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Japanese man builds Giant Beetle Robot


We know that the Japanese are the best at many things, and we most definitely know they are the best at robot building.

Take for example the mushi (bug) mecha that was featured on the Japanese TV show “Nanikore Chin Hakkei.”

Details are sketchy, but it was designed and built by an Ibaraki man in his garage over eleven years. The robot comes in at 11m (36 feet) long and weighs fifteen tons. What you’re meant to do with it other than look cool in it though we just don’t know.


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5 Responses to “Japanese man builds Giant Beetle Robot”

  1. bankai

    Awesome. Awesome controller to! “KABUTOM RAGIO CONTROREA” lolwut

  2. Idaho

    I would use it for world domination, and also add a lawn mowing attachment.

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