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Amanda Bynes’ Arrest Was A Culmination Of Bad Behavior

Amanda Bynes In Trouble Over DUI and Addiction

When Amanda Bynes was arrested this past week on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), many fans of the actress were shocked to discover that the woman who typically plays sweet, loving (if not sometimes flawed) characters on TV and in movies was capable of such an act, upon further investigation however we should have seen this coming for at least the last six months.

A source close to the Bynes family recently told RadarOnline:

“Amanda has been in a downward spiral for the last six months. Even though her dad publicly said she doesn’t drink, he knows she has a problem. It’s truly sad to witness. Amanda has been told she must go to rehab, but she is refusing. She is not the same girl as she was a year ago. She is just doing whatever she wants to. do. Friends are concerned because she is not the Amanda they know.”

Making matters worse her father is claiming that she wasn’t drunk during the arrest, a silly statement considering records have not yet been released regarding the incident.

In fact sources say that since being sprung from jail Amanda Bynes has continued to drive recklessly and party it up, refusing rehab at every chance she gets. For whatever reason Bynes appears to be going off the rails more in the last year than she ever has throughout her life. According to a source at The New York Post:

“She is not the same girl as she was a year ago. She is just doing whatever she wants to. do. Friends are concerned because she is not the Amanda they know.”

So how bad have things been for Bynes over the last six months? On St. Patricks day a group of people claimed they saw Bynes drive away in her vehicle while completely inebriated. Bynes was also recently pulled over by a police office for talking on her cellphone while driving, as the officer was writing Amanda a ticket she simply chose to drive away.

Here’s a bit more information about Amanda Bynes’ arrest in case you missed it:

It looks like Lindsay Lohan may have a bit of competition in the crazy and out of control department. Here’s to hoping Amanda Bynes gets her act together because I hate chick flicks and sappy comedies but for some reason she always makes me smile, maybe it’s because I grew up watching The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon.

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9 Responses to “Amanda Bynes’ Arrest Was A Culmination Of Bad Behavior”

  1. Anonymous

    lol, nickelodeon gone wild, she is a bad girl. She should do porn next, haha.

  2. Anonymous

    you know what she is human leave her alone to figure her on problems with life.people are quick to judge others because that's their way to forget their on freakin problems. leave the poor girl alone, a holes.

  3. Paul Tyson

    Amanda, you are SO loved and talented. Please get help if you need it. Always your fan.

  4. James Johnson

    I'm not sure why we are "A-Holes" as you so intelligently put it. And when you leave people alone with these types of issues they end up crashing head-on into a car carrying two parents and three children. I for one wished her the best in the article and didn't attack her but rather pointed out her actions and the lack of a support group.

  5. Janet Hoggard

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  6. Jessi Millar

    this is awful! I can't even believe it! she is one of my favorites just because she always was so pure almost. especially in the extras stuff on dvds…everyone loves working with her because she is a genuine sweet girl. I thought she wasn't taking movie roles anymore because she wanted a break. I really don't like that they are comparing her to lindsay lohan either…oh amanda. please get help! I'll always be a fan of yours…

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