Emma Stone Sony Hack

Emma Stone Cried For An Hour Over Sony Hacks

Emma Stone was hit hard by the Sony hack. Many celebrities wound up as casualties thanks to the James Franco and Seth Rogen satire, The Interview. In response to the film’s plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, anonymous hackers broke into Sony’s system and uncovered emails, phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, and salaries of all Sony employees.

Emma Stone, who has made nine films with Sony, was one of those stars who had private information leaked. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Stone opened up about how horrible that time was for her.

When she found out about the leaks, and how it has affected her, Emma said she did one of the worst things possible. “I did one of the worst things ever, which was react really quickly. I was getting all these emails and texts from people I didn’t know — ‘Hi, I’m Joe from the U.K. I like your movies’ — and I was so overwhelmed that I went to my inbox and I deleted all my emails.”

She continued, “In about a 30-second span, I hit ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete Forever,’ and thousands of emails, like six years of emails, are now gone forever. I was just so freaked out that someone was in there.”

So what happened after Emma deleted all of her e-mails? She reacted by crying for an hour. Upset that she had lost e-mails from her friends that had passed, Emma was inconsolable. “It was horrible. I cried for like an hour. Most of the emails I’m mourning I can still talk to the person and get them back. But there’s others where the person is actually gone. It really sucks.”

That’s not all. If you remember, it was later revealed that one of the controversial topics of conversation was a film that Emma Stone starred in with Bradley Cooper, called Aloha. Sony’s Amy Pascal simply didn’t believe in the Cameron Crowe film, despite the movie packing star power.

At the time, Pascal wrote, “I’m never starting a movie again when the script is ridiculous. I don’t care how much I like the director and the actors. It never, not even once, ever works. We have this movie in for a lot of dough and we better look at that.”

Months after the initial e-mail about the film leaked, we now know why Pascal was so upset as critics slammed the Emma Stone film for being racist and just plain horrible. Yikes.

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