Waitress Gets Stiffed By Rude Customers

Waitress Gets ‘LOL’ For A Tip Instead Of Cash: Why Diners Refused To Pay

A New Jersey waitress was left with little reason to “laugh out loud” about her tip… or lack thereof.

In a story that’s quickly gone viral, a college student named Jessica Jones found herself waiting on eight diners at the D’Jais Bar & Grill in Belmar, New Jersey. The waitress admitted that it was extraordinarily busy that night, which resulted in an hour-long wait for the group. Assuming that she was to blame for the slow service, the diners passed on giving the 20-year-old a tip.

The receipt, which Jessica has since shared via Facebook, showed that the total bill came to $112.03. Instead of writing a tip amount, “LOL” was written instead, right next to the words “one hour for service.”

Jones considers it a case of “shooting the messenger.” Often diners assume that waiters and waitresses are directly responsible for their meals when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Often, wait times are caused by the number of guests, the time taken by cooks in the kitchen to prepare foods, and possible staff shortages, among a myriad of other factors.

The hapless waitress shared her thoughts on the “LOL” tip and her interaction with the customers.

“My experience with this table was cruel and unnecessary, but sadly it’s not uncommon. With that said: Please be good to your waiters. I know it’s annoying when things aren’t right. I know how aggravating it is to receive a hefty bill when all night you’ve been wondering why the table that came in after you was served before you. But waiters are mere messengers most of the time, and it’s wrong to shoot them, however bad the news.”

Jones also pointed out that waitresses typically earn $2.50 per hour, well below minimum wage. This branch of the service industry relies strongly on tips. Not surprisingly, the incident contributed to a debate as to why the waitress should expect a tip in the first place since they aren’t technically required.

In any case, the “LOL” diss by the diners has earned them the ire of quite a few people, including Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty. The New York Daily reports that Doherty insisted that diners “please treat the hardworking men and women” in the service industry “with the same respect” they would want at their jobs.

What do you think of this situation: Were the diners right to avoid a tip or were they unnecessarily rude to this waitress? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Jessica Corrine/Facebook]