Justin Bieber Gets Inspirational On Snapchat, Hangs With Chris Tucker

Justin Bieber Gets Inspirational On Snapchat, Chris Tucker Randomly Pops Up

Justin Bieber reached out to fans on Wednesday and earlier this week with inspirational messages, which he shared on his Snapchat account. Chris Tucker also popped up.

You read that right. Chris Tucker.

For context: It’s no secret that Bieber credits his Christian faith as the major reason he was able to step out of his turbulent 2013-2014. In a recent cover story with L’Uomo Vogue, the singer reaffirmed that he sought the guidance of Hillsong Church NYC’s Pastor Carl Lentz and The City Church’s Pastor Judah Smith from last October.

Bieber is frequently spotted attending bible study or church services hosted by the pastors, both of whom he reportedly first met back in 2008. The 21-year-old told the magazine that, “Carl Lentz and Judah Smith have been really important – two pastors – super good guys who invited me to spend time with their families.”

He added, “They reminded me of who I am. It was a really moving experience.”

Back to the Canadian’s continuing adventures in Snapchat, which were complied on the Justin Bieber fan YouTube account below.

Bieber’s Snapchat blitz appears to have been prompted by a Smith-led bible study that he attended with pal Christian Beadles yesterday. In one video, the Fedora-wearing star asks fans “Who are you guys encouraging today? I encourage you to encourage somebody.”

The heartthrob shared an example, saying, “The littlest things help. Like, um, your server [is] bringing you food, compliment their outfit. Easy stuff, makes you feel good.”

At one point, Bieber asked “Are you single-handedly making a difference?” He went on to say “Are you shining bright like the light on my face?”

In an off-topic moment, the “Where Are Ü Now” singer solicits hair advice. “What should I do?” Bieber asked, running his hands through his blonde locks.

“Should I keep my hair long like this? Or should I cut it a little bit so it’s like before?”

Chris Tucker made an appearance in one video. The comic actor is seen hamming a line from his hit 1998 film, Rush Hour. “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Tucker and Bieber were previously photographed at a party in Cannes, France, during the 2014 film festival.

An eyewitness tweeted about seeing Bieber and Tucker on Wednesday. It’s unclear where the two were hanging out.

The action then switches to Bieber and Beadles strolling along a sidewalk in Los Angeles after bible study. Christian is heard talking about Pastor Smith, saying, “The way he broke it down just made so much sense.”

To which, the singer responded by playfully dancing then parroting, “Oh, you like the way he breaks it down?”

Bieber then asks Christian if he felt “inspired to be a better person after Judah?”

A fan who attended the same bible study tweeted that Judah’s session was noteworthy.

Bieber’s inspirational drive comes after the crooner Snapchatted seven spiritual messages on Monday night. The star shared two seemingly handwritten notes and other posts.

One of the handwritten messages is titled “I Believe” and reads as follows.

“Faith is not an enemy of science. There will be times when I have doubt. Remain in faith. Jesus is not offended by our doubt.”

Justin Bieber
(Screenshot of ‘I Believe’ message posted and written by Justin Bieber to Snapchat)

The other Bieber-penned note, which he titled “Amazing,” states, “Expose your issues or your issues will expose you. I serve the god that says come as you are I’ll clean you up… Faith that leads to freedom. Faith that believes when it doesn’t see. Hebrews 11: 1-3.”

Justin Bieber
(Screenshot of Justin Bieber’s handwritten note)

Among other messages Bieber posted were statements including, “God doesn’t promise our circumstances will change. But he promises he’ll walk with us through them.” To view the rest, click this link.

Following what may have been an epiphany experience for Bieber, his manager, Scooter Braun, took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to praise the singer’s ongoing efforts to better himself.

Braun offered more words of encouragement on Instagram.

Bieber, who is known to regularly attend Hillsong Church branches in New York City and Los Angeles, and the Seattle-based The City Church, has previously shared social media posts revealing his continuing self-improvement work.

In May, the Biebs posted a pic which showed him reading the Christian book “Occupy All Streets.” In his caption, the singer said he is developing a “relationship with God” which he called spiritual rather than religious.

While many may feel the pop star’s blossoming evangelicalism sits at odds with his former missteps, it is worth noting that all versions of the bible state the “good news” is meant for the “sinner” — not the “saved.”

Certainly Bieber’s fans and friends appear to appreciate his encouragements on Snapchat.

Braun and Bieber got together on Thursday to plug Pastor Judah Smith’s new book Life Is, which is a sequel to his New York Times bestseller Jesus Is_ (2013.)

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