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Quick-Thinking Lifeguard Saves Child Drowning In Wavepool Full Of Adults [Video]

A quick-thinking lifeguard jumped in to rescue a child after he fell off of a tube in a wavepool, and the entire rescue was captured on video. The child could be seen struggling in the water after he fell off the tube. However, none of the adults in the pool around the child realized the child was actually drowning. Thankfully, the lifeguard noticed the boy’s distress and immediately jumped into the waters to perform the rescue.

Lifeguard Rescue uploaded the amazing video to YouTube, which showcases how easily a child could drown, even in a pool full of adults. In the video, you see a lifeguard standing at her post as the waves in the wavepool begin. Shortly after the waves start, a small boy can be seen falling off of his tube. As he enters the water, he immediately begins to struggle to stay above water. The lifeguard notices his distress, blows her whistle, and jumps into the pool.

She swims to the child and lifts his head and shoulders above the water while tapping him on the back. After the boy calms down, the lifeguard swims the boy to a ladder to exit the pool. The child seems fine as he climbs up the ladder, but things could have been very different if it weren’t for the fast-acting lifeguard on duty.

Commenters on the video note that the lifeguard’s reaction time was superb, and others note they plan to use the video for their own lifeguard training programs.

What do you think of the lifeguard’s swift reaction time? Would you have noticed the boy was in distress so quickly?

[Image Credit: YouTube]