Chinese And Russian Warships Spotted Off U.S. Coasts Spark Rumors Of Impending Sino-Russian Invasion Of U.S. Mainland

Recent reports of Chinese and Russian warships operating off the U.S. West and East coasts have sparked an orgy of fear-mongering rumors about an impending Sino-Russian invasion of the U.S. mainland.

The latest frenzy, of what critics of the conspiracy theory and doomsday apocalypse blogosphere term “fear porn,” was sparked by a report on the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, September 2, that five Chinese Navy ships were detected operating in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.

The WSJ also reported on Thursday that the warships came within 12 nautical miles of the U.S. coast, and entered into U.S. territorial waters.

But, according to Pentagon officials, they did not violate international law. But Pentagon said the incident marked the first time that Chinese naval activity was detected in that area in the vicinity of the Aleutian Islands.

The report was followed by the sighting of a Russian intelligence ship capable of cutting undersea communication cables, off the coasts of Georgia and Florida in the vicinity of Kings Bay Naval Submarine base.

Chinese Sailors

Pentagon officials said they were tracking the ship but admitted that the U.S. has similar spy ships off the coast of Russia.

“Of course we do [have spy ships off the Russian coast], what do you think all those ‘oceanographic ships’ are doing, studying whales?”

Analysts interpreted the move by China as retaliatory, following complaints by the Chinese authorities about similar U.S. surveillance activities near China’s coast.

But despite the efforts of U.S. officials to downplay the incidents they have sparked a frenzy of fear-mongering rumors in the conspiracy theory blogosphere.

For instance, the doomsday blog All News Pipeline (ANP), published two articles this week warning its readers of an impending military invasion of the U.S. mainland by Russia and China.

The blog claimed that the Russians and the Chinese have an invasion plan.

Quoting the conspiracy theorist Steve Quayle, ANP declared that America has been betrayed “both from within and from without as our entire way of life, blessings and freedoms are about to vanish forever.”

America’s enemies — Russia and China — have positioned themselves strategically to stage a military invasion. The two countries are holding the largest joint naval drills ever in preparation for the alleged military action.

Simulating patterns of biblical apocalyptic language, ANP declared that recent developments showed that the destruction of America through a foreign invasion was about to “come to pass.”

The fact of Chinese ships entering into U.S. territorial waters was evidence that the visions and prophecies of doomsday prophets, such as Henry Gruver, Dumitru Dududman, and Pastor David Wilkerson were about to the fulfilled.

As evidence of the evil machinations of America’s enemies, the conspiracy theorists pointed to recently released videos allegedly showing computer simulations of Chinese military attacks on American bases (see below).

The Chinese videos were evidence that “America’s days are numbered and our destruction may soon be at hand.”

The conspiracy theorists accused the “mainstream media” of refusing to tell Americans about the imminent danger to “our very way of life.”

“We have been betrayed. Why would China so publicly release this video while their warships skirt Alaskan shores while Obama was visiting? What are they trying to tell us?”

Quoting recent reports by RT and Gizmodo, ANP alleged that the Chinese were ready to launch attack on the U.S. after having developed an alternative geo-positioning (GPS) system, the BeiDou.

Before the development of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, the entire world, including U.S. enemies — China and Russia — depended on the U.S. GPS.

The BeiDou is even more accurate than the U.S GPS. Being able to specify locations within a range of 10 meters and record speed with 0.2 meters-per-second error margin, it is superior to the U.S. system which has an accuracy of 20 meters, according to Gizomdo.

The conspiracy theory blog Natural News claimed that China and the U.S. were already at war and that the conflict escalated recently following the industrial explosions in Tianjin and Shandong, China.

The Inquisitr reported last month that following the twin blasts at the Tianjin port in China, the conspiracy theory blogosphere lit up with wild speculations that the blast was caused by a Pentagon “Rod of God” space weapon attack.

Natural News’ Michael Adams described the attack as a Pentagon “Kinetic energy weapon” strike against China in retaliation for the country’s devaluation of its currency.

China, according to Natural News, retaliated recently with a massive explosion at a U.S. military munitions depot in Japan.

The blog claimed that the full extent of the ongoing war between Russia and China is being covered up by both governments.

A third and final blast, unreported in the Western media, occured in Shandong, according to Adams, quoting the conspiracy theory blog Daily Sheeple.

The blast consisted of two separate explosions — a “3-ton TNT equivalent” explosion, followed by a massive “21-ton TNT equivalent” explosion (see video below).

Citing recent reports by the Financial Times, Adams said that the Chinese have unveiled new missile systems, a Mach 10 “carrier killer” cruise missile system, that “renders U.S. carriers tactically obsolete.”

“The so-called ‘carrier-killer’ missile… threatens to reshape the balance of power in the western Pacific… Like an intercontinental ballistic missile, the DF-21D goes into orbit, but after re-entering the atmosphere it is capable of maneuvering on to a target, making it theoretically capable of landing a large warhead on or near a moving ship.

“Some analysts say such missiles threaten to consign aircraft carriers — which form the basis of current US naval strategy — to the dustbin, just as aircraft carriers themselves did to battleships with Japan’s 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.”

Predictably, conspiracy theorists linked the alleged Sino-U.S. war with apocalyptic events predicted to occur in September — the collapse of the U.S. economy and the asteroid impact apocalypse expected to cause global extinction event.

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