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US Airways Flight Diverted After Security Threat

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A US Airways jet was on its way from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina this morning when a “security issue” forced the plane to change course and land in Bangor, Maine. The airline confirmed that the flight was diverted but did not give many details about the threat.

The airline did say that a passenger was acting strangely aboard US Airways Flight 787 and that the airline decided to ground the plane as soon as possible.

The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement:

“US Airways Flight 787 has landed safely in Bangor. TSA is aware of reports of a passenger who exhibited suspicious behavior during flight. Out of an abundance of caution the flight was diverted to BGR where it was met by law enforcement.”

According to @AlertNewEngland, which monitors police scanners throughout New Englanda passenger was threatening to blow up the plane. The passenger was subdued and the decision was made to make an emergency landing in Bangor. The plane was then taken to the north end of the airport where it was met by security officials. @AlertNewEngland, , also claims that the flight was intercepted by F-15 fighter jets. This information has not been confirmed.

[UPDATE] Norad has confirmed that two F-15 fighter jets scrambled to help direct the plane to Bangor.

You can listen to the audio feed here. / CNN has a live feed of the plane parked on the runway here.

US Airways Flight 787 had 179 passengers on board and 9 crew members, according to airline spokesman Andrew Christie.

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One Response to “US Airways Flight Diverted After Security Threat”

  1. Ej Smith

    The new info is that a woman stated that she was oporated on – and something was placed inside her. But, there were a couple of Doctors on board that inspected the womans' body – and there were no visible stitches that would lend to her story.
    I hate to be cynical, but with all the false flag set ups that the FBI and police agencys have been using against America lately, I don't trust any super surprizes regarding terrorist attacks against our country. I know – you may WANT to think that this just happened out of no where, but that simply is not true. They CAN see unusual objects just under the skin of a body that passes thru the screen. This was a female of African descent – whom they stated had what appeared to be stun gun marks on her body. In other words – this was once again – just fear tactics used to scare the masses. It stated that two military jets had to force the airline down. Really? Come on, if the pilot was told to land – due to a possible bomb threat on board, the pilots would have dropped that jet down to the closest airport possible!
    Again, just from the info coming from CNN – that in itself should cause you to be causious believing – this was supposed to be something very dangerous and serious – then it was just a false alarm. Like I said – fear tactics….

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