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George Zimmerman Arrested On Second-Degree Murder Charge, Pleads Not Guilty

George Zimmerman Arrested

Authorities announced George Zimmerman is in custody in Florida and he will be charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin (17). His attorney has stated that his client, Mr. Zimmerman, would put in a plea of not guilty.

Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey was assigned to ex-examine the Martin-Zimmerman case by Florida Governor Rick Scott. In a news conference held in Jacksonville, Fl., Corey was quoted by MSNBC having said:

“We did not come to this decision lightly.”

Zimmerman’s earlier attorneys withdrew from the case after he ceased to communicate with them. Since their withdrawal, George has hired a new attorney, Mark O’Mara, who stated that his client would put in a plea of not guilty and that he would seek his release on bond come Thursday. O’Mara went onto say:

“I think he’s troubled by the fact the state decided to charge him […] I would think anyone charged with second-degree murder would be scared.”

Martin’s parents briefly held a news conference at Rev. Al Sharpton’s, host of MSNBC-TV’s PoliticsNation, National Action Network gathering in Washington, where Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said:

“We just wanted an arrest, and we got it, and I say thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.”

Special Prosecutor Corey said that had decided last week to prosecute George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and had informed Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

George Zimmerman is being charged with second-degree murder, a charge which could result in a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Attorney for Trayvon Martin’s parents said the decision was about “justice, justice and only justice.” He went onto say that he believes it is imperative that Zimmerman receive a fair trial, regardless of whether or not:

“[…] we believe in our hearts that he was wrong to kill Trayvon Martin.”

What do you think of Angela Corey’s decision to have George Zimmerman arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin?

Watch George Zimmerman’s Earlier Arrest Video:

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122 Responses to “George Zimmerman Arrested On Second-Degree Murder Charge, Pleads Not Guilty”

  1. Iman Oldgeek

    Had to be either first or second-degree. What else could they charge him with? Attempted Skittlenapping? The guy is a killer, he is a threat to any other minority who should happen into that neighborhood, so let him rot behind bars.

  2. Iman Oldgeek

    Dave Pullifrone are you familiar with this case at all? He went after Martin because Martin was a black kid coming into a white neighborhood. So do you think if another black kid comes there and Zimmerman sees him everything will be okay? And WTF is "race bait"? Make up terms much?

  3. Dave Pullifrone

    Iman, that's patently false. You, Sharpton, etc…all race baiting. Get a dictionary.

  4. Donna Clogg Robbins

    I want to know what took so long for them to arrest him in the first place, the police told him to back off but he kept on following him so what;s that tell you.I believe he targeted him and he should rot in jail where he belongs..

  5. Jack Lloyd

    @ Iman…amazing….you do not have ANY of the facts and you pass judgement….scary…very scary.

  6. Iman Oldgeek

    Dave Pullifrone RACE-BAITING. : the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group. So just who was it that I attacked besides the guy who committed murder?

  7. Cassie Nova

    I thing its wrong for him to have shot Travon, but I don't think it was because of a racist thing. Do I think hes guilty for killing a young man? Yes. The man is a killer with priors on him for assault, I'm just seeing the pattern.

  8. Dave Pullifrone

    The evidence is against you. Why do you believe he targeted him?

  9. Dave Pullifrone

    Iman Oldgeek, race baiting – manipulating the racial beliefs of an audience to obtain a certain political objective. Now, please list facts that lead you to believe Trayvon was being targeted.

  10. Steven Hite

    I notice that the media keeps saying that this young victim was black & Zimmerman is white! He looks Hispanic to me. Is this another media attempt at black VS white? I think this whole situation should've handled alot differently!

  11. Ann Luther Reslow

    amazing what pubic pressure will do – zimmerman had a bloody nose, bloody cut on the back of his head and the back of his shirt was wet and muddy from being on the ground in the rain – martin was taller than zimmerman – perhaps it was self defense – too much media interferance –

  12. Kristin Grace D'Angelis

    Dave Pullifrone……so if this is so false and it is "race baiting", you think Zimmerman is not guilty and should walk free? People don't want to make it a racial issue because people are naive to the fact that racism still exists in our country….so are you insinuating that Zimmerman would have acted the same way if a white person was walking through the neighborhood in a hoodie, same situation? You think he would still have followed them and stated "they always get away with it"? I think not…he killed the kid in cold blood

  13. Joseph Fitzpatrick

    Iman Oldgeek Zimmerman is a minority who wasn't sure of Martin's race when questioned by the police dispatcher. Please try to familiarize yourself with the case.

  14. Dave Pullifrone

    Kristin Grace D'Angelis No. He's guilty of manslaughter. I cannot comment on Zimmerman's state of mind, and you shouldn't either. Race baiting at it's finest. This case has nothing to do with race.

  15. Joseph Fitzpatrick

    It took so long because there is no evidence of wrong doing. The prosecutor had to skip going to the grand jury because she knows there is still not enough evidence to warrant an arrest. This was done solely for political grandstanding.

  16. Joseph Fitzpatrick

    It took so long because there is no evidence of wrong doing. The prosecutor had to skip going to the grand jury because she knows there is still not enough evidence to warrant an arrest. This was done solely for political grandstanding.

  17. Mary Hall Staley

    what took them so long was that there was and is no real evidence to prove it was not self defense…The prosecutor said this morning on CNN that all they had at best was circumstantial…that she wanted to wait and see if any solid evidence would show up so they could have a stronger case…you actually do have to have real evidence when you charge someone…you can't (or aren't supposed to anyway) just go on the lynch mentality…

  18. Jessica Kelly

    He should be honored not only did he help his community but possibly saved the lives of others. Besides the kid was out after hours dressed to steel and where in the he// were his parents. If anyone is to point they should look in tte mirror then point. It's that big question its after Sark do u know where ur children are?

  19. Jennifer Conn

    That is the crazy and you need to think if you have kids and your child which I almost lost my to a car accident should be judged by what they are wearing and think if you do have kids I haope they are no where they are they should not be . They told him to stay in the car and when did 7pm become after hours. What a judgement call own your behalf, how sad that you see the world this way!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mark Smith

    If the law says self defence is legal, and it proves to be self defence there is justice done with the shooting of a thug, and sharpton and rev, jackson should be charged for insiting a riot and political unrest.

  21. Tara Petschel

    Jessica, are you kidding me. He was dressed to steal. Because he had on a hooded sweat shirt, your telling me you have never worn one! Or is it ok because your not black. I really don't think this has to do with race but YOUR comment is racist

  22. Cynthia Texidor

    Marjorie Bailey Why wouldn't he be clean? The shooting happened over a month ago…I'd hope he would have showered since then…

  23. Dave Pullifrone

    Cynthia Texidor I think she meant the video that was doctored by ABC. Or was it NBC?

  24. Jennifer Conn

    Tara Petschel , I agree with you Tara totally, how crazy is that it was 7pm not like midnight and she is talking about he was out after hours okay when do you make 7 pm late. Oh my! I agree I have worn hoodies plenty of times. I wonder if she has? Then if so is she a criminal. OMG

  25. Leighanna Boekeloo

    This man who was charged with battery against an officer and resisting arrest back 2005 was told repeatedly NOT to follow Treyvon! Who BTW looks like a child to me! All he had to do was keep his distance and let the police do their job and that boy would still be alive! He has to take responsibility for his actions! And since when is a hoodie "stealing clothes"? I own several and the last thing I stole was a piece of hard candy when I was 6 years old!

  26. Dave Pullifrone

    Cynthia Texidor One of the alphabet networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) showed video of his original arrest that was set too far back to see for sure. It took bloggers to show the truth by enhancing the video. I shouldn't have said "doctored", it was intellectually dishonest reporting.

  27. CoCo Marie Siege-Umbarger

    this is a gross miscarriage of justice… he was arrested only because of pressure from the black community and the legal system was afraid not to prosecute because they need to be re-elected, don't want to look racist, etc….. and yes, he is half Hispanic… his father was Hispanic… that makes no difference… the truth is the Trayvon WAS being/acting suspicious.. he jumped a fence, at night, instead of coming through the gate, that right there was enough suspect behavior to be stopped and questioned… he WAS dressed in clothes that made him look suspicious, I don't care what any one says..he was not acting like someone who had nothing to hide..and Zimmerman was beaten/injured so he had the right to act in self – defense…it was dark, I doubt he knew his race when he first stopped him…agreed that it took so long to arrest him because there is no evidence or cause to arrest him…again, gross miscarriage of justice… I think that all the white and Hispanic community should come together, and we should go to the courthouse and picket and mob the place, and get it all over the papers and everywhere we want him released… lets get the movement going on facebook….

  28. Cynthia Texidor

    Marjorie Bailey Why do you say that like I have something coming? I hate when people bring other people's children up unnecessarily….ugh, this is why I never comment on stuff like this, lol. But hey, thanks for the concern and have a great night.

  29. Dave Pullifrone

    Cynthia Texidor Marjorie Bailey doesn't know. Honestly it's obvious that she isn't following the story.

  30. Jessica Kelly

    You ppl are funny. Not due to race at all. And yes I have a child of my own. However I'm not one sided either. What would you have done? Think about ur children and community. Was getting shot right? No, running n attacking someone wasn't right either. My opinion they were both wrong. But this man also has to live the rest of his life knowing he killed someone. I think in anyone's case like this the pain of dealing with killing someone by accident or by defending ones self is punishment enough. And if he is charged like some want many next time the person that's being sneaky and refuses communication in ur neighborhood will approach you. Then u can voice on how to react. Right now this moment you wouldn't know what to do. Nor would anyone else unroll that situation

  31. Ann Luther Reslow

    doesn't it make you wonder why zimmerman wasn't charged before all the medie hype??? perhaps the sanford police are all racists ??? think about it

  32. Thea Dobrowolski Jones

    I agree with you on this I just didn't have the gut to voice my opinion… been yelling at the tv over this…the guy lost his job get over it and leave him be

  33. Dave Pullifrone

    Ann Luther Reslow Cool. I was hoping we got rid of the mis-informed idiots trolling here earlier. Thankfully, you're not one of them.

  34. Velvet Michael

    Actually his father is white and his mother is Peruvian. I think the media has used a lot of the usual tactics to turn this into a media frenzy.

  35. Velvet Michael

    I would really like to see what kind of evidence that was turned up. If the investigation had been handled better from the beginning, I don't think we would be seeing the kind of tension and animosity that is brewing right now. Witness testimony is conflicting, and I don't think we've heard the complete 911 call. It will be interesting to hear what comes out at trial.

  36. Sophia Watson

    jessica is actually stupider than she looks…..i hope the same thing happens to ur loved one, u idiot!!

  37. Tara Petschel

    Jennifer Conn, I agree with you also. It's really sad that she feels that this child walking home happy was shot and killed for no other reason than wearing a hooded sweat shirt walking home from the store @ 7pm. She also has the nerve to blame his parents. They should know where their child is. I am sure they did and didn't think he would be shot and killed. Shame on you Jessica!!!

  38. Jennifer Conn

    You know what Jessica I dont think think that he really cares. I think that rasing three teenagers as a single parent I was not a perfect Mother. I think that you would honor someone that would kill someone for taking a short cut to get home. I tell you one thing I have my neighbors keep an out for my kids and if there is someone at my house that even look like trouble. I take of it myself the legel way , IF THEY DONT WANT TO LEAVE MY PROPERTY THEN I CAN CALL THE POLICE AND LET THEM HANDLE IT. Being that you do have a child I hope that you judgement never ever falls on you!

  39. Jessica Kelly

    Perhaps you all should continue to read I have 2 posts.

  40. Tara Petschel

    I don't know what I would do but I can tell you this when the cops told me to stay in my car I would have. You say your not one sided are you kidding me. You said he should be honored and the kid was dressed to steal and out after hours. Then you go on to blame his parents. Sounds one sided to me.

  41. Sophia Watson

    jennifer would be singing a different tune if it was her son Dakota…a young life lost, is a young life lost….black, white or other!

  42. Jennifer Conn

    Tara, I agree, I think in FL at 7 pm it is still daylight. Also, he was not looking in houses he was taking a short cut to get home. I cant believe that people can agree with a seventeen year old getting shot over candy and drink. I believe in guns. I think that all the people that want to have the right to bear arms need to think before you start talking because this is why the laws get changed, because of an idiot that did not listen to the police and stay in his car. Zimmerman said he was attacked he was at the police station in 15 min, must have not have been hurt to bad!

  43. Denise Wasson Trawick

    It"s called "double jeopardy". It would be fruitless to bring charges against him w/o enough CONCRETE evidence. More than likely he would've walked with a slap on his wrist. IF he is found guilty by a jury of his peers then justice will have had her say. If innocent the same. Right now only God and Mr. Zimmerman are the only ones who know how it actually played out, since the victim can no longer tell his story. I realize that many of us feel that our justice system has let us down but it IS better than the alternative i.e. swift justice in other countries. I hope everybody leaving comments is a registered voter because you are the ones which had a hand in placing these people in office. And if you are not registered ….. DON'T VOTE, DON'T GRIPE1 More @ 11…….. Hahaha

  44. Jennifer Conn

    Oh and by the way if I felt that there was someone in my neighborhood who looked like a theif, I would do the right thing CALL THE POLICE!! It is real easy 911!

  45. Sophia Watson

    one sided and ignorant. i wonder if someone killed ur son, weather on purpose or otherwise…u would still feel that just the pain of knowing they killed ur, son is punishment enough for them….i think not! Any parent would want justice, and ur no different!…..

  46. Denise Wasson Trawick

    And I DARE you to make a comment about me mentioning God. You don't have to believe but don't ruin it for me like my sister ruined the Santa Claus thing for me. I'd rather find out on my own, thank you.

  47. Heather Berry

    I'm so glad to finally see this! Besides the obvious justice for Trayvon and his parents, I think it's monumental for the young people who ignited this fire in the beginning. It so important for our young people to see that their efforts actually made a difference. Remember, that young people are the ones who used social media to make everyone pay attention. And it worked! I talk about how important it is for young people to believe they can change the world here:

  48. Jennifer Conn

    Sophia Watson , you should never wish harm on anyone's family! Everyone has an opinion and she can have hers but, never wish anything bad on anyone. I dont think that she is right but she does have a right to think how she wants to! I think that it is a sad but that I would never wish anyone harm!

  49. Sophia Watson

    Jennifer Conn …..exactly where in my comment did i say i hope something bad happens to her child…can u point that out to me? maybe u need to reread my comment…..

  50. Jennifer Conn

    Sophia Watson this was your post to her, "jessica is actually stupider than she looks…..i hope the same thing happens to ur loved one, u idiot!!is was your post to Jessica " I agree with I almost lost my son last year, I dont see in colors but maybe I misunderstood you! Best wishes!

  51. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Thanks for liking my stuff! It's like a virtual "pat" on the back! A little more to the RIGHT please. Omly a few of you will get that I'm sorry to say. But God bless the rest of ya anyway! Heehee

  52. Nadia Ratel

    Now is in the jury's hands and I hope justice is served I think he deserves a fair trial like anyone else but he killed a human being and he made so many mistakes that ended up with his arrest…he know he messed up and also the very wrong doing of the police during the investigation didn't help him at all…

  53. Nadia Ratel

    Get a life and let the judicial system do it's job I see lots of people are following your movement!!

  54. Victoria Simpson

    Trayvon I am sure had to protect himself and that is why Zimmerman had a bloody nose and wet clothes. Do you expect Trayvon to do nothing and let this murderer do what he wanted. You need to hear the facts. Zimmerman was the aggressor! Justice has finally prevailed. Rest in peace young man.

  55. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Honestly, I was only impressed by the correct punctuation and spelling! I peruse QUICKLY and determine whether or not I want to join a conversation. How ya like me now?!

  56. Bo Kelleher

    This case is being directed by Eric Holder's DOJ, even though there is no Federal reason for them to be involved. Why? Because they want to challenge "self defense" and the "stand your ground" provisions and establish the precedent that you have no right to personally defend your person, property or neighborhood.

    The premise is that only the state is allowed to use force, pursue a criminal or defend your person or property. In truth, the statists want nothing less than you BEGGING them to protect you while you cower in fear and surrender all of your dignity and rights to them. Of the state, by the state and for the state. If you live in that paradigm, you're fine. But if you take personal responsibility, you're going to be made an example of. That is the action line that the actors are following right now. Watch and see. This is an other Eric Holder step down the slippery slope to destroying individual freedoms and the 2nd Amendment.

  57. Angela Jaramillo

    Trayvon Martin was going to kill him with skittles, maybe the cup of tea he was drinking? So the kid was wearing a hoodie, big deal! I didn't know that wearing a hoodie was threatening. I have watched the news, n if Trayvon had done to Zimmerman what is being claimed, I didn't notice the proof of it. Anyone getting their head knocked into concrete is going to look like they were. Zimmerman looked just fine to me. I still think Zimmerman is guilty no matter how much everyone tries to blame the dead kid.

  58. Mike Thomas

    Marjorie Bailey RACE BAITING NEGRO LIAR. I looked I can see the cut in the back of his head. The medics clean GZ up & he was not wearing that coart when the BLACK THUG ATTACKED him.

  59. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Thea Dobrowolski Jones Please stop… First, I wasn't replying to your LAME comment. 2nd, if you don't have the guts don't hang on another"s coattails,speak for yourself if you want to be taken seriously, and big #3…you bit off more than you can chew! Schools open! DA

  60. Jon Donham

    the sad part now is all the rhetoric wont bring that kid back to life , it wont heal his parents , as a concealed weapons permit holder in florida , you have an obligation to flee danger and you have to prove your life was threatened as a security gaurd zimmerman is not a real cop he should have waited fo0r the real police and who wouldn't if he did not witness that kid committing a felony i.e. rape or murder then he had no reason to shoot and kill him , he should have let the police handle it and not take on the responsibility of taking a life , to normal people that isn't easy to live with as for zimmerman being racist? that I don't know , but even if he got his ass kicked he would have lived to fight again and could have reported it to the cops who could have picked up the kid at home later , now if he goes to florida state prison at stark he will be as good as dead cause A. he wore a badge so latinos wont hang with him and blacks will target him for a quick kill.

  61. Thomas Jambor

    It's nice the retarded liberal media started out calling Zimmerman "white" to tidy up the reporting sensation, never mind actually doing any checking, and now they have decide Zimmerman is something called a "white Hispanic". Does this same logic demean President OBama as not now the first Black president, but now must be called the first "white Black" president by the same liberal media?

  62. Thomas Jambor

    Oh, and you trust this same brain trust group to report all the facts? We should all wait to hear from the on scene EMT people, booking staff at the jail, and of course the various witnesses…..oh wait! That would be called a trial and seeking justice based n facts!

  63. Denise Wasson Trawick

    ,Movement?! Are you actually trying to incite a race war? Trust me, imbeciles w/o computers do that everyday! Why in the world would anyone with ANY intelligence want to voice their "lack of facts opinion" in this manner? Oh, my bad! I need to keep perusing to find intelligent conversation. Don't be hater's, but I need to seek out intelligent life forms. STAY IN SCHOOL!


  64. Denise Wasson Trawick

    ,Movement?! Are you actually trying to incite a race war? Trust me, imbeciles w/o computers do that everyday! Why in the world would anyone with ANY intelligence want to voice their "lack of facts opinion" in this manner? Oh, my bad! I need to keep perusing to find intelligent conversation. Don't be hater's, but I need to seek out intelligent life forms. STAY IN SCHOOL!


  65. Keneisha Fountain

    Cynthia Texidor Where have you been? The video was shot RIGHT AFTER the incident happened and Zimmerman was clean. There were no signs of a bloody ANYTHING and the photo taken of him at the station also doesn't show a broken anything. Sometimes there need to be media pressure for justice for the disenfranchised. There needs to be a trial so the facts will come out.

  66. Keneisha Fountain

    Thea Dobrowolski Jones Did you say this guy lost his job? A 17 year old lost his life. Where is the perspective. Justice has taken it's first step today as there needed to be a trial for the actual facts to come out

  67. Keneisha Fountain

    Thea Dobrowolski Jones Also are you saying that because this young man was black and wearing a hoodie he was automatically up to no good? I believe it was a white guy wearing a hoodie who blew up the World Trade Center, white men in hoods who lynched innocent Black men…should we also be fearful and shoot any/every-one who wears hoods. Times like this really bring out the ignorance that still lies in the underbelly of this country.

  68. Denise Wasson Trawick

    I have been patiently waiting for someone to correct my usage of the word (your) when it should have been "you're". Also didn't capitalize letter "G" in last sentence Come on Inquistr, give me something to work with. (Yes, I ended a sentence in a preposition! And you have no vowel between 2 consonants, what's up wit dat?!Made my spell ck underline in red. Don't like to be wrong! Hahahahaha).



  69. Denise Wasson Trawick

    There is hope after all! Thanks for giving me hope for society, Keneisha. Oops Spell check underlined your name! Did I spell it right? Hahaha Like a computer knows it all is what I'm getting at. Most of the comments that I see are from people who have not even taken the time to peruse all comments. They pick and choose and still stick their foot in their mouth.

  70. Carolelyn Cowles

    it doesn't matter , he will never get a fair trail……too much pressure……..

  71. Carolelyn Cowles

    Obama should never have commented on any of this………

  72. Melanie Frishkorn-Ballinger

    I'm also tired of all the people insinuating that Trayvon somehow deserved to be killed because he was wearing a hoodie,( it was chilly and it was sprinkling)he was much taller 6'1", (and about 120 lb's) out late at night,( around 7pm) and in a gated community ( where his fathers girlfriend lived and he often visited). Why do these same people ignore the fact that Trayvon can be heard begging for help and his life on 911 tapes,Zimmerman was not the only person on the phone with emergency personnel.

  73. Keith Whitmer

    People, it matters NOT if this guy was a racist, if he targeted Trayvon…. Zimmerman SHOT AN UNARMED PERSON AFTER THE POLICE TOLD HIM NOT TO FOLLOW HIM. AND HE HAD NEVER BEEN CHARGED WITH A DAMN THING! Who was threatened here people? Would you be threatened if you were being followed by some jerk FOR NO REASON???? Who was the REAL self defender? If I was followed and approached by some jerk like Zmmerman and asked what am I doing in this neighborhood I would feel like I was being threatened. So…. Who was the victim here? It was Trayvon. Unarmed, threatened, defending HIS ground. THAT IS WHERE THE INJUSTICE LIES. NOT If Coward Zimmerman was a racist. Zimmerman broke the law, disobeyed the Police and shot an unarmed person. He should be in jail.

  74. Jason Jambor

    Unfortunately the media doesn't get sued like public Servants do, therefore they are held to a much lower standard. It would be nice if we had some standardized media accountability while maintaining journalistic freedom of speech.

  75. Melanie Frishkorn-Ballinger

    Cynthia Texidor I didn't see any of what you describe in the video, yeah Martin was taller but I saw a pic of him and his girlfriend, he could not have weighed much more than 120 lbs soaking wet. Even if Martin did get a punch in, he was in a fight for his life!!! Zimmerman was told do not pursue and he did, and a 17 year old kid is dead.

  76. Janet Ballard

    Just who's Justice, is what I want to know. They only did it because of pressure from the Black community. Now all this mess will come-out, just hope his parents can deal with the FACTS when they do.

  77. Kristin Grace D'Angelis

    Joseph Fitzpatrick I don't know where you people come from….but where I'm from regardless of race gender, sexual orientation, religion, you cant shoot someone who is not on your property posing a threat….and usually when you call 911 for help it's because you feel threatened and you don't follow and antagonize the person who you are so "threatened" by….you wait for police….also if you know Zimmermans backround he's the typical case of having his daddy as a judge so he feels the rules don't apply to him. He has history of domestic violence as well do you think thats a case of gender baiting? lol

  78. Peggy Thurston

    I heard about it the night it happened, they played the 911 tapes, they talked directly to Zimmerman on the tapes, Trayvon was on the phone speaking with his girlfriend the whole time, zimmerman was following him as he was walking drinking an icetea, eating skittles talking to his girlfriend , going to where he was living (In the community, right by the area he was shot). IF he did hit Zimmerman, it was because he was scared from this guy ( who, by the way, was NOT officially on neighborhood watch, the neighborhood didn't WANT him to do that, he was overreactive) . Zimmerman was following him, scaring him. he was a 17 year old kid, going home, drinking icetea, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. Really threatning. This was on the news the night it happened, BEFORE it became all about race.

  79. Mike Thomas

    “We just wanted an arrest, and we got it, and I say thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.”.

    “[…] we believe in our hearts that he was wrong to kill Trayvon Martin.”.

    What a bunch of RACIST LIES & HYPOCRISY, thanking JESUS for the arrest of Mr. Zimmerman. Will they be thanking JESUS when Mr. Zimmerman is found INNOCENT & a RACE WAR starts? There is NOT one iota of Christianity displayed among them.

  80. Mike Thomas

    “We just wanted an arrest, and we got it, and I say thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.”.

    What a bunch of RACIST LIES & HYPOCRISY, thanking JESUS for the arrest of Mr. Zimmerman. Will they be thanking JESUS when Mr. Zimmerman is found INNOCENT & a RACE WAR starts? There is NOT one iota of Christianity displayed among them.

    Where was all the thanking JESUS, & LOVE & FORGIVENESS when this RACIST LYNCH MOB was TERRORIZING poor Mr. Zimmerman?

    “I think he’s troubled by the fact the state decided to charge him […] I would think anyone charged with second-degree murder would be scared.”.

    Maybe the reason he wasn't arrested & still should not be IS THE WILL OF JESUS.

    “[…] we believe in our hearts that he was wrong to kill Trayvon Martin.”.

    When Mr. Zimmerman is found INNOCENT will you be THANKING JESUS then or supporting a RACE WAR?

    LIBERAL BLACKS that call themselves Christians sure do NOT ACT LIKE Christians. Christians do NOT BLASPHEME GOD from the pulpit multiple times (Wright) & SPEW HATRED RACIST EPITHETS & RACIST BIGOTRY from their pulpits (Jackson, Sharpton & Wright).

  81. Leighanna Boekeloo

    Also, listening to the 911 call negates Zimmerman's claim of self defense! If anyone was defending himself, it was Martin!

    Zimmerman cell phone call to police

    Zimmerman called the Sanford Police Department police at the non-emergency number at approximately 7:00 pm, February 26, 2012[12] to report what he considered to be suspicious behavior by Martin, which he described as "just walking around looking about" in the rain.[80] The police dispatcher tape recorded him saying, "This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something." He further stated that the person he was observing had his hand in his waistband, was holding something in his other hand, and was walking around slowly in the rain looking at houses.[81] On the recording of the call, Zimmerman is heard commenting "these assholes, they always get away."[82][83]

    After the audio of the call was released, CNN[84] and other reports alleged Zimmerman had exclaimed "fucking coon," two minutes and twenty-one seconds (2:21) into the call. CNN later claimed, on April 4, 2012, that the enhanced audio revealed the phrase "fucking cold".[85] The following day, April 5, 2012, CNN's Martin Savidge reported that forensic audio expert Tom Owen claimed it was "punks".[86] Other reviewers of the call have offered alternate interpretations of what was said, but the transcript of the call states that the word in question is "unintelligible".[87][88]

    The dispatcher recommended that he not take any action, and informed him that police were on the way. Zimmerman reported that Martin had started running. The dispatcher asked him if he was following Martin and he affirmed that he was. The dispatcher informed him that this was not necessary, saying, "We don't need you to do that."[89] Zimmerman said "OK" and added that he would meet the police by the mailboxes. But before hanging up he said "Actually, could you have him call me, and I'll tell him where I'm at?"[90]

    At 2:07 minutes into the police call Zimmerman says "he's running". At 2:37 into the call Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, "he ran". After he can't tell the dispatcher the address of his current location, the dispatcher asks Zimmerman for his apartment number. Zimmerman tells him the numbers of his street address and then at 3:35 adds "Oh crap, I don't want to give it all out. I don't know where this kid is". Zimmerman appears to hang up at the 4:05 mark, almost two minutes after the comment that Martin was running. The recording ends at 4:11.

    The boy went down to the Seven Eleven before 7pm to get a snack and walking back to his father's fiance's house it started to rain, so he put his hood up. He was looking around at houses because he was not from that neighborhood and was trying to find where he was staying. In his hand was a cell phone which he was using to talk to his girlfriend.

    Martin cell phone call from girlfriend

    At the time of the incident, Martin was talking on his cellphone to his girlfriend, according to her and confirmed by phone company records.[91] She called at 7:12 pm and remained on the phone with Martin until moments before he was shot.[92] She was interviewed by an attorney who has made a statement for her, and her parents requested her anonymity.

    According to the attorney's statement, Martin's girlfriend said that he expressed concern about a strange man following him, and she advised him to run. She says she heard Martin say "What are you following me for?" followed by a man's voice responding "What are you doing here?" She said that she heard the sound of pushing and that Martin's headset suddenly went silent, leading her to believe that he had been pushed. She attempted to call him back immediately, but was unable to reach him.[93]

    Bottom line…Trayvon Martin was definitely targeted and chased down by a grown man with a gun. There are no laws against being a young black man in a hoodie walking from one destination to another! I'm glad that George Zimmerman will get his day in court!

  82. Joseph Fitzpatrick

    Kristin Grace D'Angelis by people I come from do you mean those who actually go research to educate myself instead of taking the heavily edited talking points designed to elicit an emotional response? Well San Antonio, Texas originally but I call Chico, CA home now. A gated community holds the property in common so inside the gate it technically he is on his property.

    Well maybe that is why you call the police, but that is not everybody. Zimmerman uses the quote from Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.” it seems to me that he took his position as neighborhood watch captain seriously and actually cared what might happen to his neighbors. He was following Martin to see where he went and was jumped and was trying to make a difference in his community.

    As for his background one drunken incident pushing a police officer who was questioning a friend. Bad idea but alcohol will make you stupid and he got counseling for that. As for the domestic violence it appears it might have been mutual since he had a restraining order against her as well, men are actually victims of domestic violence than women

    Since you want to bring in past histories than we need to bring in #NO_LIMIT_NIGGA 's history as well he was suspended 3 times once for vandalism, theft, and drug residue in his possession. In his tweets there is reference to an assault he had made just days before against a bus driver.

    Zimmerman's problems were 5-6 years ago fueled by alcohol after his 21st and then stopped as he seems to have turned his life around after he got counseling. He was active in his community trying to make it better Martin's issues had just occurred and were escalating in frequency. I don't wish Martin dead and am saddened that he did not have the chance to turn his life around, but this tragedy has taken one life and destroyed another, but it wasn't unlawful on Zimmerman's part and he shouldn't be punished for acting responsibly.

  83. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Kristin Grace D'Angelis FL law allows you to defend yourself ANYWHERE as long as you are legally able to be there and you are NOT in the commission of a crime. Even if that defense injures or causes death. Hopefully the truth will come out in court as to whether or not this was a justified shooting. If not in court then in the afterlife! LOL

  84. Ali Sanchez

    Hey dumbass, what do cops do when they arrest you after you shoot some one?? They throw you on the ground and are rough which is why he probably had those marks. Zimmerman was a racist dumbfuck who pursued and took the life of a kid who had just bought skittles.soo… too much media involved?? Nah.. Honestly if it wasnt for the media that idiot would have never been arrested for second degree murder

  85. Mike Thomas


  86. Mike Thomas


  87. Mike Thomas

    Donna you are nothing more than a RACE BAITING PIG just like all of your negro friends. That BLACK THUG GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. The THUG ATTACKED Zimmerman. End of story. Zimnmerman is INNOCENT.

  88. Deborah Rose

    Not to mention they keep showing pictures of the kid when he was little. Look up his real picture now. And Racism against who. Hes obviously not white. Its a sad thing but lets not make a mess out of it. and call it something it wasn't. Racial.

  89. Mike Thomas

    Andrew Wedin Jesus would call you a CHRISTOPHOBIC BIGOT just like HE called the Pharisees hypocrites. You must NOT have read revelations then. Jesus is NOT a PACIFIST. HE called King David a man after HIS own heart and King David killed 10's of 1000's in combat. Read the Bible some time before you go out and make a CHRISTOPHOBIC fool of yourself

  90. Andrew Wedin

    Who cares about the race. He killed someone who wasn't carrying a weapon. Police told hone yo.stand down. And there is no evidence that travyon was doing anything wrong.

  91. Izzet Oubari

    What was he doing with a firearm in the middle of the night, he was clashing with Travon Martin before he shot the kid. He should get life in prison.

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