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Carrie Prejean, Miss California, too Hungover to go on Larry King Live

carrie prejean cancels larry king appearance

Pathological liar, soft porn wannabe and current Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was supposed to be a guest on Larry King Live this week but she had one of her minions call to say she couldn’t make the show, because she was “too tired.”

Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, placed a phone call to CNN asking them to tell King that Prejean was simply exhausted from traveling too much in recent days. But this is where it gets interesting… is reporting that Carrie Prejean was “too tired” after partaking in the festivities of her 22nd birthday bash to make the show:

Carrie celebrated her 22nd birthday in Atlanta last night. She was scheduled to do Larry’s show tonight in L.A., but her people called hours ago and said Carrie had a birthday party last night and she was really tired and took a flight that put the airhead in the air at the time Larry airs.

“Late this afternoon, she canceled her appearance,” Larry King said during his show without providing further explanation.

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8 Responses to “Carrie Prejean, Miss California, too Hungover to go on Larry King Live”

  1. Yolanda

    I think that after all the abuse that she has taken, she deserves to celebrate her birthday. Any other celebrity would have been excused if the situation were reversed. They are not going to stop until they take her crown away. Hang in there, Carrie, there are a lot of people still supporting you!

  2. Good for Carrie

    This was a wise move on Carrie's part no matter what the reason. Larry King had Perez Hilton on his show shortly after the pageant and basically gave him a pat on the back. Not a single word about Hilton's vile misogynistic rant. He even made a comment about how well spoken Hilton was as if to take a jab at Carrie for stumbling during her pageant answer. I have no respect for Larry King and will never watch his show. And was Carrie suppose to face off against all the gay activist, Lewis, Moakler and the others that were on Larry's show that night???? I'm not sure if he just rounded them up scum at the last minute or not, I never watch the show.

    I say thanks for giving Larry King the old….”up yours”…… Her party was far more important.

  3. joel

    woww she's 22 and celebrated by drinking on her birthday, boo hoo. who cares, let her live her life

  4. Linda

    This was the right move on her part. Sounded like a set-up to place her in a negative light. Perez Hilton was given favored status when he was on, so we are to believe that there wasn't a hidden agenda? Leave the poor gorl alone. I am about to change over to only FOX News, and I have been watching CNN since it began. I have two kids of my own in their 20's, and I would never wish upon them the publicity and hatred that has been written about Carrie Prejean and Michael Phelps. People should be able to voice their own opinions and be able to enjoy themselves. Most likely 80% of us at their age also had some birthday celebrations of our own when we were young. Looking back, they were some of the best years of our lives. They are both role models- THEY ARE HUMAN! I'll watch Larry King and CNN again if & when he has her as a solo guest. Until then I will view FOX news, and I've already set my DVR for May 27th. I used to be a die-hearted liberal Democrat (Never watched FOX news until last week) and now Sarah Palin and the Republicans are appealing to my family values. Seems like the Democrats and the entertainment industry are fighting against family & marriage and they are hitting “below the belt” when anyone disagrees with them. Gays are “opposite marriage” as far as I'm concerned. I feel that people should be left alone as long as their actions don't hurt anyone else. The “diversity campaign” that the California organization put in place was a bunch of BULL! They knew that this was against Carrie's and 80% of the state's feelings, and then they bash Carrie and say that she did not attend their Miss Californis functions. Was it in the contract that she signed that she would have to cater to the gays? (Or else?) We are the laughing stock of the world and the animal kingdom.

  5. Good for Carrie

    Well said Linda and absolutely true. I to have given up on CNN after watching it for years. I was a liberal and watched the Jon Steward show quite regularly but it's all starting to take it's tole on me and our society.

  6. Sara

    Perhaps Carrie should live up to her responsiblities and act like an adult. If anti-gay marriage is what she truly believes, then she should have shown up on Larry King Live to make her case, even if Shana and other pro-gay marriage celebrities and pageant organizers were present. I'm sorry, but pageants are constantly commending the strength of the contestants…so, this was in reality the perfect opportunity for her to display her “strength.” I too believe that Carrie deserved to cut loose, but as an adult she should realize that if she has committments, she should be responsible and keep those committments, whether they are an appearance on Larry King, Oprah, or whatever said committment should be…She needs to grow up and stop pouting just because not everyone agrees with her stance.

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