12-Year-old charged with murder

12-Year-Old Girl Charged With Murdering Teen Moesha Primus In St. Vincent

A 12-year-old girl who attended Lowmans Leeward Anglican School of St. Vincent was charged with murder after stabbing another student in the chest during a verbal altercation, according to the Voice.

On June 18 between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., 15-year-old Moesha Primus was involved in a verbal altercation with one of her peers – whose name will not be released – at Campden Park when she was stabbed in the chest.

An elderly man, Maxwell Scott — who lives in close proximity of the park — told police officials that he was able hear the two girls from his home exchanging harsh words, but the man nor police officials know why the argument started.

“They were exchanging words — dirty words — on both sides,” Scott said.

“And the one upstairs came down and stood up in front the one in the road. So it seems as if an assault went on there and there was a little scuffling between the two of them.”

“Then I heard one say, ‘But you know the girl stab me!'”

“Then they had their little talk. Another one came from upstairs and wrestled with the girl to take away the knife from the one how is accused of the stabbing. From that, I don’t know much of what happened.”

“All I saw was the girl drifted and went down. When she got up back, she fell. A truck came up and they probably stopped the truck, then they put her in and took her to the hospital.”

After sustaining a stab wound on the left side of her chest, Primus was rushed to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead an hour later.

“I am devastated,” said the principal, Bernadette Slater-Peters, at the Intermediate Secondary School where Primus attended.

Slater-Peters visited the victim in the hospital just before her passing and was in complete and utter shock at what transpired between the two young girls.

A judge informed the unnamed girl on Monday — along with her parents — that the teen will be charged with murder, but she was not required to enter a plea.

Prosecutors are now concerned as to where the young girl will be held as the town does not have a detention center for minors who committed criminal offences. They will try to request a bail for the girl on Friday.

The 12-year-old girl charged with murder will be entering a plea on September 11.

[Image courtesy of Maria Tama / Getty Images]