New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Book Stolen, Publisher Pursuing

The publisher of E.L. James is pursuing the thief who has allegedly stolen a finished copy of the new Fifty Shades of Grey novel. Grey tells the first novel from Christian Grey’s point of view, and the theft follows a similar situation that happened when Stephanie Meyers was writing Twilight, told from Edward Cullen’s perspective. There is no confirmation over whether this will affect the release of the novel this week.

The release is expected today, which is Grey’s birthday in the book. There were fears that extracts from the book would be published after the announcement on June 11 that a finished copy had been stolen, according to CNN. When Meyer’s version of her book was stolen, she decided to release all that was written of the novel and then stopped working on it. Twilight fans still have no idea how Edward Cullen views the rest of Bella’s story, especially when she is taken by vampire James.

Author James said that she wrote Grey after fans had asked for Christian’s view throughout the series. He is a very complex character, and his desires and motivations, along with his past, have been fascinating for the readers. To read everything from his perspective will be exciting for many Fifty Shades of Grey fans.

According to James’ publisher, the stolen copy will not lead to the new Fifty Shades novel being released on June 18. The Bolton News states that police say that there is “no evidence” a crime has been committed. Packaging had been damaged, but there is no evidence anything had been taken. Kent Police is not taking any further action.

As the book has not been published online, it seems that nothing has happened. If anything has, Penguin Randomhouse, the publishing company, has said that it seems the thief did not steal for financial gain or malicious intent. The publishing company will continue to investigate and share any new details with the police.

E.L. James is excited about the release of her new Fifty Shades of Grey novel. She has even agreed to a book signing—a rare occurrence—in Texas in a small independent bookstore that only opened this month. All the proceeds from the bookstore go to charity.

It is clear that a lot of fans are excited about getting their hands on the new novel. According to Chris White, a Waterstones fiction buyer, it is the fastest growing pre-order this year. While the original books were initially a phenomenon online, with 12 million physical copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels sold.

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