Britney Spears Haircut Flaunts Britney’s Cutting Edge Style As Spears Dyes For New Music After Scary Fall [Photos]

Britney Spears loves her new haircut, and the pop singer couldn’t resist crooning about the cutting-edge locks by sharing a photo and her excitement on Instagram, reported PopCrush.

Spears has been immersed in her popular “Piece Of Me” show, which is the highlight of Britney’s Las Vegas residency. But as the show and Brit take a summer break, the singer decided it twas time to jazz up her ‘do and share the results.

“My new haircut!” exclaimed Spears on Instagram.

As for her music career, that’s not on hiatus. Instead, Britney apparently got that new haircut just in time to return to the studio with Sam Bruno.

“Today is a great day..worked with one of my pop heroes @britneyspears such a pro & a sweet heart! #SamBrunoMusic #blackbirdproductions,” tweeted Sam.

So just how does Britney’s new haircut compare to Spears’ previous ‘dos? In the past, Britney has frequently played around with hair extensions and bobs, reported Glamour.

Spears has occasionally bobbled a bob, then added those extensions to correct the too-short look. But the “oops, she did it again” new hairstyle eliminates her typical soft style and goes for the tapered trendy cut. Add in a side bang, and it’s a lovely lob, according to those hundreds of “Likes” on Instagram.

But changing haircuts as well as hues is nothing new for Britney, reported People.

Spears has shown her passion with red tresses, powered herself into a platinum blonde, and bounced into the brunette world.

And in terms of hairy events in Britney’s life, she also just earned a place in the unofficial list of five worst stage injuries of 2015, according to MusicTimes.

Spears hurt her ankle at the end of April when she was performing in her “Britney: Piece of Me” residency. Those sky-high heels combined with the complex choreography made it almost inevitable.

Britney Spears rocks new haircut.
Britney Spears rocks new haircut.

However, Britney just clomped around in a boot before, after two cancelled performances, she was able to return to the stage. Bottom line: Spears suffered “embarrassment” for her first fall on stage.

As the Inquisitr reported, Britney revealed that a doctor forced her to cancel those shows, as apparently she would have been willing to put on the boot and magically incorporate the art of clomping into her choreography.

“Britney injured her ankle during her performance Wednesday evening and her doctor has advised her not to perform Friday and Saturday evening so that she may heal,” stated Caesars Palace.

Always eager to engage her fans, Spears also tweeted her appreciation for the positive wishes.

“Thank you for all of the sweet wishes! Had a little scare on stage tonight with my ankle but I’m ok!” tweeted Brit bravely.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]

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