Sandy Bland

Sandra Bland: 28-Year-Old’s Arrest By Texas Cops And Mysterious Jail Death Leads Twitter #SandraBland Hashtag Asking, ‘What Happened To Sandy?’ [Video]

The arrest and death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland is leading the trending topics charge on Twitter from those asking what happened to the woman known as Sandy Bland by her family and friends.

As reported by Ebony, the Prairie View A&M University graduate from 2008 had come back to Texas to participate in a job interview that landed her a position in the student outreach department. It was a role Sandra was scheduled to begin working on July 15. However, those plans were thwarted on Friday when Bland was pulled over by Waller County police.

The minor traffic violation led to an arrest that saw Sandra committed to jail for allegedly assaulting a public officer. Conflicting police records say Bland was released on $5,000 bail — however, other reports say that when Sandra was checked on by an officer in jail on Monday to be offered “recreation time,” it was discovered Bland had reportedly hung herself. Folks are questioning why Sandra was being offered recreation time at the same instance when jail records claim she was released.

The controversy over the conflicting reports is what’s leading the outrage on Twitter, along with reports from Bland’s family — who believe that Sandy would not have killed herself with a new and promising job on her horizon.

Combined with with YouTube video, which shows Bland questioning the rough handling by the police over a minor traffic violation — but doesn’t show Sandra assaulting police — the Bland case is demanding more answers from the authorities.

At the rate of the tweets flowing into the #SandraBland hashtag, Sandy’s death isn’t one that will go quietly.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another recent video that went viral on YouTube besides the shocking Bland video clip that showed Sandra asking cops why they slammed her head to the ground was a viral video clip that exposed the undercover works of Planned Parenthood.

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