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Aguilera Snubs Bieber On ‘The Voice’ [Video]

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera isn’t a fan of Justin Bieber. Well, at least that’s the way it seems after their uncomfortable interaction on “The Voice” last night.

The “Boyfriend” singer was a guest on “The Voice” last night, and when he went to say his goodbyes to the judge’s panel things were a little awkward with Aguilera.

Aguilera reached out for a handshake when Bieber approached but the Biebs leaned in for a hug and a kiss. The little awkward moment had several fans of “The Voice” tweeting that Aguilera dissed the Biebs on national TV.

One user wrote:

“And that was Christina Aguilera overtly hating on Justin Bieber. #TheVoice”

Another user added:

“Flipped to The Voice for a second & Justin Beiber was on. It sure seemed like Christina Aguilera despises him. + bonus points to Bieber LOL.”

Reality TV Magazine, however, said that Aguilera’s anger was perfectly justified. The moment with Bieber came just shortly after Aguilera had to eliminate a member of her team. Aguilera was upset and it didn’t look like she was in the mood for kisses and hugs from anyone. (You can watch the video below and judge for yourself.)

The Hollywood Life also said that the moment was overblown. After the show, Aguilera told the celebrity website that Bieber was a “fun” and “charismatic” guy. Aguilera said:

“You know, he’s definitely popular with the ladies and he came on the show tonight and it was a fun burst of energy. he is really a charismatic guy and cute.”

Here’s the video. Do you think Christina Aguilera is a fan of Justin Bieber?

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94 Responses to “Aguilera Snubs Bieber On ‘The Voice’ [Video]”

  1. Tina Bruno

    She is a bitch…and non class white trash….she ought to be ashamed and 18 year old showed more class last night than she will show in her lifetime.

  2. Dennis Samford

    That did not look that bad! Not news worthy! I wouldn't have blamed her if she HAD snubbed him though…I wouldn't want his d!@k sucker near my face either.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, and by the way…. If you scrape all the make-up off Christina Aguillerra guess what's left…… "Snookie"! God I'm funny!

  4. Gabriela De Rouen

    she a tramp… he's better than that, that's y he played it off like he did. Good for Bieber. Christina can shove it with her bad attitude and horrid attire.

  5. Dennis Samford

    Gabriela De Rouen They shouldn't even have her on "the voice" she is a hack and can't even really sing a note ( I am talking about "biebs" lol) maybe he can sing after his balls drop, but I doubt it!

  6. Pedro Campa

    Dennis is right and 'ur' is not a word. If you saw the show you would have known why she was in the mood she was in.

  7. Sara Stevens

    Wow, from your pic I'd have to say-it takes one to know one!

  8. Natalie Johnson

    That wasn't a snub or a diss. She held out her hand, he offered a hug instead and she complied.

  9. Adeen Danica Mckenzie

    Pedro Campa Thank you. I agree with you. Christina Agulierais just wasn't in the mood for hugs and kisses. i don't know whether or not she is a JB fan.

  10. Adeen Danica Mckenzie

    Gabriela De Rouen
    You know something, you were being so rude responding to this man like that! He is an adult and everyone should respect everyone's opinion I am 16 and you are probably around the same age but you have no right insulting anyone online. Yes, I will admit that I am not a fan of Justin Bieber but I don't hate him.

  11. Adeen Danica Mckenzie

    Yeaah I don't like Christina Aguilera either. It is so annoying when my little brother plays her songs and thinks she is so great.
    Yeah I am not a Bieber fan but I do think he is better than her. He does seem like a nice person.
    And I am NOT trying to be ''holier than thou'' because I have a lot of flaws and I am not perfect.

  12. Jessi King

    Mountain out of a mole hill indeed. I think 1, she was upset about the elimination. and 2. he'd shaken hands with everyone else so far and she'd prepared herself to greet him she quickly changed and hugged him. Seriously….this is news worthy?

  13. Raúl Sanpedro

    Because it's Justin Bieber, it doesn't exactly means every girl has to receive a hug and a kiss, there's something called formal greetings and farewells, obviously Christina doesn't likes him because it's not music at all, it's pure plastic usage to make horny girls get his music, that's how he gets the money, he isn't even close to what charismatic means. JustinBieber is just annoying because he has a super alter ego, that means XTina had to accept the hug even with the mood she was at?…

  14. Raúl Sanpedro

    The problem with JustinBieber is, because Xtina is a girl, does that means she has to receive a hug and a kiss?, we don't even know if Xtina likes him or even knows him, she obviously said he's a charismatic guy because after this, it's bad for her career, so it's better to be friends than enemies. Besides, JB seems annoying, even Selena on every kiss, she's like super smiling, because she finds it awkward to receive a kiss from this annoying dude.

  15. Idk Srsly

    I can't blame christina. ahaha I wouldn't want to hug him either. gross. I love christinas attitude, she's freakin cool.

  16. Sarah Benson

    You know, you don't have to be a fan of JB to actually like the guy. And this 'moment' did not look horrifying, if you ask me. I didn't watch the episode, but I don't believe this is news worthy at all. Wow. *shaking my head*.

  17. Jose Aguilera

    OH GEEZ! She was still getting herself back together after crying about Lindsey's sad performance & stressed about having to pick. the freakin media has to fabricate everything out of nothing, it wasn't even that serious. If she would have faked it and acted all giddy and cheerful hugging that Justin guy, then the news stands would have read "Aguillera was insincere about Lindsey's performance" the poor girl never wins.

  18. Dena Hoskins

    I'm not sure if there was anything "really" newsworthy here, but I for one did not care for more than pissy facial expression. Her body language was definitely off…..but I'm not sure it was a snub.

  19. Teresa Bellissimo

    ok so if the president of the united states appeared on the voice would she snubb him to please give me a break its a competition and funny as it seem you the american people voted her member out.

  20. Juan Segovia

    Adeen Danica Mckenzie I feel really bad for your brother. Can't believe he listens to her.

  21. Cassie Wassie

    lol the look on her face afterwards was hilarious, tho.

  22. Finding Kelly Dae Wilson

    Justin Bieber is just a fad and young girls swoon over him for now but soon he will fade away as all teen heartthrobs do when their taste in music matures. Bieber is not talented and has a monotone voice so he does not have anything remarkable about his material and does not have the ability to stand the test of time. When his boyish looks fade so will he. Christina is well aware of this so I do not blame her for not being enthusiastic about him or his performance and also knows that he is so girl crazy all he wants is to roll in the hay with her.

  23. Rafael Toste

    She a grown woman that doesn't want to be kissed by a spoiled little kid. Just cause she's a girl and he is "the beibs" doesn't mean she has to kiss him. You people are idiots.

  24. Dennis Samford

    Steven Wong , I have a picture of him in his ex's panties, and he can't even fill those out! Seriously! I don't care in the least about the kid….he just has such an overinflated ego and sense of selfworth/entitlement. Just a mini poser, trying to act like a gangster- only with teeny little arms and the fellow wouldn't know a hardknock if he saw one. He needs to get some life lessons under his belt before acting like he is "all that" unplugged he has no talent, hell I could sing/play circles around him and I am not a "so called PROFESSIONAL" musician. I can't attest to the boys sexual preference, he just seems like a catcher to me and is very femenine.

  25. Marilyn Wey

    Does anyone else notice that he was shaking everybody's hand, and when he got to Christina he went in for a hug? She probably thought he was just going to shake her hand, it was kind of unexpected. Everyone's shaking hands, she didn't know he was going to hug her. Though she did seem a little less than warm after.

  26. Steven Wong

    Dennis Samford LOL, you're funny bro. Justin Bieber has no talent? He is considered a pop icon, has 2 albums both at the top of the charts, a movie that matched the highest for concert films, his own perfume line, clothing line, sold-out tours, been voted artist of the year, and been nominated for best new artist and pop album, and sold 8 million albums. He's obviously doing something right. If you're hating on him for his fame and his career, grow the fuck up.

    I'm tired of these people that jump on the bandwagon calling him names. If you don't like his musical choice, sure, understandable but to just be a little keyboard warrior and comparing yourself as better than him is really stupid.

    And he's right to have an "overinflated ego" . He has the right to it. Tell me, what have you accomplished that makes you better than him?

  27. Beva Sant

    I think it was because Bieber was very friendly with Adam and Celo and wasn't so much with her. She's definately a DIVA and wants to be the center of attention at all times. Maybe a touch of jealousy?

  28. Anonymous

    I think that by the way he was shaking everyone's hands she was expecting the same thing. It just caught her by surprise…I don't thinks she was mad or dissing him at all.

  29. Luke Nesh

    this does not even matter…its not as if she slapped him or anything…maybe she ain't a hugger…pretty sure bieber fans just had to make an issue out of it…as for me…i don't like either of their song..but that doesn't mean I don't respect em as people..THERE ARE ALWAYS 2 SIDES TO A STORY :3.

  30. Jennifer Willcut

    Order of events:
    1. Bieber gives Adam Levine a handshake.
    2. Bieber gives Cee Lo a handshake.
    3. Christina Aguilera assumes Bieber will want to shake her hand too, so she sticks her out.
    4. Bieber instead wants a hug, so she gives him a hug.


  31. Charlie Laws

    Ok even though I don't like Christina Aguilera, she started fueds with every female singer in the industry, but on the other hand, I didin't think it was a diss to Justin neither. She's not a teenage girl who supposed to scream and jump up and down when she sees Justin Bieber. She said "Hi" and kept it moving.

  32. Ayanda Matiringe

    Wouldn't surprise me since Christina seems to have an issue with everyone.

  33. Jay Montez

    LMAO at she's a tramp. WTF You're a cunt. What do you think about that? Fuck you and fuck Bieber. She did nothing wrong you stupid bitch.

  34. Jay Montez

    you don't think she's a millionaire? hahahahahaha She has nothing to be jealous of. Wow a little fag that has a bunch of little girls as his fans. Hopefully his voice breaks soon and he disappears forever. All his bubble gum songs suck. Why is Selena Gomez with that geek? She doesn't need any of his money. How many Grammy's has Bieber won? Pretty sure Aguilera has more music awards and she is a way better singer than this bum.

  35. Jay Montez

    I agree He will go away eventually just like Hanson did. Sure he made alot more money than them and he is set for life but hopefully I won't have to hear him or see him on my screen much longer. I saw 18 year old chick tweeting over and over how she loved his new song Boyfriend. I heard it on the radio the other day for the first time and was like OMG what crap. I swear some peoples taste in music.

  36. Jsbdvjd Iucgbad

    Gabriela De Rouen Ur. Hur. retard.
    Also, this is why I never click these faggot news stories, I was interested in what she did, and all I see is that she stuck her hand out for a second before hugging him. "Holy fuck she basically spit in his face."
    Stupid cunts.

  37. Anonymous

    I didn't see a snub here. Just another attempt to make headlines out of nothing.

  38. Anonymous

    I didn't see a snub here. Just another attempt to make headlines out of nothing.

  39. Kody Lowry

    where is the problem this is just someone trying to stir shit.

  40. Lushano Amroodt

    lol…you guys are gullible enough to consider this a topic worth speaking about…my word, you don't even know them personally, so how could you know what they were thinking and what went down…seriously…Get a Life!

  41. Dot Lyons

    wow! the man thinks xtina is a pig.??? oink oink to you mr. take a good look in a mirror. We live in a nasty world when men like you think gorgeous women like xtina are 'pigs'..oink oink

  42. Dot Lyons

    wow! the man thinks xtina is a pig.??? oink oink to you mr. take a good look in a mirror. We live in a nasty world when men like you think gorgeous women like xtina are 'pigs'..oink oink

  43. Terri Schmidt

    and btw, how insulting is this to your beautiful and looking sweet wife, who is much more well endowed that xtina? If I was your wife, I would be walking out the door right now, or something worse. You really insulted your own wife with this ugly comment.

  44. Keith T Ryan

    Bieber thinks he is all that. His just a hack wanna be. Like that little thing with him at the Basketball game with his"girl friend.He knew he was going to be on camera, that's why he leaned for the kiss. She was all flustered when she noticed the jumbotron. She really knows the he is not a he.

  45. Adeen Danica Mckenzie

    I am 16 and I agree with Finding Kelly Dae Wilson.
    I don't listen to Justin Bieber and he is just a fad. I think he will go away in a few years just how the Jonas Brothers did two years ago. Their 15 minutes of fame is up but JB's 15 minutes of fame is ending pretty soon too.

  46. Marilyn Wey

    Jay Montez lol yeaaah but he could've just shook her hand like he did the rest of them.

  47. Adeen Danica Mckenzie

    Jay Montez I am 16 and totally agree with you! I don't see why girls my age like him so much. I don't see the appeal.

  48. Laura Piccolotto

    Totally a mountain out of a molehill but what do you expect? As a former teenager and a mother of two former teenagers, making mountains out of molehills is kind of what young teeney bopper girls do! There was nothing to this and it should not have made the news.

  49. Laura Piccolotto

    Totally a mountain out of a molehill but what do you expect? As a former teenager and a mother of two former teenagers, making mountains out of molehills is kind of what young teeney bopper girls do! There was nothing to this and it should not have made the news.

  50. Leslie Caputo Welch

    Why should she be expected to hug and kiss him when they guys gave handshakes? Maybe they were ALL dissing him!

  51. Jerry Sinner

    I stoped watching this show when two country style singers were forced to sing a Rolling Stone song. It was a sad thing to watch.

  52. Les Perkins

    Bitch Christina is the voice of this generaton and maybe even the best singer off all time…..She is way to big of a Legend to care about some little gay kid who can not sing….That is why she did itis becouse he has no talent like a katty perry or gaga

  53. Les Perkins

    I would sure hope she is not a Fan she is the best singer of all time and Hot as hell……And he is a little ugly lookin lezbian with no talent..Really people but she was still polite:-)

  54. Kirsten Johnson

    She didn't do anything wrong! She didn't even openly reject him. No one should be required to hug or kiss someone, and as a female, I am very conscious of making sure I can choose how I want to physically interact with someone. Aguilera didn't have to lean in for a hug or "muah," but she did anyway out of politeness. How is this even news? This is why I'm often embarrassed for my country. People around the world are starving and or being killed, and THIS is what a good portion of Americans are concerned about?

  55. Clint Pelfrey

    When I saw it however live before all of this I said "Lol she doesn't want Bieber touching her." And it sees I was right.

  56. Valerie O'Neill

    I don't see anything particularly wrong with what happened…

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