Charges laid in pit bull acid attack.

Charges Laid After San Antonio Man Pours Acid On Pit Bull

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a San Antonio man has been charged for pouring acid on a pit bull in a shocking act of animal cruelty that is suspected to have occurred in late July.

Ignacio Sanchez Alvarez was arrested yesterday. Alvarez faces charges of felony cruelty to a non-livestock animal and may face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges as well.

Fox New 29 in San Antonio is reporting that Alvarez lived in the same home as the pit bull. It is not clear whether Alvarez was the owner or what his relation to the San Antonio dog’s owner was.

San Antonio Animal Care Service is saying that the acid burns the pit bull endured are the worst they’ve ever seen. Staff members at the animal care center named the pit bull Rosie.

“You deserve to rot and have done to you what was done to that dog,” a San Antonio resident who was at the shelter to adopt a kitten can be heard stating in a YouTube video. The video shows the horrible burns the pit bull suffered, blinding it and removing most of the dog’s ears.

Officials with the San Antonio animal shelter say that surgery has been planned to restore the dog’s sight. However, the prognosis for the pit bull remains uncertain.

The pit bull was likely maimed in late July and may have suffered for weeks before a concerned San Antonio resident made a report to the San Antonio Animal Care Services, which relies on donations from the San Antonio community to fund procedures for animal abuse victims.

“Treatment for her, fortunately, has come in the form of donations because otherwise… [chokes up] otherwise it probably wouldn’t be possible,” a San Antonio Animal Care Service Cruelty Investigator stated.

In San Antonio and around the world, the pit bull breed is known for causing controversy. Hundreds of U.S. jurisdictions and at least a dozen countries have implemented outright pit bull bans, and San Francisco insists that pit bulls be neutered. San Antonio maintains ordinances regulating problem animals and prohibiting animal abuse. The San Antonio animal code carries no special rules for pit bulls or their owners.

Rosie the pit bull is five years old. San Antonio rescue workers report that the hydrochloric acid burns covered “100 percent” of dog’s face. The workers were able to locate and rescue the dog the same day they received the report that a pit bull in the south-east San Antonio area had been spotted; blinded and displaying obvious signs of mistreatment.

[Screenshot Courtesy of XoXo Media YouTube Account]