two adults killed five kids in home

Two Adults Killed: Five Kids In Home During Invasion, Two Adults Identified [Update]

Two adults were killed while five children were in a home during an invasion on Thursday morning. According to the Canada Journal, police have identified the bodies of the two adults killed. Kantral Brooks and Esther Deneus, both 29, were shot to death when multiple masked men entered their Bradenton home in the early morning hours.

“Police say they are not sure what, if anything, the children saw, however the kids did give indications four or five masked people came into the home. The glass door in the front of the home was also shattered; however, it was unclear if anything was taken from the home.”

The two adults killed are believed to be the parents of the five kids also in the home at the time of the attack. The children, who range in age from one to 11, have been taken into custody by Child Protective Services. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the children were likely going to be released to family members after the older ones were questioned. It is unknown how long that process will take.

Police spent much of Thursday at the home, hoping to find evidence that would give them a clue about those responsible for these murders. So far, there have been some tips, but no arrests have been made. Authorities are working diligently and hope to apprehend the men who entered this home and killed these people.

According to CBS Local Tampa Bay, police are calling this incident a home burglary. It is unknown if the masked men had plans to kill the two adults, or if they were just planning on robbing the home. At least one of the men had a gun, as both Brooks and Deneus were shot.

The two adults killed while their five kids were in the home appeared to have security cameras installed, and some photos of the masked men have been released on social media. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police.

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