New Book ‘Grey’: ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ But From Christian’s Perspective

No doubt hoping to mightily cash in on the success of the recent box office hit, Fifty Shades of Grey, author E.L. James has just released the latest book in the sadomasochistic saga on Kindle and in bookstores.

In what is basically a repeat of the first installment, the new book, called simply Grey, aims to re-tell the tale of Christian Grey’s involvement with Anastasia Steele, as featured in Fifty Shades of Grey, but from the probably rather predictable point of view of Christian Grey himself.

Even more predictably, there has been some amusement about the news of the release of the new book in the Twittersphere.

And Max Keiser couldn’t resist comparing the whole Fifty Shades of Grey experience to an old animated film.

According to the Independent, the new book basically follows the same story covering the period from May 9 to June 9, 2011, but gives a “fresh perspective” from the viewpoint of Christian Grey and his battle against his compulsion to control Anastasia Steele as well as his “dark sexual desires.”

Some may say “same old, same old,” but apparently fans are thrilled anyway, including Sunday Times writer, Rebecca Chance. She even live tweeted the entire time she was reading the new book, before putting together her review. Looks like she is definitely a fan as her tweets go on simply forever.

According to the Daily Mail, who state there is “nothing vanilla about this book,” E.L. James dedicated the new book to her readers with the words, “Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You rock my world every day.”

Getting back to the book itself, the story begins with the title character experiencing a nightmare from his childhood (the poor dear was abused by an older woman, one might remember) and how he then meets Steele, whom Grey described as “a whirl of long chestnut hair, pale limbs and brown boots”.

Naturally the new book then continues with the story so well known from the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books and the recent film about Grey, Steele, and their raunchy S&M relationship, but slanted from the masculine viewpoint.

As reported in the Inquisitr, it seems publishers are investigating the theft of a finished copy of the book, stolen before the publication even happened. However, police reportedly say there is “no evidence” of a crime.

However, a little controversy (or could we call that publicity) always goes a long way, especially when it comes to the Fifty Shades of Grey books and films.

To assist in promotion of the new book, James is apparently currently in New York as part of an international publicity stunt to advertise the new book.

The previous Fifty Shades trilogy, including Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, has brought in a fair income for the author, who is reportedly a millionaire several times over, with an estimated fortune of £75 million ($120 million). Now add to that the latest novel Grey, and this lady will retire extremely comfortably, no doubt.

And then there’s the movies. While there has only been one Fifty Shades of Grey film released so far, more are coming in the near future, including the sequel Fifty Shades Darker. As reported on the Inquisitr, stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have already promised much raunchier sex scenes in the upcoming sequel.

[Image: Mike Coppola / Getty Images Entertainment]