‘Batman’ Banned For Life From Camden Yards By Orioles, Avoids Charges

Last week, 26-year-old Mark Harvey interrupted the Orioles’ opening day game at Camden Yards by parading around the field in nothing but a cape, a cap, and Batman-themed underpants, earning him the “Batman streaker” moniker.

The Batman streaker (quite hilariously) darted around the field, managing to elude security for a brief time before finally being caught with a tackle, which promptly led to him being handcuffed and hauled off to jail–for only one night, apparently.

Due to what the state’s attorney office says was a “miscommunication,” ‘Batman’ managed to get away with the stun scot-free. Officials were quick to point out that they could still charge Harvey despite the miscommunication, but they opted not to.

That being said, Mark Cheshire, spokesperson for state’s attorney Gregg L. Bernstein, says that the apparent miscommunication is not a mistake they’ll be making again, so if you needed a reason to not parade around Camden Yards in a cape and underwear, well, here you go:

“This is a misstep that we will not make again,” said Chesire.. “We cannot overemphasize that it is a crime to trespass on the field at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and we will prosecute individuals who go on the field in violation of the law in the future.”

While law enforcement let the Batman streaker off easy, the Orioles weren’t quite so lenient; the team has banned Harvey from Camden Yards “for life,” promising that any would-be copycats would get the same treatment–and criminal charges to go along with it.

You can watch the Batman streaker parade around Camden Yards for yourself in the video below.

Do you think that the Batman streaker got off too easy, or was it just harmless fun?