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Tanorexic Doll Inspired By Jersey’s Tannest Mom

tanorexic doll

A new “tanorexic doll” has been created after the story of the mom charged with child endangerment for allegedly exposing her tot to a tanning bed became world news as well as an internet meme.

Tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil has been spoofed everywhere from the news, to the late-night chat shows, the recesses of the internet and even Saturday Night Live, where Kristen Wiig did an impression of the overly bronzed Jerseyite on “Weekend Update.” (“There are plenty of men in New Jersey who would love to snap into this Slim Jim!”)

But while the story- if not Krentcil’s tan- is fading fast, one enterprising company is manufacturing a tanorexic doll inspired by the media firestorm that resulted from the NJ mom’s comically bronzed appearance.

The tanorexic doll is just the latest from a company that has made their name in riding the coattails of media brouhahas by matching up a controversy with a doll. (It’s unclear if this actually results in any significant sales, or simply a lot of free advertising for

According to, the company has garnered similar gratis PR in the past by banging out quickie dolls to match news stories that match the tanorexic mom in notoriety. The site says:

“The doll, which will cost fans of Krentcil a cool $30, reuses the body from HeroBuilder’s Sarah Palin action figure, according to CNN. The company was created in 2002 by Emil Vicale, and originally only sold George W. Bush dolls, according to its history page.”

The tanorexic doll immortalizing Krentcil isn’t available in your local Target, and is for sale only at

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25 Responses to “Tanorexic Doll Inspired By Jersey’s Tannest Mom”

  1. Alisa L. Costa

    So does anyone else agree with me that this Tanerexic Woman looks like a Turd with a Blonde Wig?

  2. Wendy Maddy

    I have long advocated that tanning beds be outlawed as cancer generators for the extremely foolish! let's introduce these laws on the federal and state levels to save these nincompoops from themselves!

  3. Anonymous

    I have to wonder if everyone would think a suicide doll that comes with a gun would be as funny?

    This woman may have not taken her daughter into the tanning booth with her but she clearly has a illness.
    She is in complete denial about how bad she looks or what kind of damage she may be doing to herself…it reminds me of the same grandiose behaviors that all alcoholics have.

  4. Allison Walker

    Forget the doll. The lady looks like a turd with a blonde wig. And she is slurring her words like she is as drunk as a skunk. What was up with the sidewalk pause to pull up her sagging jeans. Lady stop tanning and eat something. You look like an anorexic who has a tanning problem. This isn't funny. She needs help or the state is going to take her daughter and other kids.

  5. Doreen Schneckenburger

    She looks awful, but I have to believe the photo was doctored. I don't think a white woman can achieve that dark skin except with make up or a doctored photo. I'd have to see her in person. That being said, she is an idiot both for tanning so much and for exposing her daughter to it. Where's her husband in all this?

  6. Michelle DeMille

    This woman does not need anymore publicity or the hype. Her 15mins was up a long time ago and this company who created this doll so they will be mentioned. Way to go media you gave this pathetic company what it wanted.

  7. Here to help

    Why this nut job is garnering so much attention is beyond me. She's from Jersey, and only scum comes from there. This is a slap in the face to the Bald Barbie Movement to make dolls for cancer patients. Enough giving this idiot media coverage. Let her crawl back in her tanning booth and fry to a crisp and be done with it. The horse is dead already.

  8. Natasha Wilson

    Illness? That is not an illness it's an obsession. One that caused her to endanger her child. She thinks that it is "In" to have your skin look like leather, and quite frankly it is disgusting.

  9. Natasha Wilson

    Want to bet she cant get that dark? I lived in a hotel for a while and there was a woman there we called leather skin, she looked like a dark brown leather bag. it was disgusting

  10. Tracy McCullough-Shorten

    She is the most disgusting, disturbing and physically sickening person I have EVER seen in my life. FREAKIN GAG ME!

  11. Tiffiny Deitsch

    she sounded wicked trashed, like on drugs or drunk!!!

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