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Get Free Slurpees On 7-Eleven Day, But That’s Not All: Check Out This List Of 7Rewards Week Freebies

Want a free Slurpee? Head over to 7-Eleven on July 11 to score a free small Slurpee between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. For the past 13 years, the convenience store chain has been giving away the frozen treats on the eleventh day of the seventh month, but this year there are even more freebies in store if you download the free 7Rewards app.

In addition to the free Slurpee (any flavor, including the new Sour Patch Watermelon) offered to anyone who stops by their local 7-11 on Saturday, the company is extending the celebration with 7Rewards Week from July 12 to July 18.

Customers who use the chain’s free mobile app will get a free food or drink valued under $2 with the purchase of a coffee, Slurpee, Big Gulp, or Ice Coffee Chillers. The app is available for the iPhone or Android devices.

You won’t need the app to get the free Slurpee, but you will need it to get the other freebies. Check the app each day between July 12 and July 18 — the offer will show up as a coupon in the “Scan and Save” area.

Wondering how the cup of slushy ice got its name and how many free Slurpees are given away each year on July 11? Brush up on your Slurpee trivia while you wait for 7-Eleven Day to arrive.

7-Eleven has sold more than seven billion Slurpee drinks since the iconic drink was first introduced in 1966. However, the drink was not original to 7-11 — it is the creation of a Dairy Queen owner Omar Knedlik.

In the late 1950s, Omar put bottles of soda in his freezer because he didn’t have a soda fountain in his store. He called the drink the ICEE, and it became so popular with his customers that he decided to build a machine that would dispense the frozen treat.

Several years later, over 300 ICEE machines were manufactured, and the drink was a hit. In 1965, Knedlik struck a deal with 7-Eleven, but the contract stated that the drink could not be called an ICEE, so the Slurpee was born.

According to Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of marketing, there were approximately eight million free Slurpees given away last year on July 11. The company expects the event to be even bigger this year.

Celebrate 7 Eleven Day and go cool off with a free small Slurpee on July 11.

[Image: 7-Eleven Facebook]