Seagull steals GoPro

Bird Steals GoPro, Takes Amazing Seagull Selfies And Aerial Footage in Spain [Video]

A Swiss couple were on vacation in the Cíes Islands off the Galician Coast in northern Spain when their GoPro camera was pinched by a wily seagull. The bird then proceeded to take some amazing aerial footage, along with several amusing seagull selfies along the way.

The vacationers were filming the seagull as it perched on a clifftop wall when the bird inched its way closer to them. Suddenly the bird grabbed their GoPro and took to the air, all while they shouted at the seagull in horror.

Seagull steals gopro
Part of the views captured by the seagull.

Imagining all their footage taken so far on their vacation lost to them, they screamed at the seagull in Swiss German in an attempt to get the bird to bring the camera back.

Amazingly the bird didn’t drop the camera as it zoomed above them, all the while taking some amazing shots of the sheer cliff face and the waves below them.

The bird then landed not too far from where the GoPro’s owners were situated and managed to take some pretty darn good seagull selfies before the owners recovered the camera, intact and still working.

Seagull steals GoPro
Seagull selfie

It seems the bird’s aerial footage, together with the funny seagull selfies, has been appreciated by viewers as the video, uploaded on July 8, has already attracted over two million views at the time of writing.

As can be seen from the video included above, the views of the rugged scenery in the Cíes Islands are stunningly beautiful.

Seagull steals gopro
Yet another seagull selfie

The area was declared a National Park back in 2002 and is popular with lovers of scenic photography. So popular that even the birds in the area like to take occasional seagull selfies, it seems.

As mentioned on RT News, it is beginning to look like birds and animals are both getting into a more photographic mood these days, as a similar incident happened a while back to some tourists in Thailand. In that case an elephant stole their GoPro camera and proceeded to take an amazing “elphie” shot from the very end of his long trunk.

Then there was the zebra in the Holte-Stukenbrock Zoo Safari Park in Germany who stuck his head through a car window and posed for a “zelfie” with the driver of the vehicle.

While the animals and bird life in this world take our cameras and flee, the latest seagull selfies must be a lesson to all of us to hang on to our belongings for dear life!

[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video]