neil armstrong corvette

Neil Armstrong’s Corvette Up For Auction, Bids Rocketing

A 1967 Chevrolet Corvette once owned by first man on the moon Neil Armstrong has popped up on Ebay, and is attracting predictably out-of-this-world bids.

At the time of writing, the price for the knackered-looking car is at $230,400 – even though it’s not been driven in 30 years. That means it’s had plenty of time to acquire layers of dust. The photos accompanying the auction are … let’s say they’re honest. It’s one heck of a refit job.

As the auction notes, this three-owner Corvette features installed aftermarket fenders, has the original General Motors Protect-O-Plate – apparently a big deal for collectors – and comes with paperwork with Armstrong’s information. It also sports the original 427-cubic-inch, 390-hp L36 V8 under the hood. The odometer conked out in the 1970s, so the mileage will for ever remain a mystery.

Oh, and despite bids being at $230,000, reserve has still not been met. Yeesh.

Autoweek points out that astronauts and Corvettes have a history together – the site says that Alan Shepard (the first American to break free of the earth’s atmosphere on May 5, 1961) was given a new 1962 Corvette by the manufacturer upon his return.

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