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Britney Spears Instagram: Posts Cryptic Photo, Shows ‘Toxic’ Abs, And Debuts New Haircut

Britney Spears has been making headlines for what she’s been posting on Instagram lately. The pop singer, who’s been through her share of turmoil, just posted a cryptic photo on her Instagram account.

Spears, 33, shared the mysterious photo, as noted by an article on Oh No They Didn’t! and on Britney Galaxy. The singer shared a strange photo that has fans wondering what it means. Spears shared the below mentioned photo of a ghost on the edge of a cliff. The photo was shared without a caption and was up for almost an hour until it was suddenly deleted. Probably because some of Spears’ fans wanted to know what it could have meant. Luckily, fans were able to save screenshots of the photos and save them to fan sites. For fans of the singer, it’s reminiscent of the time when Spears would give cryptic messages on her old website, leading up to her breakdown.


This isn’t the first time that Spears has shared mysterious photos before. Just two weeks ago, she shared this photo that says that “95 percent of people would rather die than think.” She then asked her fans, “Which one are you?”


A week prior to that, the pop star shared yet another message. This time, it was a message to her “haters” who constantly bring up her troubled past.


Britney’s fans are hoping that the performer is doing well. In happier news, the pop princess shared a photo that revealed her chiseled abs. It’s obvious that Britney still works hard at the gym to keep her physique in tip top shape. In the photo below, the “Pretty Girls” singer wears a white sports bra and hot pink polka dot boxer shorts. She’s also seen smiling brightly as she poses next to a road sign that says, “Caution: Cart Crossing Ahead.”


Spears coyly captioned the photo: “You never know what caution you’re gonna get in the wild.”

It’s obvious that the singer’s photo was a reference to her movie, Crossroads. As you can see in the movie poster below, Britney’s looks and incredible body haven’t changed that much over the years.


In fact, the singer is looking a lot fresher and younger these days thanks to her new haircut. Spears debuted her new haircut on Wednesday, June 17. The Las Vegas residency performer showed off her hair in a daring black romper that had a daring neckline.


Spears wrote: “My new haircut.” She also included the scissors emoji in her caption.

Either the singer wanted to let go of her long extensions or she wanted to go for a shorter hairstyle for the summertime. Britney also shared a selfie of herself with her new haircut. As you can see in both photos, she looks as fierce and fresh as ever. Here’s a recent photo of the legendary Ms. Britney Spears on stage during her Piece Of Me show. She is now on break from her show for the summer, so it’s like that Britney is just bored and will use Instagram to keep herself busy for the time being.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]