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Trisha Yearwood to Debut ‘Southern Kitchen’ Cooking Show on Food Network [Video]

trisha-yearwood trisha's southern kitchen debut food network video

Country music star Trisha Yearwood continues to prove her talents extend beyond her amazing vocals.

Yearwood, who already has two best selling cookbooks under her belt, is taking her culinary skills to the small screen this Saturday with the debut of her Food Network mini series, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

In the themed six-episode series, viewers will get a chance to meet Yearwood’s family and friends while the singer demonstrates how to whip up their favorite recipes.

“These first six episodes have my sister, my uncle, my best buddies and my nephew — they have somebody else in them, so I’m not just standing there by myself,” Yearwood, 47, says.

While Trisha’s husband Garth Brooks is not featured in the upcoming episodes, she says there’s a good chance he’ll show up in the kitchen if there’s a second season.

In an exclusive interview with the Tennesseean, Yearwood chatted about filming the show, mentioning that the episodes were inspired by those close to her.

One episode in particular features her father’s recipe for Brunswick Stew — the only meal her mother wanted to eat before she passed away from cancer in 2011.

“I learned to make it when my mom was sick,” Yearwood explained. “When you’re going through chemo, very specific things sound good to you to eat, and you might love them every day for two weeks and then never want them again. Brunswick stew was one of those things she went through that she really wanted.”

In addition to Granddaddy’s Brunswick stew, Yearwood will also share other family favorites including Daddy’s Barbecued Chicken, Uncle Wilson’s Famous Grilled Onions and Lizzie’s Chicken and Dumplings, most of which are featured in her cookbooks.

Yearwood’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen debuts at 10:30am EST Saturday on Food Network. Will you be tuning in to catch the first episode?

Trisha Yearwood talks about her “culinary background” in the video below:

via Tennessean

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26 Responses to “Trisha Yearwood to Debut ‘Southern Kitchen’ Cooking Show on Food Network [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Watched your show trisha… Great Job! and… love the recipes you showed! Good Luck to you… I think you have another talent besides singing (which we all love)… Cheese straws are a must to make in my house.

  2. Anonymous

    Watched your show trisha… Great Job! and… love the recipes you showed! Good Luck to you… I think you have another talent besides singing (which we all love)… Cheese straws are a must to make in my house.

  3. Doug Richter

    Ever wonder why Garth Brooks weighs 300 lbs and Robert Reynolds is skinny? Garth's gettin' the grease ala Paula Deen.

  4. Savannah Sharon

    and people BITC* about Paula and her crap she puts in the recpies. PLEASE this is no better. But it trasha home wrecker so its all good. I wouldn't make that crap if I was paid. so lay off paula.

  5. Julia da Vico

    I seen trisha on gma her food look very good, no lard, butter. she had more sence then paula deen. some one said she was a home wrecker, Well you can't break up a home that already wrecked! Good Luck to this Lady!

  6. Anonymous

    How to build Thunder Thighs in 5 easy steps! Should be an award winning show.

  7. Renee Brace

    You need to take your attitude and F.O! Home wrecker my ass. You don't like Paula, don't watch. You don't like Trisha, don't watch.

  8. Lee Shell

    I miss this cooking food in arizona is awful people don't know good cooking out west.

  9. Jeannie Reyckert

    Trish your show was great, food folks and fun, that is what it all about, don't listen to those people, they are jealous , we only hear good things about you and your new family, we love you all. May the Lord bless you and your new show. I would like to see you and Ree Drummond do a show from each of your ranches. here in Okla.

  10. Michael Bailey

    I LOVED this show! Now I agree with all the comments about the heavy foods, but Trisha is a natural and I look forward to more of this program.

  11. Patsy Hudson

    You christians promoting adultry now? The show should have a host with some moral fiber. I'd like to see how forgiving you'd be if someone stole your husband and family. Garth Brooks is certainly no man and Trisha Yearwood is definately no lady.

  12. Patsy Hudson

    I just hate to see shows promoting people with such low moral fiber. Not long ago homewreckers were looked down upon. I don't look for the show to last very long, she'll have her 5 more mins of fame to help her failing career and we'll be free again of trash cluttering up one of our networks.

  13. Savannah Sharon

    yep im soooo jealous. please who really cares dont u think there are enough fat people out here in this world with medical problems and she has to make more fat food. please paula just got a bad rap but its ok for her to do it. no.u are one of "those people"

  14. Anonymous

    Patsy Hudson–"VENGEANCE IS MINE ALONE!" Oh, but you "christians" promoting your own judgment, now, too? Well, go ahead and cast the first stone, dear, 'cuz you know NOTHING of Trisha, or what she did, or didn't "steal"!–She is by NO means an "adultress," but rather one of THE greatest Country voices of our time, IS a phenomenal cook, like both her parents, and, MOST NOTABLY, having been like a sister to me for many years, as well as one of the greatest, down-to-earth, and loyal, helpful friends anyone could EVER ask for during some rough spots in my own life, is certainly MUCH more a lady than you'll EVER be, ya hypocritical, self-righteous religious nut, who doesn't, apparently, even KNOW what your "christianity" teaches you–go find a little "moral fiber," yourself, honey, put away your National Inquirer, and learn to "Love thy Brother as Thyself," you intolerant dumb-ass!–86 the gossip, learn your Faith before trying to spread it so "piously," and shut your trap if don't even know a person before bashing 'em–she deserves ALL the success in the world, and will ALWAYS be a kind, funny, friendly, and incredibly wise and insightful soul–TRULY one-of-a-kind!!! And, FYI, she looks GREAT, too!!!

  15. Sharon Gary

    It's not the recipes that make people obese, it's the people abusing. I've made alot of Paula Deen's recipes and can say it has not affected anyones weight. I'm sure I'll try some of Trisha's also. Name calling isn't a very Christian thing to do either. Don't cast stones unless you know the whole story…. I wish Trisha all the luck in the world.

  16. Jeannie Reyckert

    and what have you done for your community lately, and do you know anything about forgiveness . life is beautiful , go out and enjoy it.

  17. Patricia Peters

    Take a chill pill,you don't know what was going on behind closed doors! Their business, not you're!

  18. Angela Segura

    I just hate how some people cast stones when they live in a glass house!!!! Some people need to worry about their own lives before they go around judging others!!!

  19. Edward H. Smith

    Love your show Trisha, southern foods are my favorite. Hope your show is on a long time! You people stop with the negativity, you who are without sin, not we all do. I'm asking God to deal with you! Go Trisha! Jeannie Smith

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