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Peter Andre, Jordan to Divorce


Katie “Jordan” Price and husband, former Australian singer Peter Andre are heading to the divorce court.

In a statement, Jordan’s rep said that “Peter Andre and Katie Price are separating after four and a half years of marriage, Can Associates Limited can confirm today. They have both requested that the media respect their families’ privacy at this difficult time.”

The pair married in 2005 and have two children. Not terribly well known outside of the UK, the couple became a sort of white trash version of Posh and Becks during their 4 years together.

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5 Responses to “Peter Andre, Jordan to Divorce”

  1. Jo Sparkes

    To actually believe all I hear on the Media is to say that I know only half the facts. It wouldn't surprise me if the Media were not the ones who caused it all, with printing only half the truth !
    The paparazzi who chase celebrities are the scourge of the newspaper world.

    I hope Katie and Peter reach a suitable arrangement soon, to enable them to get on with their lives, whether they are together or not.

  2. lucidove

    i think they are were a wonderful couple and i wish them all the best of luck in theirs lives and hope they sort out their differences and become a couple again.

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