‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Jokes About Her Character’s Death, Still Way Too Soon

It’s a scene that most Game Of Thrones fans still can’t think about without crying. But the actress involved in one of the HBO drama’s most harrowing moments is already able to joke about the death of her character, even if everyone else thinks that it’s still way, way, way too soon.

Shireen Baratheon’s death in “The Dance Of Dragons,” the ninth episode of the fifth season of the hit HBO fantasy drama, left Game Of Thrones fans in despair.

The only living daughter of Stannis and Selyse Baratheon was burned alive by Melisandre in the episode as an offer to the Lord Of Light. Both Stannis and Selyse watched on and did nothing to try and save their daughter from her fiery death, as her screams bellowed out.

Kelly Ingram, the actress who played Shireen Baratheon throughout the third, fourth, and fifth season of Game Of Thrones, has now decided that enough time has passed to poke fun at her character’s demise, as she took to her Twitter account to make a deliciously evil quip

Ingram was at a BBQ with her friends when she saw the opportunity to crack the joke, and she just couldn’t resist:

Unfortunately, there were quite a few Game Of Thrones fans who were left incensed by Ingram’s Tweet.

However, most people saw the funny side, and praised Ingram for her quip:

In fact, the raft of comments soon provoked Kerry Ingram to send out an apology for forcing Game Of Thrones fans to relive the upsetting scene:

[Image via HBO]