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Scott Bakula Dishes on Desperate Housewives Finale, Cast Drama

scott bakula desperate housewives

Scott Bakula may always be (to those of us of a certain age) the star of Quantum Leap, but the actor has taken on a big and important role for the swan song of TV game changer Desperate Housewives.

In the final episodes of the beloved primetime soap, Bakula will be playing the defense attorney of longtime character Bree, who is in turn played by Marcia Cross. Yes, the show’s remaining episodes have a bit of courtroom drama- which is kinda funny, considering that the show itself has been itself a staple of entertainment news due to the ongoing real-life court drama between former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan, previously against show creator Marc Cherry and mainly against the network.

(Even more amusing is that Cherry might not have even been able to pen drama as drama-y as the multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by Sheridan against ABC for wrongful termination.) Bakula says the comparison isn’t lost on cast and crew, and that basically, everyone is a little sick of courtrooms right now:

“It’s pretty drawn out and pretty extensive… There’s enough courtroom coming up that everybody that had to shoot it and be in it were sick of it… There’s only so many ways you can shoot courtroom stuff too.”

desperate housewives series finale spoilers

Bakula continues, explaining to the Hollywood Reporter the very Desperate Housewives send off:

“We got in there and did the best we could and made it as interesting as we could. And they wrote it in way that I think definitely keeps it moving. But, of course, it’s Desperate Housewives, so there’s surprises in court, there’s reveals in court and there’s gasping moments in court- all kinds of really great court stuff, as you can imagine that Desperate Housewives would end with.”

If you want to catch Scott Bakula on the final Desperate Housewives episodes, they air at 9PM, Sundays on ABC.

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4 Responses to “Scott Bakula Dishes on Desperate Housewives Finale, Cast Drama”

  1. Carol Binkley

    I am still in shock that ABC is taking DHW off the air. I feel there's allot of life left in the show. Maybe ABC should have changed the shows writers and kept a well viewed show on the air. ABC has lost so many viewer over the past year because they do not listen to what their views want to watch. I bet the DHW replacement will be Good Morning American the evening addition.

  2. Alfonso Alvarez Rodriguez

    Mr. Scott Bakula, My hat off to you sir! You'r one fine actor. I have seen you in different movies and shows, and I just like you. So do my wife, specially my wife. So keep the balls running, and may God Bless you sir!

  3. Anonymous

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  4. Lisa Gillis LeBaron

    I agree with Carol. I am tired of the networks not listening to the viewers. We are sick of our shows being cancelled and sick of new shows that we like being pulled. LISTEN to us and you just might get steady viewers. I like to watch my shows when I get a chance to. I may not be actually watching during the time slot so the ratings are probably not accurate in the first place. With today's technology, the networks need to realize this. I like the idea of uptight Bree with the totally opposite lawyer 😉 Could make for a very interesting next season.

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