Connecticut Father Builds Ghost Hunting Devices [Video]

Granby, CT – Gary Galka lost his daughter Melissa eight years ago in a car crash. He claims he can still feel when Mel is in his presence and that she rarely leaves him. This love for his daughter inspired him to use his background in electrical engineering to create a digital device for locating ghosts.

Galka recently told The Hartford Courant,

“I’ve created over 30 different products for paranormal research,”

A little weird, of course, but Galka and his family were recently showcased on the Travel Channel show called “Ghost Adventures,”. On the show one of his devices was used and a voice was hear don it saying “Hi Daddy, I love you.”

Galka said he got into making the devices because he saw a market where “no one was making devices for these people”

The Professional Measurement website calls the product line, known as Mel-Meters, “the only professional measurement instrument line designed exclusively for paranormal enthusiasts.”

The top of the line product in the line is the Mel-8704-SB7-EMF meter, when used to contact spirits it detects a range of electromagnetic and temperature changes, has an AM/FM scanner, includes glow-in-the-dark buttons, and includes an “exclusive P-SB7 Integrated Sprit Box”. This is the device that was used on the Travel Channel to pick up the voice.

The Digital world is completely beginning to eclipse the days of Ouja boards and Tarot Cards. Galka distributes the devices through his electronics company, which also makes detection equipment for NASA.