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Jane McGarry Arrested: NBC 5 Anchor Booked For DWI

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NBC 5 news anchor Jane McGarry was arrested early Sunday morning in Dallas, Texas, on suspicion of drunk driving.

The Star Telegram reports that McGarry, 56, was pulled over early Sunday morning while driving on the Dallas North Tollway. The longtime KXAS-TV anchor was pulled over in her 2007 Porsche after she failed to signal a lane change.

McGarry told the officers that she had three glasses of wine that night but refused to take a breathalyzer test. The reporter did, however, fail several sobriety tests including the “one leg stand,” the “walk and turn,” and the “alphabet.” DFW reports that a mandatory blood sample was then taken, reports say.

Brian Hocker, vice president of programming for KXAS-TV, said:

“NBC 5 station management is looking into the matter this evening and has no further comment.”

Dallas News reports that McGarry was booked at about 3 a.m. for a misdemeanor DWI charge. She was released on bail a few hours later.

According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, McGarry has never been arrested for a DUI and has no previous convictions.

Several people have taken to Twitter to show their support for McGarry.

One user writes: Jane, for what it’s worth, still a big fan. Keep your chin up!

Are you a fan of Jane McGarry?

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75 Responses to “Jane McGarry Arrested: NBC 5 Anchor Booked For DWI”

  1. Jerome Dickerson

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  2. Dana Ferguson

    She started at KXAS the same year I came to Dallas. I am a fan. I wish her well, but I don't think she will be at channel 5 much longer.

  3. Michelle Dowd Reed

    Celebrities are people too! How embarrassing for her, but you cant thinj your above the law!

  4. Michelle Dowd Reed

    Celebrities are people too! How embarrassing for her, but you cant think your above the law!

  5. Terri Ranae ODell

    What is wrong w/people? Especially reporters; they know what happens after even one drink. I am no fan of anyone who drinks & drives. Stupid woman.

  6. Kyle Benoit

    WFAA broke this story yesterday via Twitter

  7. Terri Ranae ODell

    1. It's not necessary to yell.
    2. A mistake is unintentional.ry
    Jane McGarry made an intentional decision to drive after consuming alcohol. Thank goodness that she was stopped before she injured someone. Hopefully someone you love will never be injured in a car accident involving alcohol. Feel free to visit my FB page & look @ my photo album titled 'Little Paul'.

  8. Beth Ingram-fountain

    Terri Ranae ODell Terri your a nut!!!!!! That is a mistake to drive drunk your judgement is not right I don't even drink deary~~~~ I just know people make mistakes so don't JUDGE!!!!

  9. Larry Croft

    Another person with a personal management deficiency.

  10. Larry Croft

    Another person with a personal management deficiency.

  11. Joyce Check

    Your right everyone makes mistakes….but it only takes one mistake to take someones life. Would you feel the same way if she had killed a member of your family…..She needs help, not bashing!

  12. Vicky Howell

    Sorry to hear this. People are so unforgiving of a mistake. I am sure she will suffer much hurt and shame. Good luck Jane and hope your employers are supportive and helpful to you in your situation.

  13. Mike Huston

    How do you refuse a breathalizer test? Is that a Texas thing?

  14. Joyce Check

    Beth Ingram-fountain The problem is that she could have……I have a life thank you. As my daughter said not a very good roll model for our youth……she is a public figure.

  15. Roger Doss

    Beth Ingram-fountain either way see how funny you are when someone in that state does kill someone maybe someone you know or in your family. but Im sure you'll still see it the same way.

  16. Nancy Rollin Sell

    Joyce I'm with you 100%. I lost a niece because of a drunk driver. Beth must not be able to grasp reality.

  17. Anonymous

    Careless driving should be taken seriously. And that means addressing the issue of careless driving in a rational manner. Not exulting one form over another. When one form of careless driving is emphasized over another, overall road safety is not achieved because the other forms are under emphasized. We had a prominent person in our town who had 3 speeding tickets and then had a DUI. Miraculously, the 3 speeding tickets didn't mean a thing — at least not in the papers.

    Sorry, but multiple speeding infractions is worse than a DUI. And a single violation of 20 miles or over is worse. At least in the rational world — which leaves out a lot of posters at this site as well as our state legislatures.

    I might add that assigning someone to a group and assigning that individual responsibility for all the harm of the people in that group goes against the last 1,000 plus years of western jurisprudence. And individual is responsible for what that individual did. Not what they could have done. And not what others have done.

  18. Lee Burcham

    Turn out the lights,the party's over,rehab possibly,probation definetely,court imposed fine,slap on the wrist,1st offence…Beth Ingram shut your ugly ass up!!!

  19. Nancy Rollin Sell

    Beth Ingram-fountain – Lady, your crazy!

  20. Pat Ann

    This is yellow journalism at its worst. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Hang tight, Jane; this too will pass. The hypocristy of finger pointers is predictable, yet reprehensible.

  21. Arlene Jantz

    Jane, see what can happens when drinking and driving; alcohol can effect your thought processes. Had you ever thought of calling a cab to take you home. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  22. Arlene Jantz

    Whoops there, missed spelled use of happen, oh well to add; maybe you have a more serious prob with drinking; then that would be another chapter that nobody knows about. In that case, you really need help!

  23. Charles Chapman

    according to the latest stats the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers is 34 % now if that is the cae that means that over 65 % are caused by sober drivers.
    We are so quick to jump on a person that drinks and drives but say nothing about the other 60 plus %.
    That were driving with bad tirs , bad front ends, dirty windshields, screwing around with a radio, dropping something in the floor, and a number of other reasons how odd these are accidents and no one at fault.
    A drunk driver did not start out with the intention of hurting or killing anyone no more athn the other 60 + % that did , yet because he/she was drinking it is a big todo.
    I fail to see the difference of a person driving and drinking and anyone doing something else stupid when driving oh lets not forget speeding and argueing while driving.

  24. Brendan Tisdale

    You are all crazy…3 glasses of wine is what most people eat dinner with…im with beth bc u all are crazy and probably have driven after 3 drinks as well…

  25. Sahara Ware

    WHAT???? Wow, I am disappointed in her but at least she wasn't going down the tollway the wrong way.

  26. Roy Alan Hayes

    If channel 5 will get rid of Rebecca Miller #1 weather forecaster in the DFW area. I would say Jane McGarry is toast. Channel 5 will not want to face MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving over this issue. DFW is the toughest area in the nation for DUI/DWI. National Head Quarters for MADD is also in DFW.

  27. Judith Fuselier-Phillips

    I have to add, that not only have I been a fan, but an admirer of her work and commitment and her positive demeanor and attitude, When I see her face I am confident of her good work and she always makes me smile> Look at all that she has accomplished and 1 mistake is just that, we all fall down and then get up. Rise up my Lady and continue to follow your heart!

  28. Jacqueline Fuselier Fischer

    I like her too..but she still made a dumb mistake:)

  29. Jacqueline Fuselier Fischer

    I like her too..but she still made a dumb mistake:)

  30. Judith Fuselier-Phillips

    Jacqueline Fuselier Fischer Well yes, I don't condone what she did, i and among many others have done the same dumb thing, but we are not celebs, that have it splashed across the news!! Just saying!!! LoL!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Jane was already toast – she 's at the age when getting ousted from the 10 pm spot was the kiss of death.
    she needs to retire- certainly she has the money to do so. and really, she did not to be driving at 2 AM in the morning on the North Dallas Tollway after having ANY wine, much less 3 glasses. Sorry Jane – love you – but bow out gracefully and be done with Channel 5 – cuz they have proven they are done with you with all of your demotions..

  32. Kay Abbott

    So she made a mistake no reason to crucify her everyone deserves a second chance and if cha 5 fires her shame on u I miss her already. ATtn other chas everyone perfect there????

  33. Nancy Porterfield

    Public embarrassment will be bad enough. Now she get's to face the penalties. Maybe this will be a lesson she needs to learn. Live & Learn.

  34. Bob Sossamon

    Nancy, sorry for your loss. I am not defending drunk driving, but would like to make a few comments. First of all, to pull someone over for not putting on a turn signal to switch lanes on a freeway is pretty petty. There are people on the freeways by the 100's everyday that have had three glasses of wine, and drive properly and safely, while other drivers are speeding, cutting in and out, and causing major accidents and killing several people at once, and do not drink at all. I understand that the habiual drunk drivers that have been in and out of jail for dwi's and accidents are the problem. A blood test that measures above the limit, does not mean that person is drunk. Some can drink one glass of wine and be drunk, and some can drink three and function fine. As far as quoting the alphabet backwards, how many can do that period. I had a friend, that did not have a drink period, spend the night in jail because he could not quote the alphabet backwards. I was T Boned by a woman at an intersection in Arlington that injured me, my passenger, and threw me into another vehicle. She was lost and looking for a church on Sunday morning! So was Jane drunk, or could she just not pass the standards?

  35. Beth Ingram-fountain

    Jacqueline Fuselier Fischer so you ever made a dumb mistake lmao?? I bet you have made more than that woof woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You MORON!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Beth Ingram-fountain

    Nancy, I am truly sorry if you indeed did have a niece die due to a drunk driver, however it was not Jane that killed her dear, also don't say I don't know how to grasp reality you don't know me, you are coming across as not a victim, but as someone trying to have people feel sorry for you lol IDK

  37. Beth Ingram-fountain

    Love Jane, we all make mistakes, love the ugly college type girls or dropouts that think they are so much better hahahaha Rock on Jane, Ashlea who's parents spelled her name wrong is stupid, oh and ugly inside and out , LMAO!!!!!!!!! JANE IS MUCH HOTTER HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  38. Bob Sossamon

    Is driving after three glasses of wine any worse than texting, tailgating on wet roads, driving like a moron, running red lights and Speeding? Was Jane anymore risk than the things you do on the road?

  39. Wendy Barnes

    What's wrong with judging? Do you not judge people based on all you know about them before you decide to become friends or let them in your home? How do you ever make a decision?

  40. Renada Lane

    To make a statement aout this or anything else, is not a judgement. She reports on alcohol related accidents and deaths daily. she knew better. I dont drink either, and at 56 she's no child. Drink at home Texans. that includes Jane Mcgarry. I like her and hope she gets help if she needs it. I think she's smart enough not to make the same stupid mistake twice. I hope she gets her job back she's a good reporter.

  41. Linda Landrum Brown

    She made a mstake and took ownership of it. She is not perfect! I am 65 years old and have seen many news anchors and no longer live in my hometown of Ft Worth (since 1995) and she is the "only" anchor from Tx, Pa and Va that I not only remember he name but "her". You must have been lookng to get her out as she was getting older. She looks better now (she continues to get more beautiful). Shame on you Channel 5!

  42. Linda Landrum Brown

    She made a mstake and took ownership of it. She is not perfect! I am 65 years old and have seen many news anchors and no longer live in my hometown of Ft Worth (since 1995) and she is the "only" anchor from Tx, Pa and Va that I not only remember he name but "her". You must have been lookng to get her out as she was getting older. She looks better now (she continues to get more beautiful). Shame on you Channel 5!

  43. Diana Billman Morrison

    Channel 5 is notorious for putting older veteran newscasters "out to pasture.". She was the only one left, but she sealed her own fate with her irresponsible behavior.

  44. Edna Earle Cook

    She was 56, and they won't tolerate anything or anyone tarnishing their rep. I left Ft Worth in 2000, have never found an anchor either in Lancaster Pa or Va Beach that I watch. They just do not compare Classy lady, mistake or not. Bad judgement on her part, and will forever tarnish her name.

  45. Linda Landrum Brown

    I will not defend her behavior and it is sad that 1 bad decision can alter your life forever but it is a fact. She is still a classy lady that did not deserve that and is "the best anchor I have ever seen-bar none". She took ownership and hopefully learned a valuable lesson. Good Luck to you, Jane!!! You will survive.

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