned that she wasn’t pregnant again yet.

Colin showed up at Crimson Lights to try to encourage Esther to return to Jill, but the conversation didn’t go all that smoothly. Kevin and “Gabe” talked, and they both acknowledged they were helping Victor and Jack.

Kevin had some hesitations about what’s happening, but Adam encouraged Kevin that they can coordinate information and figure out what’s going on together. Of course, viewers know that Adam isn’t exactly being truthful about his desire for sharing information here.

Also during Monday’s episode of Young and Restless, Sharon lied further to Mariah, telling her that she did find out she was pregnant. Mariah isn’t totally buying it, but for now, she helps keep Sharon’s cover with Dylan.

Mariah worried that “Gabe” is taking Kevin for a bit of a ride, while Dylan pondered what Colin might have to do with Devon and Hilary’s disappearance. Chelsea had questions for Victoria about her sales spike, and soon, Abby managed to join the conversation and take credit. Chelsea worried about the numbers, but eventually, the decision was made to work to fulfill the high volume of orders.

When Chelsea and Adam reconnected, she was thrilled about how quickly her line was growing, but Adam clearly looked a bit worried. It would seem that his determination to get revenge against Victor may come at Chelsea’s expense. As the week continues, Young and Restless spoilers tease that there will be a lot more to come about the Paragon Project.

How long will Sharon keep this pregnancy farce up, and how far will she go to cover her tracks? What are Ian and Adam ultimately trying to accomplish with the Paragon Project? Young and Restless spoilers tease that it’s going to be a wild ride this week, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of it.

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