tanorexic doll

Tanorexic Doll Inspired By Jersey’s Tannest Mom

A new “tanorexic doll” has been created after the story of the mom charged with child endangerment for allegedly exposing her tot to a tanning bed became world news as well as an internet meme.

Tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil has been spoofed everywhere from the news, to the late-night chat shows, the recesses of the internet and even Saturday Night Live, where Kristen Wiig did an impression of the overly bronzed Jerseyite on “Weekend Update.” (“There are plenty of men in New Jersey who would love to snap into this Slim Jim!”)

But while the story- if not Krentcil’s tan- is fading fast, one enterprising company is manufacturing a tanorexic doll inspired by the media firestorm that resulted from the NJ mom’s comically bronzed appearance.

The tanorexic doll is just the latest from a company that has made their name in riding the coattails of media brouhahas by matching up a controversy with a doll. (It’s unclear if this actually results in any significant sales, or simply a lot of free advertising for HeroBuilders.com.)