‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Renewed For Fifth Season, Will Asifa Mirza And Bobby Panahi Be A Part Of It?

Fans should be excited to learn that Shahs of Sunset has officially been given the green light for Season 5. The renewal from Bravo comes on the heels of the network’s best Monday in the ratings department. Some 1.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Shahs of Sunset, Odd Mom Out, and The Real Housewives of Orange County on a historic night for the network, according to TV By the Numbers.

With news that Shahs of Sunset has been renewed for another drama filled season, many are wondering what is in store for the characters after a dramatic two-part reunion special. The special, which focused on a number of topics from MJ’s love life to Reza’s wedding to GG’s relationship with Danny, also explored the relationship between Asifa Mirza and ex-husband Bobby Panahi.

The two have gone through their share of rough times including a recent decision to try and get back together following their divorce. Their reconciliation was one of the storylines this season, and it was brought up again during the reunion special with host Andy Cohen.

After Bobby stated that he didn’t want to go through any kind of therapy, and even remarked that Asifa “needs an exorcist,” Cohen bluntly told the couple: “I think you should break up today.” He followed up his statement by asking the other cast members, “Who thinks they should be together?” to which none of them replied in the affirmative.

At the same time, Mike warned Asifa that if she doesn’t get out of her on and off relationship with Bobby soon, then it might ruin her. “I think he’s begging for you to just give up on him,” he told Asifa during the special. “Get out … while you are still young and beautiful, while you still have the ability to give birth. At a certain age you are done.”

Meanwhile, Asifa took to social media following the reunion special were she expressed her willingness to fight for her relationship with Bobby.

“Therapy helps individuals and relationships – I don’t know what the future holds but we will have to wait and see,” the reality star tweeted.”

She followed her post with another, more affectionate message. “@BobbyPanahi I love and respect you and looking forward to better days ahead.”

The tumultuous relationship between Asifa and Bobby has led to some speculation that the couple are headed for a nasty break up. If that occurs, their involvement in Season 5 of Shahs of Sunset would certainly come into question.

[Image Courtesy: Bravotv.com]