Mariah Carey Dedicates ‘Hero’ To Alleged Boyfriend As She Announces Israel Gig

Mariah Carey may have been accused of staging a publicity stunt with new boyfriend, James Packer, but she still dedicated a song to him. Gossip Cop has the news.

“Mariah Carey dedicated her song ‘Hero’ to boyfriend James Packer during her ‘#1 to Infinity’ Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace on Wednesday. Before the singer launched into the romantic ballad, she told the crowd, ‘I got a new heart tonight. James is in the house. Thank you for my heart. I dedicate this next song to you.'”

All signs seem to point to Mariah Carey finding a new love. However, some have accused her of staging a publicity stunt in order to help her career. The Daily Telegraph was one of the newspapers leading the charge.

“The love birds were conveniently captured in a series of carefully-crafted poses. He appeared solicitous and gentlemanly. She was fully made-up and wearing a flattering sundress.”

The Daily Telegraph goes on to note that Mariah’s recent feud with Eminem could have been staged to help her Las Vegas ticket sales, although there is no indication that her shows aren’t making money. Perhaps people are just jealous of the fact that Mariah seems to have it all.

Meanwhile, Ms. Carey surprised people with the announcement that she will be performing in Israel on August 18. The Times of Israel reported on Carey’s upcoming show.

“‘Just weeks after her June visit, pop superstar Mariah Carey has announced an August 18 performance in the Rishon Lezion Live Park Amphitheater…Tickets went on sale Wednesday morning,’ said Ran Rahav, the Israeli public relations guru handling Carey’s concert.”

The article goes on to note that Carey’s June visit to Tel Aviv inspired her to perform there. However, the concert isn’t part of a worldwide tour. Mariah Carey is currently finishing up her Las Vegas gig, which has garnered mixed reviews. The New York Times compared Carey’s show to a crash and noted that the singer had definite vocal troubles.

However, there have been other sources who have given Mariah Carey a positive review. Yahoo News believed that even though Carey couldn’t hit all the notes she used to, she was still in fine form and, most importantly, thrilled the crowd.

Mariah Carey played a show on Wednesday evening, and the fans on Twitter loved it. She will play two more shows on Saturday and Sunday. Las Vegas will certainly miss Mariah Carey when she finishes her residency.

[Photo by Marc Piasecki / Getty Images]