'Big Brother 17' announces new twist

‘Big Brother 17’: New Weekly Twists And Special Guests Will Keep Players On Edge

Big Brother is all about twists. If the new CBS announcement is taken at face value, this year’s twist is — well, a lot of twists. A press release promises that “BB Takeover” will bring special guests to the program every week, and with them will come an element that changes the game.

Every year, Big Brother changes the game slightly. The players are often kept in the dark, but viewers generally have full knowledge of the twists introduced by producers. What is unclear about the “twist” announcement is whether each week players will know what’s going on.

“This summer’s ‘BB Takeover’ twist will feature a surprise guest each week who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game. Expecting the unexpected will be taken to new heights as Houseguests attempt to stay in the game amid the ever-changing twists that shake up life inside the house on a weekly basis. A special guest will appear on each night of the two-night premiere and reveal twists that could affect the cast and viewers.”

Big Brother Network blogger Matthew Boyer noted that executive producer Rich Meehan, who is quoted in the release, said the “bonds” between the house guests will have heightened importance. Boyer wondered if the word “bonds” hinted at another game element.

Last season, Big Brother had a “Team America” twist, where viewers chose three players to undertake missions inside the house. If they were successful, they won money. The three “Team America” members kept their identities secret until the end of the game.

During Big Brother 15, viewers voted on an MVP, who was given special powers in the house. The MVP could reveal her identity if she chose. During Big Brother 15, Elissa Slater won the MVP repeatedly in the early weeks, possibly because of her status as the sister of a former winner, Rachel Reilly.

Whether viewers will participate in the twists is also unclear, but if past seasons are any indication, it is likely viewers will have some say in how the game plays out.

Big Brother 17 introduced its cast yesterday. As the Inquisitr reported, 14 names were announced, which seems too few for an entire season. It is possible more people will enter the house, or the weekly twists will affect the schedule of evictions.

Today’s press release also promised that two special guests will kick off the season. The two-night premiere of Big Brother 17 gets underway June 24.

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